How many meters to string a tennis racket?


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For a classic racquet with a normal cross-string you will need about 12 meters of string to get the job done. In general, it is better to cut more and throw away some, than to find yourself with a piece that is too short and have to start over.

How many kilos to string racket?

Racquets are usually made to play with tensions approaching 24/25 kg and, with some exceptions, this tension is the same as used by professional players. Therefore 24/25 Kg is the recommended tension.

When to change tennis racket strings?

Strings are at their best when they come out of the stringing machine. Most ropes will lose their resilience within 3-6 months, even if they are never used in play.

How to choose racquet strings?

In general, higher string tension provides less power and more control. Conversely with a low voltage, the greater the power and the less control. Each tennis racket has a manufacturer brand recommended tension range.

Which string to choose?

So, in summary: reduced voltage = more power; high voltage = more control; lower stringbed density = more power and more spin; soft ropes = better vibration absorption; thin strings = more spin effect; very elastic rope = loses tension more easily.

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How much does the Decathlon stringing service cost?

Do you need to change the strings on your tennis racket? #Decathlon offers you the stringing service in 24 hours for € 5 within one hour for € 10.

What strings does Berrettini use?

The string is a Luxilon Alupower soft synthetic monofilament. Jacopo Berrettini instead uses a Head Speed ​​MP and strings with the same monofilament as his brother (Signum Pro Firestorm, gauge 1.30) at 25/24 kg “.

Which racket string tension?

The tensions have dropped significantly: we usually go from 21 to 26Kg.

How to string rackets?

String perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the racket. Insert the string into a hole, usually designated by a slightly larger eyelet, and pull the string over and under the main string to the other side. Apply the same tension as applied to the main strings and fix the first string.

How to choose tennis racket size?

Hold the racket as in the photo, if the space that remains between the fingertips and the palm is the same as your index finger, then it is the right size, if the space is less than the index finger you will have to choose a larger handle, on the contrary if the space is greater you will have to choose a smaller handle.

How to store tennis racket?

Because of its composition, synthetic material strings do not suffer particularly from wet and dry like gut, therefore it will be sufficient to keep the racket in a thermal sheath and subject it to regular checks at a specialized shop.

How long does a tennis racket last on average?

How long does a racket last? Two or three years if you play at an intermediate level three times a week and have it strung twice a year. Like a set of tires in a car, sooner or later the racket will have to be changed too.

How many hours does a tennis racket last?

The normal duration of a “well treated” loom ranges from 16 to 32 stringing cycles, assuming with “normal” use and a change of the strings when they have lost their performance, and is in any case a purely indicative value, so in a time ranging from 2 to 4 years, then it begins to wear out, both by action …

How to measure tennis string tension?

The DT is measured through a minicomputer called Ert 300 by electronically simulating the impact of the ball in the center of the stringbed and detecting its deflection. Through the ERT 300 we can: predict the degree of power and control that the stringing will give in the field.

How much does the racket string cost?

The total cost of stringing a racquet should be around 27.50 euros on average.

How to string Babolat Pure Aero?

“On the new stringbed of the Pure Aero you can start stringing the horizontals left or right, because there is a single bumper around the entire circumference. The rope is protected, wherever you start. ” explains Lucien Nogues, professional stringer.

How to string a 4 knot racquet?

To string the 4 knots, cut your rope in two to have two pieces of rope of 6 meters each: one will be used to make the verticals and the other the horizontals. Making the horizontals for stringing in four knots is the same as for the two knot method except for 3 exceptions.

What strings do tennis champions use?

As for the models, the most popular strings remain the Luxilon Alu Power and the Babolat Rmp Blast, but in particular the first, which has various declinations. Let’s say that the most penetrating string brand in the professional market is always Luxilon.

What are the best tennis racket strings?

The best strings for advanced level players

  • Babolat RPM Blast. …
  • Luxilon Alu Power. …
  • Solinco Hyger G. …
  • Tecnifibre HDMX. …
  • Tecnifibre NRG2. …
  • Babolat Duo VS Touch + RPM Blast.

How does Federer string the racket?

Roger Federer uses a hybrid string for his Wilsons [K] Six. One Tour: Wilson natural gut for verticals and Luxilon Alu Power for horizontals. The weight of the strung tool is 367 grams, the balance at 31.7 cm, the handle n. 3.

What strings does Zverev use?

Head Gravity Pro – Zverev’s racket.

How much does Djokovic’s racket weigh?

The frame weighs 336.3 grams and is balanced 310 millimeters from the end of the handle, therefore “neutral”, rather light in the head. The swing weight, that is the measure of the inertia of the racket that expresses its pushing capacity, is 333 points, a high value. The stringing pattern is 18×19.

How much does Matteo Berrettini’s racket weigh?

As previously mentioned, the Extreme, in a customized Pro version, is the racket used by Matteo Berrettini (Lorenzo Musetti is holding an Extreme Tour instead). A tool that, ready to use for The Italian Hammer (the Italian hammer), weighs 352 grams with a balance at 33 cm and high rigidity.

How much does it cost to change tennis racket strings?

Bring the racket with our skein of strings to be strung at our tennis teacher / club or at the shop: with our skein of strings we will have an average cost of around 10-15 euros, it depends on the type of string, while if not we have our own skein of ropes we will have an average expense …


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