How many people can I bring in the car?


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Even in the car it is mandatory to respect the safety distance of at least one meter and wear a mask, which is why not all seats can be occupied. You can stay in 4 or 5 people only if the passengers are living together, in other cases it is forbidden (even in a taxi).

How many people in the new DPCM car?

You can travel by car with 3 people but you cannot go in 4 in the same car if you are not living together or if you do not have stable interpersonal relationships.

How many by car in the yellow zone?

Travel by car in the yellow zone

Also in this case a maximum number of 3 people is allowed for each vehicle, consisting of the driver who cannot have anyone at his side and up to 2 passengers in the rear seats.

How many people in the phase 3 car?

In practice, in addition to the driver, one or at most two passengers can sit, one of which necessarily in the front seat. More people will be allowed only if the vehicle has more rear seats, as in the case of commercial vehicles such as “Ford Tourneo Connect”.

How many people in the yellow zone car in May 2021?

Only the driver can sit on the front seats, while on the back no more than two people, who must stay near the two windows. This also applies to a car that can accommodate up to seven people.

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How many people in the car in the white zone?

According to the government rules, even in the white zone, people who are not part of the same family can travel in 2 in the back seat, each next to a window, while the seat next to the driver must be left empty. So you can’t stay in a car in 4 or 5.

What can be done in the yellow zone in May 2021?

Starting tomorrow, May 15th, it will be possible to return to beaches, bathing establishments and outdoor swimming pools. Activities such as beauticians, hairdressers and cinemas are open as well as bars, restaurants and pubs, although in this case only outdoors and until 10pm.

How many people in the car do not live together?

So let’s remember, as already said, that if you belong to the same family unit, you can occupy all the seats and you can stay without the mask and the spacing. As for the maximum number of people not living in the same car, therefore, it is three people.

How many people in the car since May 18th?

In fact, unless the car is large enough to allow it, no more than two can travel. These rules do not apply to cohabiting people: the driver and passenger can sit side by side, and other people from the family can sit on the rear sofa (find out more here).

How many people can you take with the pink sheet in the car?

With the pink pass it is possible to bring other people on condition that the holder of the pink pass is at least 16 years old and the car is approved for two or more people.

How many in the car in May 2021?

Everyone is obliged to wear a mask. Cars with two rows of seats, therefore, can accommodate a maximum of three people; five people can sit in SUVs and minivans with three rows of seats.

What can be done in the yellow zone?

In the yellow zone all movements are allowed: within one’s own Municipality, between different Municipalities and between Regions. The curfew also expires, so there are no longer hourly limits to circulation and self-certification is no longer necessary.

How many people in the yellow zone home?

In the yellow zone you can stay in 4 at the same table if you are not living together (indoors or outdoors). In the white zone until June 21, the maximum number of non-cohabiting diners is 6 people indoors, while in the outdoor restaurants there are no restrictions.

How many people in the car with new drivers?

it is not possible to drive motor vehicles with specific power (tare) higher than 55 kW per ton (kW / t); it is not possible to drive M1 category vehicles – that is vehicles intended for the transport of people with 9 seats, including the driver – with a maximum power of 70 kW, equal to 95 horsepower.

How can you travel by car from May 18th?

Accommodation of driver and passengers in a private car

  1. A driver and a family member living together: allowed to transport in the front seat, there is no obligation to wear a mask.
  2. A driver and a non-cohabiting person: a minimum spacing of one meter and a mask worn are mandatory.

How to travel by car from May 4th?

According to the directives, also confirmed for Phase 2 (effective from 4 May 2020), the passenger must sit at a distance of at least one meter from the driver, therefore he cannot sit next to the driver; the advice is to take the place on the right side of the rear sofa.

How can you get around by car from May 18th?

Going by car from May 18th, how? “Cars can be used by several passengers only if the minimum distance of one meter is respected. These limits do not apply if the vehicles are used only by cohabiting people “.

What is meant by coexistence?

sm and f. Who lives with others: administration of the hepatitis B vaccine to those living with HBV carriers; in particular, those who live with another person with whom they have a stable relationship, a couple relationship, without being bound by marriage ties (also, c. more uxorio).

What can be done in the orange zone in May 2021?

May 1st, second homes in the orange zone

From the orange zone it is always possible to go to your second home, throughout the national territory, if you can prove that you have actually been entitled to go to the same property before January 14, 2021.

What can be done in the yellow zone in June 2021?

Indoor restaurants and bars: this is what reopens in the yellow zone from 1 June 2021. According to the latest Draghi law decree, you can go back to eating indoors and not only outdoors, always keeping a safety distance and a mask when you are not is at the table.

What can you do on May 1st in the yellow zone?

On May 1st you can go for lunch and dinner in the restaurants in the yellow zone, according to the reopening decree: yes to customers but only outdoors. You can only sit at the table, maximum four people, unless they are cohabitants.

What are white areas in urban planning?

“White areas” are defined as those areas of the municipal territory for which no urban planning is envisaged. … There is a “white zone” when in an area of ​​the municipal territory there is no provision of the local urban planning instrument.

How many people can you invite home?

up to the maximum number of 4 people, being able to bring with them their minor children – or other minors under the age of 18 over whom they exercise parental responsibility – and people with disabilities or non self-sufficient living together.

How many people at the yellow zone outdoor restaurant table?

Yellow zone: maximum 4 people in the restaurant, even in hotels (if open to external customers)

How many people can sit in the restaurant?

How many can go to the restaurant in the yellow area: the limit of the old Dpcm remains, 4 people. The maximum number of customers who can go to the restaurant and sit around the same table in the yellow area remains fixed at 4 people not living together, according to the provisions of the “old” Dpcm.


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