How many scooters are on the road in Italy?


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In Italy there are at least 140 thousand electric scooters, including private ones and those of sharing companies. According to the National Sharing Mobility Observatory in large cities, one in three shared vehicles is an electric scooter.

Who Makes Electric Scooters?

Among the models of electric scooters that are the most popular are Xiaomi, Segway, Hudora, Nilox, Nito and Vivobike. According to Confartigianato reports, 39% of the Italian market is owned by Xiaomi, a Chinese company operating in the field of consumer electronics, founded in China in 2010.

How many scooters were sold in 2020?

Overall, over 125,000 units were sold between January and July 2020.

How many electric scooters are there in Milan?

In addition to the companies already present in Milan for a few months, Wind Mobility, Bit Mobility and Helbiz Italia, with 2,250 vehicles. When fully operational, the total fleet available in the Lombard capital will be 5,750 scooters.

How many scooters sold?

According to GfK surveys, a total of more than 125,000 units were sold in the Consumer Technology channels and the market value grew by + 140%. In recent years, but especially in recent months, the Italian roads have seen the spread of a new means of transport: the electric scooter.

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How many electric scooters have been sold?

In the context of E-mobility, which includes electric skateboards, hoverboards and one wheel, the same report indicates that over 125,000 electric vehicles have been sold in Italy, of which the electric scooter alone covers 90% of the sector. The maximum sales peak occurred in July with + 52.6% units.

Where can I buy an electric scooter?

Physically speaking, it is possible to buy your electric scooter through decathlon and mediaworld, euronics, trony, even if we have noticed that usually few scooters are exhibited and slightly more expensive than average.

Where to rent electric scooter Milan?

The electric micromobility sharing services of EM transit (Dott), Bird rides Italy (Bird), Voi technology Italia (Voi), Wind mobility (Wind), Bit mobility (Bit), Helbiz Italia (Helbiz) and , from the next few weeks, Lime technology.

Where to park electric scooter Milan?

Bikes and scooters can park only in parking spaces dedicated to bicycles or on the road side, where it is not expressly forbidden and in any case always according to the rules of the Highway Code.

What scooters are there in Milan?

In Milan there are more and more electric scooters for rent. After Bird’s return, in recent days, seven sharing services are actively operating in Milan: Bird, Bit, Dott, Helbiz, Lime Voi and Wind. According to the latest data, rentals are over 7500 per day.

Who produces the Ducati scooter?

Ducati responds to these market needs by presenting seven new products, made in partnership with MT Distribution, an Italian company already present in the sector for over 40 years. The new range will consist of four electric scooters and three folding e-bikes with the Ducati, Ducati Corse and Scrambler brands.

Which is the best electric scooter?

What are the best electric scooters for adults of 2021? Classification:

  • Ninebot by Segway ES2: the best of 2021. …
  • Razor E300: the Economic Electric Scooter. …
  • BEEPER FX1000: Ideal for off-road vehicles. …
  • Takira Tank Type 800TT: The Fastest Scooter. …
  • Xiaomi M365: Best Quality / Price Ratio.

What do you need for the electric scooter?

The scooters must be driven standing and there must be no seat. They must have a speed limiter that does not allow to exceed 25 km per hour on the road and 6 km per hour in pedestrian areas. Scooters must have a horn and have the “CE” marking.

How does scooter sharing work?

To rent a scooter, simply start a free mobile application (Helbiz), downloadable on Android and iOS smartphones, locate the closest vehicle within a georeferenced map and unlock it by scanning a QR code located on the handlebar.

How much does a sharing electric scooter cost?

The answer to this question depends on personal habits. A ride with the sharing scooter can cost an average of € 3 to € 5. If a good electric scooter costs between € 300 and € 400, it means that in a hundred rides you have already recovered the initial expense.

How does dr work?

Scooter rental takes place via the app: from the map you search for the closest vehicle, reach it, frame the QR code, decide which offer is right for you and set off for your ride. Dott can be taken from Ponte Milvio to Ostiense station, from the Vatican to Piazza Fiume.

How much does an electric scooter cost per minute?

As you can see, all operators provide for one euro to unlock the scooter, and a time rate ranging from 15 to 25 cents per minute.

How to get Helbiz for free?

Helbiz – scooters & bike sharing – try for free by entering the code: 1ZWUUZ Discount Coupon 2021 – 3 € bonus

  1. Open the App you download from the Android or Apple store.
  2. Go to the “Payment” section
  3. Click on “Add promotional code”
  4. Enter the promotional code: 1ZWUUZ.

How to unlock a Helbiz electric scooter?

To unlock HelbizGO just open the Helbiz app and select the “Start Race” button. From here, scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or manually enter the 4-digit vehicle code located under the QR code.

How to lock electric scooter?

To bind the Electric scooter you will need a simple padlock or chain. You can buy it from the hardware store, in a bike shop, or even better on Amazon. In my opinion, the best in terms of quality / price ratio and practicality is a U-shaped lock, called in English bloster.

How to buy a scooter?

The aspects to consider when buying an electric scooter concern:

  1. The ease of use and the weight of the vehicle.
  2. The presence of the side stand and the ability to fold.
  3. The sturdiness and the aesthetic side of the scooter.
  4. The presence or absence of the saddle.
  5. Autonomy and charging time.

How to claim the scooter bonus?

The requirements for requesting the 500 euro bonus for bikes and scooters

  1. Be of age and reside in a regional capital, provincial capital, metropolitan city or in a municipality with more than 50,000 inhabitants.
  2. Having purchased the vehicle from 4 May 2020 and by 31 December 2020.

How fast do electric scooters go?

Predominantly electric scooters with a maximum power of 0.50 Kw and a speed not exceeding 25 Km / h are equated to bicycles. For those who do not respect the new rules, penalties ranging from 200 to 800 euros are foreseen.

What are the best scooter brands?

Electric scooter the best brands

  • Razor.
  • Segway – Ninebot.
  • Xiaomi.
  • Swagtron.
  • EcoReco.

What is the electric scooter with the most autonomy?

1) Ninebot by Segway Max G30 (25 Km / h). Electric Scooter with more autonomy.


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