How many types of cherries are there?


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In Italy alone we find 18 varieties: there are the IGPs of Vignola and Marostica, the very dark Mora di Cazzano and Moretta di Vignola, the rarer Bella di Garbagna and cherry di Lari and the “faded” white Graffione, so to speak.

What are the best qualities of cherries?

The cherry par excellence, the best known, however, is undoubtedly that of the “Ferrovia” variety (or “di Turi”, the name of the small town in the province of Bari from which it comes). The main characteristic of this type of cherries lies in the size, as a single fruit can weigh up to ten grams.

What types of cherries are there?

Types of cherries: the varieties to be known among PDO, PGI and other excellences

  • Cherry of Etna PDO.

  • Cherry of Marostica PGI.

  • Vignola cherry PGI.

  • Beautiful cherry of Garbagna.

  • Cherry Railway.

  • Castelbianco cherry.

  • Duracina cherry from Tarcento.

  • The other noteworthy varieties: from the Bella di Pistoia to the bells.

What are big cherries called?

4. The Big Lory, a large cherry with a bright red color and a sweet and full taste. 5. The Black Star, a large fruit with a dark red color, sometimes wrinkled, with a dense and firm pulp and a sweet taste.

What are the biggest cherries?

The “giant” cherry discovered by the two brothers in fact belongs to the “Sweet Saretta” variety (trademark registered in 2012 by the University of Bologna thanks to Stefano Lugli, Riccardo Correale and Michelangelo Grandi) which, by nature, already has an important size, mainly of about 30/32 mm.

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What are the best cherries in Italy?

The “Best Cherry in Italy 2019” is the Sweet Lorenz harvested in Savignano sul Panaro (Modena) by producers Nino and Marisa Quartieri. The “Andmi Special Prize” was awarded to the Samba variety cherry produced by the producer Nicola Centra from Maenza (Latina).

What are the best Italian cherries?

The best cherries of Italy

  • Cherry of Etna PDO.

  • Vignola cherry PGI.

  • Cherry of Marostica PGI.

  • Black durone dell’Anella.
  • Durona Del Monte.
  • Lari cherry.

  • More by Cazzano.

What are heart-shaped cherries called?

Appearance and characteristics of the carnelian cherry

The carnelian cherry has a unique shape, it is, in fact, similar to an elongated heart. The color is a very intense dark red and is flattened at the suture. The taste is sweet and crunchy and it is very sugary. Ripening takes place at the end of June.

What are the sweetest cherries?

The sweetest red there is: cherries

  • Picture 1 – Flowering of the Prunus avium. …
  • Picture 2 – ‘Ferrovia’ cherry tree …
  • Picture 3 – Cherry tree ‘Durone di Vignola’ …
  • Picture 4 – Cherry tree ‘Bigarreau Moreau’ …
  • Picture 5 – Cherry ‘Grace star’ …
  • Picture 6 – ‘Regina’ cherry tree …
  • Picture 7 – Amarena. …
  • Picture 8 – Marasca.

What is the name of the Vignola cherry?

Bigarreau Moreau, Mora di Vignola (also called Moretta)

How many varieties of cherries are there in Italy?

In Italy alone we find 18 varieties: there are the IGPs of Vignola and Marostica, the very dark Mora di Cazzano and Moretta di Vignola, the rarer Bella di Garbagna and cherry di Lari and the “faded” white Graffione, so to speak.

What are the fruits of the cherry tree like?

The cherry is an ovoid, rounded or heart-shaped drupe, about 1-2 cm in diameter; it can also be found with a slightly elongated sphere shape.

What are white cherries called?


SELF-FERTILE Ancient variety, well known by our grandparents, now highly sought after. The peel is white, tending to straw yellow when ripe. … Its color means that it is spared by birds.

What are the self-fertile cherry trees?

Description of self-fertile cherry varieties for the middle lane and the Samara region

  • Large-fruited. Lyubskaya. Rossosh black. whim.
  • Winter resistant. Rosa amorel. Tatarstan worker. Griot Rossoshansky.
  • too small. Lighthouse. Annushka. Youth

Which cherry tree to plant in the mountains?

The Kordia and Regina varieties are the most cultivated in the highlands and occupy 70% of the production, the remainder is covered with corn and rail. These cherry varieties find an ideal habitat between 800 and 1000 meters above sea level.

What are black cherries called?

“Windener Schwarze” is the name of a small cherry with a semi-hard pulp. The peel of the fruit is black, the pulp is dark red. A juice with an intense red-brown color is obtained from it. The pulp easily separates from the stone.

How to recognize Railway cherries?

The “Railway”

The peel is vermilion red, the pulp is pink. It has a heart shape and an elongated peduncle. The texture of the pulp is strong and crunchy and has a sweet and juicy flavor.

What are the yellow cherries called?

extraordinary variety with bright yellow fruits and medium size. The tree is majestic, like all P. …

Where are cherries produced in Italy?

The regions that produce cherries for the best climate and soil are many but 85% of production is concentrated in five, namely Puglia, Campania, Veneto, Lazio and Emilia Romagna.

When do the first cherries ripen?

There is not only one type of cherry but there are many varieties of this delicious fruit and they can change in size, color, flavor and ripening period. The cherry period begins approximately in the middle of May and ends towards the end of July.

What are the leaves of the cherry tree like?

The leaves of the cherry trees are usually a fairly bright green color and have a very fine and soft texture on the underside. The tips of the leaves have about 5 small red glands. … The serrated ends of the oval-shaped leaves also have small red glands.

How is the foliage of the cherry tree?

The foliage is typically globose or conical in a fairly wide shape (3-4 meters). The visciolo, also called amarasco or sour cherry, on the other hand, is much smaller both in height and in extension. The crown is still globular in shape even if the branches are less erect than the sweet cultivars.

What does cherry smell like?

… the whole cherry smells relatively little because the skin, rather thick and relatively porous, allows very little perfume to pass through. As soon as you cut it, whether it be Vignola durone, black cherry or cherry, it explodes in its characteristic scent of splendid terpenes / cyanide benzaldehyde …

What is the difference between cherries and corns?

While tender cherries, as the name suggests, are characterized by their tender pulp and dark red color, duracine cherries are nothing but calluses: they are larger and also have a firmer pulp; they can have a dark red or black color and a red pulp, or a light red color and …

What is the difference between cherries and sour cherries?

The difference is in the taste, since the cherry is sweeter than the sour cherry, but also in the shape and color, because the cherry is usually a bit bigger and darker. The fundamental fact that distinguishes them is that cherry and black cherry come from two different tree species.


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