How much does a military paratrooper take?


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Earnings of sports paratroopers in the world

In some countries, such as the United States, for example, earnings can exceed 40 thousand dollars a year, on the contrary, in Italy, the average salary is around 1,400 euros per month.

How much does one of the Folgore make?

Yes, whoever signs up as a Paratrooper Volunteer in Fixed Station for 1 year (VFP1), is entitled to a salary of approximately € 925 per month, to which a sum of € 100 will then be added, justified as an indemnity for employment in quality. of airborne troops, getting a salary overall …

How much does a marshal earn per month?

For a sergeant, the overtime on holiday is equal to 12.16 euros, the holiday or nighttime one is 13.76 euros while the night and holiday one amounts to 15.87 euros, for a marshal, it amounts to 12.98 euros respectively, 14 , 68 euros and 16.94 euros, for a lieutenant, is 15.41 euros, 17.42 euros and 20.10 euros.

How much money does a VFP4 take?

In fact, we talked about salary for reasons of clarity, but technically that of volunteers is a pay on a daily basis; in practice, a VFP1 receives around 32 euros per day net and a VFP4 around 37.

How much does an Italian soldier earn?

In general, the salary of a soldier of the Italian Army ranges from a minimum of 17 thousand euros gross per year, up to a maximum value of over 25 thousand euros, subject to various and possible additional contributions.

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How much does a lieutenant colonel in the Italian army earn?

Lieutenant Colonel: 23,175 euros. Captain: 22,325 euros. Second lieutenant: € 20,587. Marshal A.

What are the hours of service of a soldier?

19, paragraph 1, sets the working time at 36 hours per week spread over five days, without prejudice to the needs of the services to be provided on a continuous basis. Paragraph 4 of the same article also states that: “The maximum daily working time is nine hours …

How much do you earn in Interpol?


The salary is equal to 812 euros per month and support is provided in the search for accommodation and in the fulfillment of administrative procedures, as well as access to the economic benefits of the European mobility program Eures TMS – Targeted Mobility Scheme.

How much money do they give you to the aviation VFP1?

According to what is reported in the salary tables of the Italian Armed Forces, on average the salary of VFP1 Aeronautica amounts to approximately 800 euros per month for the first three months of enlistment and approximately 850 euros for the remaining nine months.

How much does a carabiniere earn per month?

The same sum is also due to a carabiniere with the degree of police officer chosen while a simple officer receives € 2,268.37 per month. Finally, the amount of the monthly salary relating to the grade of carabiniere chosen is 2173.31 euros while a simple carabiniere is entitled to 2093.35 euros per month.

Who earns the most between the police and carabinieri?

It is difficult to establish precisely how much policemen and carabinieri earn, since the salary depends on the degree held, taking the lowest degree as an example, we can say that a Simple Carabinieri annually earns about 18,400 euros gross, while a Police Officer about 17,485 euros gross.

What does a military paratrooper do?

The military paratrooper is the soldier who uses the parachute for its use in combat. He is usually placed in special units, within the particularly trained armed forces. Military parachuting is used for strategic and tactical uses by the armed forces of many states.

How much does one of the Navy Seals make?

The highest salary for the Navy SEAL role in the United States of America is $ 109,317 per year. The lowest salary for the Navy SEAL role in the United States of America is $ 25,385 per year.

How much are the Marines paid?

According to the PayScale online global salary database, the median annual salary for a U.S. Marine Corcor ground combat corps is $ 26,987 as of 2011.

How much does a provincial commander of the carabinieri earn?

The salary of the General Commander of the Carabinieri is defined by law and is set at a maximum limit of Euro 240,000 gross per year as provided for in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 24.04.2014, n.

How much does a retired army general make?

He is not only a cardinal, but also a brigadier general and is entitled to a pension which, according to some sources, is around 4,000 euros, but according to some the pension paid by the INPS in his favor would even be 7,000 euros, despite having “served” in the army for only three years ».

How to become an Interpol agent?

If you want to work at Interpol, know that the selection of agents is very tough.


  1. Clean criminal record. If you have a history, you will not be considered for the purposes of the selection;
  2. Impeccable curriculum. …
  3. Knowledge of at least three languages. …
  4. Be an adult citizen of a Member State.

What do you do in Interpol?

The International Criminal Police Organization, better known as Interpol, is an organization that is responsible for coordinating international police activity between member states and fighting global networks of organized crime.

Where is Interpol located in Italy?

The Italian national office (Nazional Central Bureau NCB) is based in the Department of the PS, Central Direction of the Criminal Police, Service for International Police Cooperation, and is based in Rome. The service is divided into five Divisions.

How many days of rest does a soldier have?

Gradually the right of man, of the worker has led to the realization of employment contracts and the determination of working hours for the Carabiniere as well. The working hours today are divided into 36 hours a week with one day of rest over 7 days.

How many hours does a marshal work?

The working hours of a Financier are established at thirty-six hours per week. According to this, these hours must be spread over five or six working days, of six hours a day, depending on the needs of the service.

What shifts do the military take?

First gaettone: from 16.00 to 18.00. Second gaettone: from 18.00 to 20.00. First commanded: from 20.00 to 00.00. Second command: from 00.00 to 04.00.


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