How many tachograph cards are there?


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The Tachograph Cards are devices that allow the use of digital tachographs, and there are four types: Driver Card – It is personal and necessary for driving the vehicles provided for by Regulation 3820/85.

How can I renew the tachograph card?

The renewal of a tachograph card must be requested from the Chamber of Commerce that issued it or from the Chamber of Commerce of the applicant’s place of residence, before 15 working days prior to the expiry date (to allow continuity of the regular operation of the vehicle).

What does the tachograph card store?

The digital tachograph records, within its mass memory, all the activities of the vehicle (speed, distance traveled, drivers who drove it, etc.). … The driver card instead records all the activities carried out by a single driver ie driving, rest, availability and work.

What to do if the tachograph card is lost?


  1. make a report, within 7 days, to the police authority in order to be authorized to obtain the duplicate.

  2. always within 7 days, submit a new request to the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. bring with you a copy of the report and a copy of the application.

When to renew the tachograph card?

The Driver and Company tachograph cards are issued for a period of validity of 5 years, the Control Card for 2 years, while the Workshop card is valid for 1 year. The Card can be renewed upon expiration upon request by the cardholder, without prejudice to the continuing conditions for issuing it.

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How much does it cost to make the tachograph card?

first issue and renewal: Euro 40.17 (€ 37.00 for secretarial fees and € 3.17 for mailing costs) – Only in the case of a Officina Card the cost is € 43.34 (€ 37.00 for secretarial fees and € 6.34 postage costs)

Who can apply for the tachograph card?

The tachograph cards are issued by the Chamber of Commerce for recording, reading and checking the data present in the tachograph, as well as for the maintenance of the device. The Chambers of Commerce are, in fact, the issuing authorities in Italy (Ministerial Decree 361 of 31/10/2003).

How to apply for the tachograph card online?

To request a tachograph card, we always recommend visiting the website of the relevant chamber of commerce. Select the form to fill in based on the tachograph card to be requested: Driver card: download the form.

How far can you drive without a tachograph card?

Failure to insert the tachograph card is sanctioned by Article 179, paragraphs 2 and 9 of the Highway Code with an administrative sanction between 849.00 and 3464 euros + 10 points deducted from the CQC and with suspension of the license from 15 days to 3 months. .

How is the printout of the digital tachograph completed?

The receipt printed by the control device (24-hour printout of the vehicle activity in the absence of a card inserted) must be completed by the driver by entering: • name and surname, • number of the card he is in possession of, • date to which the print, • start time of the work activity, • end time …

How to apply for a Milan tachograph card?

by correspondence to: Milan Chamber of Commerce – RAO Office / Digital signature – via Meravigli, 9 / b – 20123 Milan upon receipt of the new card.

How to read the tachograph card?

How to read and understand the printout of the tachograph …

  1. the first line at the top indicates the day and time when the printing was performed.
  2. the second line indicates the type of printing, in this case it refers to the 24 hours of the driver.

How long does the tachograph card last?

The card shows the company name and address printed on it. The issue takes place within one month from the moment of receipt of the application and its administrative validity is five years. Upon expiry, the renewal takes place on a new request by the company to be presented to the competent Chamber of Commerce.

What happens if I drive in out?

Therefore, if a driver enters a company, activates the OUT function manually on the tachograph and performs 15 minutes of driving, these minutes will be subtracted from the total driving performed during the day.

What happens if you drive without a card?

Driving without inserting the driver’s tachograph card in the tachograph is considered a very serious penalty, sanctioned according to Art. 179 of the Highway Code and provides for: € 868 fine. 10 points.

When do you need the driver card?

From 10 September 2008 for the transport of people and from 10 September 2009 for the transport of things, all professional drivers must be in possession of the driver qualification card based on the type of transport they carry out.

How to apply for a Rome tachograph card?

Issue and renewal of tachograph cards

The application for the issue of a driver card must be made by registered letter with return receipt to the following address: Rome Chamber of Commerce, – Certification and Digital Services Structure – Via De ‘Burrò 147 – 00186 Rome.

How to apply for the company tachograph card?

  1. The application must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce of the province in which the company has its registered office or a local unit.
  2. Company Card application form, filled in in each field and signed at the bottom of each page.
  3. Legible photocopy of the identification document of the owner or legal representative.

How to apply for the Turin tachograph card?

Sign the form in all its parts (you have to sign it four times, on three different pages of the form). Send the form with all the relative documentation to: Turin Chamber of Commerce, Via Carlo Alberto 16 – 10123 Turin (See summary table of costs and documents).

What is the company card for?

The COMPANY CARD is required by the company that owns the vehicles and allows you to download and archive the travel data of all company vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph. The company card allows checks by the competent authorities in the field of work and road safety.

How is the digital tachograph used?

Digital tachograph: how it works

The records are based on a data tracking system. It starts automatically as soon as the vehicle is started. Once activated, it is able to calculate the distance traveled and store all the information relating to the trip.

How to download Download the tachograph card?

Downloading of digital tachograph data can be done manually using the key for downloading tachograph data, also known as downloadkey. For this solution, the fleet manager or driver has to go directly to the truck or bus to download the tachograph data.

How to insert tachograph card?



How do you download the data from the digital tachograph?

How to download data from the Digital Tachograph

There are two ways to download data from digital tachographs: Via a Downloadkey. You have to go to the car, insert the key for downloading the tachograph data and the Company Card directly into the tachograph. The process takes about 10 seconds.

How to put out stoneridge tachograph?

The out of scope mode is activated.

How to insert the OUT OF SCOPE function on the tachograph …

  1. Access the menu by pressing OK.
  2. Scroll with the arrow keys until the message ENTRY VEHICLE appears on the display, then confirm with OK.
  3. Press OK again on OUT START to activate the function.


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