How much do you earn at the wwf?


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They will receive a salary of 4,500 euros gross.

How do you join the WWF?

Join the large, supportive, hilarious family of WWF volunteers.

  1. First name.
  2. Last name.
  3. E-mail.
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How does the WWF work?

WWF’s mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to biodiversity on earth. Currently, their work is organized around six areas: food, climate, fresh water, wildlife, forests and oceans.

What does WWF protect?

The WWF (World Widelife Fund) is the largest nature conservation organization, founded in 1961 in Switzerland. … Its primary purpose is to ensure that man can live in harmony with nature, protecting biodiversity and fighting environmental degradation.

Which animals does WWF protect?

The protection of animals such as tigers, elephants, koalas, leopards, jaguars, eagles, wolves, turtles, whales, polar bears, sharks, pandas, giraffes and many others can be supported in this way.

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What does WWF mean?

– Initiation of World Wildlife Fund, an international non-governmental organization established in 1961 in Morges (Switzerland) and whose headquarters was subsequently transferred to Gland near Lausanne; in 1986 it took on the name of Worldwide fund for nature, keeping the previous acronym.

Why is WWF’s work important?

The unstoppable loss of nature and biodiversity in recent years has taught us to act in the broadest and fastest way possible, carrying out the most important environmental goals of the new millennium: safeguarding the natural world, stopping climate change and convincing governments to protect the nature.

How to raise funds for WWF?

make the difference

  • Become a member. Get your WWF card now and join us in the battles to protect the environment. …
  • Adopt a species. Help protect endangered species from extinction. …
  • Donate now. …
  • 5X Thousand. …
  • Donations in memory. …
  • Bequests. …
  • Solidarity Products and Favors. …
  • Major donors.

How to work for animal protection?

Volunteers will have to attend a training course (related to welfare, animal care and interaction with humans) and pass a trial month. The activities range from animal care, to secretarial services, to the promotion of exhibitions, fairs and events.

How to become a volunteer for the environment?

Becoming a volunteer is really simple, and there are two ways to get started: you can join the Non-Profit Associations that organize the type of volunteering that suits you best, or you can rely on European programs, which are extremely safe and well-established.

How to become an Emergency doctor?


  1. Degree in medicine and surgery;
  2. Specific training diploma in General Medicine or specialization in Internal Medicine (or in similar specialties);
  3. Proven experience in territorial medicine (general medicine clinics, migrant clinics etc.);

Where to work with pandas?

The Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Chengdu, China offers work as a panda keeper. Employees are paid up to $ 32,000 a year to hug and pamper these sweet puppies.

Why are pandas endangered?

THE THREATS. Like many other species, the panda is in danger because its forests are being destroyed and are increasingly reduced and isolated. This leads the animals to move more, exposing themselves to poaching and many other risks.

What is the name of the WWF in Italian?

World Wildlife Fund WWF.

Who is Gerald Watterson?

Environmentalist and artist Gerald Watterson created a series of panda sketches that WWF founder Sir Peter Scott developed into the first version of the logo now known around the world.

What is the WWF’s goal?

The objectives of the WWF

Preserve biodiversity, understood as the richness of living wild species, including their genetic variety and the pluriformity of the ecosystems they give life to. … The Alps are one of the 200 ecoregions that WWF intends to protect worldwide.

How many endangered species are there today around the world?

They are in danger of extinction. And it is a question that concerns everyone. There are almost 2 million animal and plant species to defend on our planet today.

What are endangered animals?

What are the endangered animals in the world?

  • Polar bear. Remaining specimens: about 22,000. …
  • Java rhinoceros. Remaining specimens: about 60. …
  • Tiger. Remaining specimens: about 4,000. …
  • Amur leopard. Specimens left: 35-50. …
  • Sumatran elephant. Remaining specimens: 2000-2500. …
  • Vaquita. Remaining specimens: about 12. …
  • Saola.

What are the protected species?

The following species or groups of species are particularly protected for the purposes of this law also from the point of view of sanctions: a) mammals: wild cat (Felis sylvestris), lynx (Lvnx lynx), otter (Lutra lutra), wolf (Canis lupuis), marten (Martes martes), bear (Ursus arctos), polecat (Mustela putorius); …

How much does an EMERGENCY doctor earn?

According to some rumors available on the web, however, it seems that an experienced war surgeon earns around 3,000 euros a month. A nurse, on the other hand, costs between 2,000 and 2,500 euros.

How much does an EMERGENCY operator earn?

For those who start this type of work, the salary can be between 1,000 and 1,200 euros per month, while those who already have experience and can spend additional skills, the salary can reach 1,400 euros per month. In private services, proposals can arrive that barely reach 1,000 euros.

What does an EMERGENCY volunteer do?

Volunteers play a fundamental role in informing and raising public opinion and in spreading a culture of peace (through participation in conferences, meetings in schools, in workplaces …) and in fundraising activities. (promotional banquets, organization …

What are volunteer jobs?

Volunteering is the contribution made in a personal, spontaneous and free way by the volunteer, through the organization to which he belongs, carrying out his action without pursuing any purpose of gain, but driven solely by a desire for solidarity.


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