How many Lebanese are there in the world?


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The population estimated in 2017 is 6,082,000 inhabitants. The density is approximately 582 inhabitants / km².

What are the natural indentations of the coast of Lebanon called?

The coastal streams, which descend from the western side of the Lebanon chain, have a steep and very short course, since they reach the sea after a few kilometers of travel. They are fed by perennial springs in relation to the constitution of the soil, made up of very permeable fissured limestones.

Who are the Phalangists?

Lebanese Falangi (Arabic الكتائب اللبنانية, al-Katā’eb al-Lubnāniyya), or Lebanese Phalangist Party, is a political party founded in 1936 by Pierre Gemayel. … In practice, however, the Phalanges are an eminently Christian-Maronite movement and considered as such by the majority of Lebanese Muslims.

Why is the Lebanese called that?

The Lebanese. … The character of the Lebanese is inspired by Franco Giuseppucci, first known as Er Fornaretto and later Er Negro, one of the leaders of the gang. Pietro Proietti, nicknamed the Lebanese, lives with his mother in Rome, in the Magliana district.

Who killed the Lebanese?

Franco Giuseppucci, also known by the nicknames of Er Negro and Er Fornaretto (Rome, March 3, 1947 – Rome, September 13, 1980), was an Italian criminal, the first boss – as well as one of its founding members – of the past Roman criminal organization to chronicles such as the Banda della Magliana, among the most …

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What do you eat in a Lebanese restaurant?

Typical dishes of Lebanon

  • Baba ghannouj. Also known as baba ganush, it is a thick sauce made from the pulp of aubergines cooked for a long time in the oven, to which spices, herbs and other ingredients are added depending on the area. …
  • Falafel. …
  • Hummus. …
  • Kanafeh. …
  • Kibbeh. …
  • Lavash. …
  • Maamoul. …
  • Naan.

What was the Spanish phalanx?

The Falange Española de las JONS was a fascist-inspired political movement founded in Second Republic Spain by José Antonio Primo de Rivera in 1933 as Falange Española.

What party is vox?

Vox (often stylized in VOX) is a right-wing Spanish political party founded on December 17, 2013 by some dissident members of the Popular Party.

What is the Hoplite phalanx?

The hoplitic phalanx had an offensive function and was the basis of Sparta’s military strength and supremacy; it was famous for being unbeatable until the battle of Leuctra (371 BC), when it was overwhelmed by the oblique Theban phalanx adopted by Epaminondas, while some reforms of general Ificrates brought to light some …

Where was De Pedis buried?

With the authorization of the Italian judiciary in accordance with the desire expressed by the widow of De Pedis, on 18 June 2012, at the end of the further investigations carried out on the burial, the body of De Pedis was moved from the basilica of Sant’Apollinare and transferred to the Prima Porta Cemetery where it was cremated.

Who killed Angelo Angelotti?

A character of medium thickness in the criminal field but, very important for the excellent murder of the one who was one of the undisputed leaders of the Banda della Magliana: Enrico De Pedis. Impossible to separate the facts of the attempted robbery from Angelotti’s criminal history.

How many languages ​​does Mika speak?

Mika is fluent in English, French and Italian, following his stay in Italy. You have been studying Chinese for nine years; she also speaks spanish, arabic and lebanese dialect.

Who is the buffalo in reality?

Marcello Colafigli known as Marcellone (Poggio Mirteto, 12 November 1953) is an Italian mafioso, one of the bosses of the Roman criminal organization known as the Banda della Magliana among the most powerful and dangerous Italian mafias between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the years ninety.

Who is the man at the beginning of Criminal Novel?

Buffalo was an instinctive, unfiltered criminal. He was the man of the “famous today”, a bit like the Lebanese. In the face of the Cold that he saw tomorrow and, even more so, of the climber Dandi who was in no hurry to conquer the scepter of the King of Rome.

Who was the cold in reality?

Maurizio Abbatino, also known by the nickname of Er Crispino (Rome, 19 July 1954), is an Italian mafioso and collaborator of Italian justice, one of the bosses of the notorious Banda della Magliana, one of the most powerful and dangerous Italian mafias in the late years seventies and early nineties.

Who was part of the Hoplite phalanx?


The phalanx was a unison of shields and spears, each thanks to its Oplon went to cover the right of the neighbor and in turn was protected by the shield of the person he had on his left.

How did the hoplites fight?

How the hoplite fought

The hoplite fought in a line of eight, side by side with the companions, shielding the companion on the right and seeking the protection of the one on the left. In battle the hoplite could not flee even in the face of certain death.

How was the Macedonian phalanx organized?

Description. The Macedonian phalanx brought together several units of heavy infantry: … They were protected by heavy armor, complete with greaves, and armed with the very long Macedonian pike, the 5-7 m sarissa, which forced the soldiers to wear the shield on the left shoulder.


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