How many seasons will the paper house have?


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Casa di Carta 5 will be there but it is the last.

Nothing part 6 then, Netflix confirmed it on July 31, 2020.

When does ma house of paper 5 come out?

From tomorrow, Tuesday 3 September, Netflix releases on its platform the first part – consisting of five episodes – of the highly anticipated finale of La casa de papel (The paper house), one of the most followed TV series of all time.

How does the first series of the house of paper end?

House of Paper Part 1 has a pending ending. The kidnappers are at loggerheads after a group of hostages managed to escape from the State Mint. The remaining ones in fact take courage and begin to rebel against the thieves, convinced that they will not be harmed.

Who dies in paper house 5?

Alvaro Morte greets the Professor. In a video posted on Instagram, shot from the car with which he leaves the set, he says goodbye to the character of the Paper House that made him famous in the world. “Leaving the House of Paper set for the last time I am speechless. I am grateful for all of this.

How to see the second season of the house of paper?

The Casa di Carta 2 season will be there

Netflix has bought the rights to distribute La Casa di Carta worldwide: the Spanish series entitled La Casa de Papel in the original language is a limited series consisting of 15 episodes of 70-75 minutes each.

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What is the second season of the house of paper called?

The hour of the dolphin.

How many paper house robbers are there?

The paper house tells of a group of robbers made up of nine people. The goal is a super robbery at the Spanish state mint in Madrid, the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre. The creator of the coup is a man called the Professor.

Who dies in the 4th series of the House of paper?

César Gandía (Francesco Bulckaen) shoots in front of Nairobi in the entrance of the Bank of Spain, in front of the astonished eyes of Bogotà, Helsinki and Palermo. This is episode 6 of the fourth part, in the second season of the paper house.

What happens to Arturo, a paper house?

There is a moment when it is thought that Arturo Román may have died. This is the scene in which hostages and robbers are on the roof of the State Mint. At that point the police pull the trigger and hit Arturo himself, who wears a mask like everyone else.

How does season 5 of the house of paper end?

For the finale, the goal was to bring down the Professor with a technical knockout. The romantic and feel-good idea of ​​a robbery without victims and a fight for freedom without injuries collides with the wall of reality this last season. The characters will have to fight to survive ».


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