How much do Italians invest?


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The fear of a crisis that could eliminate savings affects 3.8% of Italians, while that of possible scams is equal to 2.3%. As for the percentages linked to those who invest, according to the report 10.6% do so because they consider the operation an insurance for the future.

Who are the savers?

In economics, those who save and also those who have saved and enjoy the fruits of their savings, generally lending them directly or indirectly (through bank deposits) to those who produce: devaluation damages the r. guarantee small savers.

How many Italians invest in shares?

According to the Einaudi Foundation in 2019 only 4.1% of Italians bought and / or sold shares, but this drops to 3% among women, much less attracted to the financial markets. The trend in the percentage of investors by age has a curious trend.

How much does an Italian save on average?

This was revealed by the survey on Italian savings and financial choices in 2020 conducted by the Studies and Research Department of Intesa Sanpaolo and by the Einaudi Center. In one year, bank deposits increased by € 126 billion and the propensity to save went from 11.8 to 20% of income.

How do Italians invest their money?

The geographical distribution is stable, with approximately 65% ​​of investors residing in the North, 18% in the Center and the remaining 17% in the South and the Islands, while the trend of rebalancing between genders continues, with women who, at the end 2019, represent 47% of fund subscribers.

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How much money to spare at 30?

On November 1, 2017, NBC and Today Show financial editor Jean Chatzky posted a tweet with the magic formula about how much money to have aside per year based on your age. “At 30, you need to have the equivalent of your annual salary set aside. At 40, 3 times as much.

How much can you save per month?

The 50/30/20 rule simplifies saving habits by dividing our monthly income into three categories: needs, wants and savings. Knowing exactly how much to spend in each category will allow you to stick to your plans more easily and keep an eye on your spending.

How much can you save each month?

According to the Trilussa chicken, of course. And counting 13th and 14th, for those who have them. Based on these data, a person should save at least 10% of their income every month. And we are at the very minimum.

Where do Italians invest their money?

If the 60.8% of Italians who have no investments are asked to say where they would do it if they had capital, 14.6% would do it in real estate, while 8.7% in postal savings bonds and 5.2% on deposit.

How much money to have at 40?

How much should you have aside at 40

The average salary of a forty-year-old with a clerical job is around 30,000 euros per year: the rule, if you have reached forty, is that you should have set aside an amount equal to three times your annual salary.

How to set aside money each month?

Choose one day a week to reduce your variable expenses to zero. Adopt the “save now, spend later” technique. This means setting aside money for your savings goals and fixed costs at the beginning of the month and using the remaining amount just to pay for the monthly variable costs.

How much money does it take to be safe?

How much money to save for peace of mind? Usually to have a certain peace of mind, to cope with emergencies without major complications, you should have a minimum capital of 6 months of your work.

How to put 10 thousand euros away in a year?

48 ways to save 10,000 euros (and more) per year!

  1. 1 Calculate your budget! …

  2. 2 Prepare food at home! …
  3. 3 Keep an eye on the flyers. …
  4. 4 When you go out use coupons! …
  5. 5 Make your shopping list! …
  6. 6 Shop Around For The Best Insurance Rates! …
  7. 7 Fill up where it is convenient! …
  8. 8 Travel light!

How much money does it take to stop working at 50?

Almost 3 million euros in total which corresponds, taking into account life expectancy, about 5,000 euros per month.

How to save 200 euros per month?

6 habits to save 200 euros per month

  1. Get the car when you really need it. …
  2. Save on shopping at the supermarket (but don’t lower the quality of the products). …
  3. Try to cook something. …
  4. Pay attention to the fridge and pantry. …
  5. Keep your house in order. …
  6. Be careful with consumption.

How much money do you need to have to be rich in Italy?

In fact, in Italy to be considered rich, based on the average income according to ISTAT data and the placement between 1 and 2% of the population, it is necessary to receive a monthly income between 6,700 and 9,200 euros.

How long is enough to live on an income?

To be able to live on an income and earn around 20,000 euros a year, we need a capital of 500,000 euros. You got it right: half a million!

How to store 10,000 euros?

It is almost as safe to invest 10,000 euros in bonds. There is always some risk, mind you, but they always offer the guarantee of recovering the initial capital.

5 safe investment options you can choose from:

  1. Gold.
  2. Bank deposit account;
  3. Italian post.
  4. Bonds.
  5. Invest in a business.

How do you save money?

Some attitudes or ways of doing things, if changed, can help us save money, as in the case of these ten examples that follow.

  1. Create an emergency fund. …
  2. Establish a budget. …
  3. Follow the envelope budget method. …
  4. Think about the future. …
  5. Save automatically. …
  6. Set short-term savings goals.

How to save 5000 euros in 6 months?

A saving of 5,000 euros in 6 months means setting aside 833 euros per month. It may seem like a lot of money but let’s try to do a calculation on a daily basis. Dividing 1,666 euros (two months of savings), for 61 days (the adjacent months are 30 and 31 days), the figure of 27 euros is obtained.

How much money does an average family have in the bank?

The answer is: as we have seen, generally around 15,000 Euros in total.

When can a person be defined as wealthy?

They are the wealthy, the Italians with financial assets of over 500,000 euros (average value: 760,000 euros). 75% of them say they are ready to finance long-term investments for Italy’s economic rebirth after Covid-19 with their private capital.

How much money is it worth having in the bank?

The advice therefore is to keep an average stock within 5000 euros looking for other forms of investment for our savings. It is clear, however, that if our spending needs exceed these levels, it is good to increase the stock to avoid going into the red.

How to save money every day?

Better ways to save money every day

  1. Follow Amazon offers. Amazon is the best place to shop online, it’s reliable and fast. …
  2. Have breakfast at home. …
  3. Order the take-away pizza. …
  4. Share wifi. …
  5. Change phone subscription. …
  6. Travel second class. …
  7. Cultivate the vegetable garden. …
  8. Go to the hairdresser less.

Where to put the small savings?

Put your savings in the post office

  1. Postal Savings Passbooks: Regulatory, Smart and Bearer, which unfortunately offer very low yields;
  2. Postal savings bonds: ordinary and 3-year plus, which offer higher yields than passbooks, but always low;


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