How many police officers are there in rome?


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The Local Police Corps of Roma Capitale is the Local Police service of Roma Capitale. It counts about 6000 units between agents, officers and managers.

Who commands the commander of the traffic police?

The municipal police are placed under the administrative and functional dependencies of the mayor or the commissioner delegate, who supervise them by issuing directives, supervising the performance of the services and the fulfillment of institutional tasks, adopting the formal provisions of the case and determining the forms and limits …

What is local police instructor?

INSTRUCTOR is the one who instructs, or starts an administrative procedure; so-called “fines” (violation reports) are administrative proceedings. In other words, there is no difference, they are two different ways of defining the same role. The best way to avoid paying “fines” is not to take them.

How many municipal police officers are there in Italy?

A service that requires adequate resources, especially in larger municipalities, where the number of inhabitants is greater and the territory to be controlled is larger. According to the Anci report, throughout Italy there are over 60,000 local police operators.

How to join the Rome Local Police?

Generally the requirements to enter the competition are:

  1. enjoyment of civil and political rights.
  2. age between 18 and 40 years.
  3. Italian citizenship.
  4. not having received criminal convictions.
  5. physical fitness and possession of the psychic requisites for mandatory firearms.
  6. high school diploma
  7. possession of driving license B.

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How to become a local police instructor?

To become a municipal police officer it is necessary to pass a public competition for exams organized by the Municipality through a notice in which all the details and information necessary for participation in the tests are indicated.

How to join the local police force?

As for the State Police and the Carabinieri, also to enter the Municipal Police it is necessary to pass a competition for exams. The competition announcement is issued by the Municipality and made known in the Official Gazette, series IV competitions and selections.

How many local police officers per population?

On a national level, on average 10.4 PL operators per 10,000 inhabitants work in the Commands.

What is the difference between municipal police and local police?

There is no difference between the traffic police and the municipal or local police, if you prefer. The terms identify the same figure who then operates in the local or municipal / urban context.

How much does the head of the traffic police earn?

A D3 level deputy commander earns a gross monthly salary of around 2,105.00 euros and a D5 level municipal police commander gets to 2,293.00 gross monthly. Finally, a manager in the D6 level receives 2,469.90 euros gross per month.

How much does a local police instructor make?

A local police officer of category C1 has a gross salary of 1,695.34 euros per month. A category C can rise in level due to seniority or internal competition up to C5 where he would receive a gross monthly salary of € 1908.60.

What does Category C local police mean?

C the qualification of coordination and control officer: “In this regard, it is preliminarily noted that the framework law on the organization of the local police n. 65/1986 provides for the professional figures of: 1) agent; 2) in charge of coordination and control; 3) commanders.

What does the supervisory instructor do?

The Supervisory Instructor responsible for coordination and control assists the Head of the Service and directs the operational units to which he is assigned.

What are the ranks of the traffic police?

Municipal police officers are divided by degrees into commander, officers, non-commissioned officers, municipal police operators.

Who is a traffic cop?

The traffic warden is an agent of the municipal police. He ensures compliance with the rules in the territory of the Municipality where he is hired. He patrols the streets, directs traffic and fines offenders. He intervenes in the event of road accidents involving motorists, motorcyclists or pedestrians.

How do you become commander of the municipal police?

To become commander of the traffic police, however, a degree is required. There are three tests for the competition for traffic police: two theoretical-practical aptitude tests and an oral test. The minimum score required for each test to pass to the next is at least 21/30.

What are the competences of the Local Police?

The local police carry out the activities that ensure the surveillance, prevention, detection and repression of administrative offenses. Furthermore, it exercises the function of supervision and control over the matters delegated to the territorial body to which it belongs, by the national and regional laws in force.

When does the local police intervene?

Building Police intervenes when buildings are built or modified without the necessary authorizations, creating danger for those who live there, removing areas destined for parks, for example, and disfiguring the landscape.

Who is the local police chief?

The Mayor (or President of the Province) is responsible for supervising the performance of the municipal / local police service and issuing the necessary directives for this purpose, which is the responsibility of the Corps or Service Commander (the Corps is established only in the presence of at least seven operators). training and technical employment / …

How many police officers must a municipality have?

– provision of at least two operational units for every 800 inhabitants or fraction of more than 400 inhabitants, or at least two units for every 600 inhabitants for the provincial capital municipalities.

How many traffic police are there in Genoa?

To date, in fact, there are still 112 police officers who had been hired on a fixed-term basis and who have a contract expiring at the end of 2020. The first step will be a preselection test, which will prune the applications up to select 400 candidates.

What region is PL?

The province of Istria or the province of Pola was an Italian province that existed from 1923 to 1947. Its license plate was PL.

How many hours does a traffic policeman work?

2. Working hours – The working hours are divided into 36 hours per week and are functional to the hours of service and opening to the public. 3. Each sector must guarantee the presence of personnel, in an adequate number, for five days in the morning.

How do you find joint work?

How to work in the municipality

But how to get to work in the Municipality? The way forward is to participate in public tenders that are launched from time to time. By participating in the manner and timing provided, one can hope to find employment. Preparation is therefore essential.

How to become a traffic policeman 2021?

To become a traffic policeman it is necessary to pass a public competition, which is announced by the individual Italian municipalities and to access it you must at least have a secondary school diploma of second degree and a B driving license.


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