How many licensed are there in Italy?


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How many licensed in Italy in 2017? According to data collected by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, updated as of May 26th, in Italy there are a total of 38.7 million active driving licenses.

How many women drive in Italy?

The data tell us that only 63.21 percent of the female population over 15 has a driving license, compared to 85.16 percent of Italian men.

How many people have a D driving license?

An additional 3,538 people have asked to obtain this type of qualification. Exams for D driving licenses are also on the rise, while in 2018 they stood at around 10,984 units, in 2019 they recorded an increase to reach 12,275 units.

How many driving licenses are there?

  • AM license.
  • Driving licenses A1, A2, A.
  • Driving license B1.
  • Driving license B, BE, B96.
  • Higher driving licenses.
  • E.
  • Professional certificates. CQC Goods. CQC People.
  • Special licenses.

What licenses does the B include?

It allows you to drive: – motor vehicles (tricycles, quadricycles and motorcycles, the latter only up to 125 cm3 and 11Kw, but only in Italy).

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What licenses does the Be include?

The BE license allows you to drive complexes of vehicles that are composed of a category B tractor and a trailer with an authorized mass between 750 kg and 3500 kg. In total, the complex of the two vehicles must have a weight not exceeding 7000 kg.

How many quizzes are there for driving license D?

D-DE driving license quiz

The exam test of the D-DE license consists of 40 questions to be answered in 40 minutes and with less than 5 errors the test is passed.

What can you bring with the D driving license?

The D license entitles you to drive vehicles for the transport of people with a number of seats greater than 9 including that of the driver (bus), but only for their own use. To drive buses and school buses it is now necessary to obtain the CQC people.

What to study for the D driving license?

Theoretical examination of the driving license D

  • Vehicle classification and dimensional and weight limits.
  • Mandatory devices for buses.
  • Professional transport documentation.
  • Driving style and passenger safety.
  • Road signs, in particular the specific one for heavy vehicles.

How many women drive in the world? then analyzed the distribution of driving licenses based on sex, noting important gender differences; according to the data, at a national level, only 63.21% of the female population over 15 has an active driving license, while if you look at men, the percentage rises by over 20 points, …

Who has more accidents than men or women?

Car accidents, women risk more, but men …

How many people do not have a driving license?

In Italy, 95% of the population aged between 18 and 74 are regularly in possession of the B driving license, although it was not always obtained on the first attempt, as demonstrated by the 6 million Italians who failed the theoretical or practical exam.

Where can I get my driving license D?

To enroll, you need to go to a driving school (or Motorization if you want to tackle the theory as a private individual). We must present a series of personal documents, bulletins and a medical certificate obtained on the basis of the medical history issued by our general practitioner.

How much does the D CQC license cost me?

Very often it is convenient to achieve them at the same time to save time and money. The cost of driving license D CQC people together is: Driving license D + CQC people: from 2300 – 2500 € Driving license D + CQC people, already having the goods: from 1300 – 1500 €

How long does it take to get the D driving license?

In addition, it takes about three months to obtain the D driving license, the pink sheet has a duration of 6 months. Since January 2013, the D1 license has also been introduced, which allows you to drive “minibuses”, which have fewer than 16 seats.

What can you drive with a D license without CQC?

With the D you can drive all vehicles designed and built to transport more than 9 people, including the driver. We are therefore talking about buses, or trolley buses, regardless of their total mass. This means that double-decker buses can also be driven with this license.

What motorcycles can I ride with a D license?

This license allows you to drive vehicles used for the transport of no more than 16 people in addition to the driver and having a maximum length of 8 meters. Vehicles in this category may be coupled to a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kg.

What is the K license for?

The K or CAP license is, in fact, a Professional Qualification Certificate which is compulsory for the professional driving of motor vehicles and cars. … Let’s see what it is for specifically and how to obtain the K license (in turn divided into KA and KB) or CAP.

How many driving license quiz questions B 2020?

Regarding the theoretical examination of the driving license b, therefore, there is no news regarding the number of questions. Therefore, also for 2020 the ministerial quizzes will consist of 40 questions taken from 25 topics, from 15 of these two questions will be taken, while for the remaining 10 only one.

How to renew the D driving license?

Procedure for renewing it

You need 2 passport photos, an identity card, tax code, driving license, two postal payments of 10.20 euros to the 9001 account and one of 16 euros to the 4028 account. Once you have passed the forensic examination, you will receive the renewed document at home.

What is the difference between the B driving license and the B1 driving license?

The B1 license is a category B license, we can say “the little sister” of the B license for common cars. It too, like all other licenses, requires certain psychophysical and moral requirements, and to pass both a theoretical and a practical suitability test.

What enables you to drive the B1 driving license?

Possession of the B1 license entitles you to drive all vehicles that can be driven with the AM category license (mopeds), … This license can be obtained from the age of 16 and does not entitle you to drive any motorcycle.

What is the difference between Patente b and B1?

The B1 license is the “little sister” of the B license, being able to drive only vehicles with certain characteristics. … Like other licenses, moreover, the B1 license also provides for the possibility of deducting points in the event that you commit some violation of the highway code.

How much does it cost to get the D driving license?

The expense to be faced for the DE license varies according to the prices freely set by the driving schools. DE license cost: DE theory + practice license: total € 750. DE license – practice exam only: total cost € 750.

How to get the D CQC driving license?

Here’s how to get the CQC D driving license together:

  1. Be at least 21 years old and have a driving license B.
  2. Register for both qualifications.
  3. Attend the initial CQC course and the theoretical one of the driving license.
  4. Pass the driving license theory exam D.
  5. Attend the mandatory guides provided by the CQC course.
  6. Pass the CQC exam.


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