How many km are a lot for a car?


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A used car deserves to be carefully considered and evaluated if its mileage is less than 100,000km and 10 years of age. If the vehicle has traveled a threshold of km above 100,000, then some maintenance, sometimes expensive, may be necessary.

How many km of life does a car have?

A petrol car kept in optimal conditions can last up to 300,000 km. In case it is a small displacement engine, then its duration is less and could reach 150,000 or 180,000 km.

How many km can you do with a diesel engine?

As for diesel engines, on average they can last from 400 to 500 thousand km, in reference to large-displacement cars, while we are talking about 300 thousand km for small displacements.

How to know how many km a car has?

The safest tool to check the car’s kilometers, as already mentioned, is the Motorist’s Portal, which can be consulted on the web by anyone. It is enough to know the type of vehicle and the license plate to check and know the mileage dating back to the last revision.

How to check a license plate for free?

The registration of a license plate can be requested from the PRA, or the Public Automobile Registry, where all cars must be registered. This is a public register. Anyone can request the registration of any license plate, thus obtaining the personal data of who owns the vehicle.

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Which cars last the longest?

Diesel engines last longer than gasoline

An engine can easily last over 200,000 kilometers. Even double if we are talking about a high-displacement diesel, thanks to the heavier crankcase and the habit of running at a lower number of revolutions.

How many km is a 1600 diesel engine?

In general, a petrol engine can last up to 300,000 km, depending on the displacement: the greater this is, the more the engine is destined to last. A diesel engine, on the other hand, can reach distances of up to 500,000 km, especially if the use is frequent and long journeys are made.

How many km can a 1.6 diesel go?

I would say that the engine you mentioned can easily reach 250-300,000 km without problems …

How many kilometers can a petrol car go?

A petrol engine, with the right precautions and regular maintenance, can travel up to 300,000 km. However, this parameter, as mentioned, cannot be absolute, as the km traveled by with this type of power supply vary in relation to various factors, such as: Displacement.

How many km is an LPG petrol engine?

The latest generation cars fitted with LPG engines have the same life span as petrol engine cars. They can exceed 10 years of life and even reach 250,000 km.

How long can a petrol engine last?

The duration of a petrol engine can reach up to 300,000 km, obviously if treated with due care. For small cars, however, the duration decreases to 150,000-180,000 km.

When does the new Panda 2021 come out?

Fiat Panda 2021 range on sale from December 2020 and always composed of 1.0 Firefly 70 hp petrol engines with 12 Volt mild hybrid technology (from 13,900 euros), 0.9 TwinAir Turbo 70 hp Natural Power methane (from 17,050 euros), plus 0.9 TwinAir Turbo 85 hp 4×4 petrol (from 17,350 euros), now all homologated …

How long does a 1200 petrol engine last?

Average life of petrol engine

A petrol engine, if treated with due care, can last up to 300,000 km. If we talk about a small displacement car, the duration decreases, going down to 150,000-180,000 km.

How many km with the Panda?

With 102 Nm of torque and a speed of approximately 164 km / h, this Fiat Panda 1.2 Easy Power engine has an average consumption of 5.4 liters per 100 km. Almost 20 km per liter. And with a full tank of gas of 23 euros you can travel over 350 kilometers with a consumption of about 13 km / l on an urban circuit.

How many km is a 1.6 JTDM?

761.8 km.

How many km can a Multijet 1003 engine cover?

the mjt 1.3 is designed to last at least 250,000 km, with oil changes scheduled every 30,000 km.

How many km do you travel with a Fire engine?

Fire engines that still run at 300,000km are front-page along with Mercedes’ 1 millionkm diesel engines.

How to reduce the km of a car?

However, it is possible to reset the odometer. There are several tools on the market today that reset the digital odometer by connecting to the vehicle’s control unit and reading the car code. These are objects that can be easily purchased at figures ranging between 50 and 350 euros.

How to check the km on the motorist’s portal?

We inform you that a new function has been implemented on the motorist’s portal (accessible from the menu ) which, by entering the license plate of a vehicle, allows you to check the date of the last revision and the kilometer check. recorded by the technical manager during …

How to reset the digital tripmeter?

Reset all data on the trip odometer TM (distance, average consumption, average speed and driving time) with a long press of the RESET button on the left stalk on the steering wheel. Briefly pressing the RESET button only resets the distance.


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