How much do the characters from the forward another minimworld earn?


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In this regard, it will be interesting to know that, based on some rumors circulating on the net, it seems that the characters of the “minimondo” of Avanti an other perceive about a thousand euros per episode.

How much do those of the Minimondo di Avanti another earn?

Summer. Come on another one! Estate is the title of the reruns of the program broadcast during the summer of 2013 and 2015.

How much does good luck earn?

But have you ever wondered how much he earns on Paolo’s show? Read also: Paolo Bonolis: how much does his watch cost?

How much does Laura Cremaschi earn?

As for another Avanti, according to the rumors leaked on the web, his cachet would be 1,000 euros per episode as regards the daily broadcast. This sum should be added to all the bets in which it is the protagonist.

How do another one pay you to Avanti?

To participate in Avanti un Altro, the new show of the pre-evening of Canale5, you have two possibilities: send an email to or, alternatively, call 06 62206900 (an answering machine will answer you).

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How old is Sena Santini?

Sena, born in 1993, 29 years old on February 4th, originally from Camerano (Ancona), is taking part in the new filming of the broadcast.

How old is Francesca Brambilla?

Francesca Brambilla is originally from the city of Bergamo, Lombardy, and was born on March 15, 1992 (this means she is 29 years old), her career in the entertainment world began when she was still a girl taking her first steps as a model in the Riccione beaches.

How much is Luca Laurenti paid?

you bring home about 40 thousand euros and it is easy to imagine that consequently the salary of the Maestro is not too different from this figure. He has been asked several times to reveal the sums of his assets, but he is a very private person and for this reason he has always refused to confess it.

How much does Amadeus earn per year?

According to what is leaked, his salary should be between 500 and 600 thousand euros.

How much do Forum contributors earn?

The news regarding the fee received by the extras was reported by “Il Fatto Quotidiano”. Apparently, a man, who has not revealed his identity, testified that each actor would receive a fairly variable attendance fee, from 250 to 500 euros.

Where does Luca Laurentis live?

“Laurenti is alive and fighting with us, but he is like Il solitario di Rio Grande. He lives alone, in the absence of communication, because it is his life choice. He does not even know that there is the coronavirus “.

What does Luca Laurenti have?

Luca Laurenti’s illness

Despite his brilliant career and his voice to make the world the envy of the world, he suffers from a disease that should not be underestimated: we are talking about depression.

Who discovered Maestro Laurenti?

Before reaching great notoriety, he stood out in 1988 by appearing in the Provini and Dibattito! Programs, both conducted by Gianni Ippoliti.

Who is the bonasorte?

Francesca Brambilla is a showgirl who plays the role of “Bona Sorte” in the successful program of Canale 5, Avanti unaltra. You have had many well-known flirts with: Guè Pequeno, Stefano Laudoni and with the current betrothed of Karina Cascella, Max Colombo.

Who is Brambilla?

Michela Vittoria Brambilla (Lecco, 26 October 1967) is an Italian politician, entrepreneur, activist and TV presenter. You were Minister for Tourism in the 4th Berlusconi Government and Undersecretary to the Prime Minister. You are president and founder of the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment.

Who is good luck?

The beautiful and very blond Francesca Brambilla, 28 years old, 29 years old next March 15th, is a model from Bergamo and in the Bonolis and Laurenti program she plays the role of Bona Sorte.

Who is Sena Santini?

“Come on another”, Sena Santini: age and career of the Canale 5 judge. Screenwriter and creator of the questions, Sena, who on TV acts as a judge for ‘pretend’, is a real lawyer in life. Graduated in Law, Santini managed to complete the process for the qualification to the profession.

Who’s the lawyer girl from Avanti another?

Long brown hair as well as her eyes, a pin-up physique and a sunny smile: this is who Francesca Lacorte is better known as La Tecnologica, one of the newest characters in the minimondo of Avanti another, the channel 5 quiz show hosted by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti.

Who is the notary of Avanti another?

Who is Christian Monaco

It was born in Livorno in 1978 and today it is part of the Italian show business. He begins his television career as a judge on the game show “Come One Another!” during the sixth edition of the broadcast conducted by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti, where the public can see it every day.

How is Laurenti?

Luca is alive and fighting with us, but he is like ‘The loner of Rio Grande’. He lives alone, in the absence of communication, because it is his life choice “. The words of the conductor reassure the many fans who in recent hours had revealed a great concern.

How much do the young people who work at Forum earn?

However, it would not be a real actor, but a person who, after having performed some auditions, would have obtained the opportunity to participate in some episodes. The man allegedly made it known that the fees would be around a variable figure between 250 and 500 euros.

How much does Barbara Palombelli earn?

According to rumors, Barbara Palombelli would have received a compensation of 25 thousand euros.


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