How much does a proofreader charge?


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Usually we move towards 2 euros net per folder. Furthermore, the profit rises if the proofreader also takes care of stylistic and formal editing, reaching up to 5 euros net per page. Of course there are also those who work with an hourly rate, generally around 10 or 12 euros net.

How do you become a proofreader?

The publishing and proofreading courses are certainly another effective and direct method to become a proofreader. There are online and on-site courses, whose costs range from € 140 to € 800, which allow you to obtain all the necessary knowledge to undertake this incredible job.

What is a proofreader?

The proofreader is the specialist or qualified person who professionally reads the proofs of a text intended for printing, in order to find and correct any typographical errors. Normally the proofs are corrected by the author together with the editorial editor.

How much does it cost to correct a book?

The ideal editing cost per folder is between 4 and 6 euros. A fair price for both the writer requiring literary editing and the editor working on the text. On the Novel Editor page dedicated to editorial services, you can see that for editing I ask € 4.50 per page. On average, a fair price.

How to make money by proofreading?

One of the biggest obstacles to getting into the world of online proofreading and starting to make money online is finding clients to work for. A great way to get started is to find an agency or website that provides proofreading services and become a contractor who offers services through them.

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How much do you earn working in a publishing house?

Minimum salary and maximum salary

The minimum salary of an editorial editor is around € 17,000 gross per year. This figure can be perceived by those who are at the beginning of their careers and have a few years of experience in publishing. The maximum salary, on the other hand, is approximately € 170,000 gross per year.

What degree does it take to work in a publishing house?

A degree in Literature or Information Sciences may be fine, but candidates who can boast a master’s degree in Publishing and Journalism or in Publishing and Multimedia Communication will have more chances. A master can also make the difference: there are many and for all budgets.

How can I correct a book?

In general, to correct complex texts, such as a novel, the advice is to rely on a professional editor who can analyze the text in its entirety and at all levels of depth.

How do you proofread a book?

For proofreading it is not important that you do an expressive reading, to give the right intonation to sentences and punctuation: here you need to do a slow and punctuated reading, almost spelled out, which allows you to find the formal error, the wrong accent, the missing double.

Who corrects the manuscripts?

The proofreader, also known as an editor, therefore takes care of correcting a text, freeing it from typing and spelling errors, the so-called typos.

Who is the editor of a book?

In the publishing world, the editor or editor is a professional figure who is halfway between the author and the publishing house and works on the texts of the books to make them suitable for publication.

What should an editor do?

The editor’s task is to check and revise the text, taking care of its correctness, clarity and stylistic and formal coherence. It can be configured as: an employee of the publishing houses.

Who controls the books?

The editorial curator is a central figure in the publishing world. His task is to assist the author during the drafting of the work. The editor gives advice on how to file, edit, structure the text to make it suitable for publication.

How do you become an editor?

Requirements to become an editor or editorial editor

  1. As we will see below, there is no specific process to become an editorial editor. …

  2. In addition to that, you must have an impeccable grammar and cultural preparation. …
  3. So the editorial editor is the one who arranges a manuscript and prepares it for publication.

How to become a proof reader?

To be a proofreader of websites or any other type of text, a considerable passion for reading is required. You should be passionate about many literary genres and familiarize yourself with several styles, as well as deepen your knowledge in multiple fields.

What does the editor of a publishing house do?

The EDITORIAL EDITOR coordinates the realization of an editorial project (novel, essay, school text, sector book, catalog … etc) overseeing the various stages of processing from the conception of the project to printing.

How does the true correction of the text of a book usually take place?

The reading of the first draft takes place on paper and then proceeds with the insertion of the corrections in the file; the draft is read by the editor or editor, while the corrections are inserted into the file by the graphic designer. At this point we proceed with the second draft.

How to correct typos?

Another great technique to avoid typos in a text and find errors immediately is to divide the text into syllables. In fact, even through this trick, the focus is shifted, no longer looking at the complete meaning of each sentence, but at the single words that are used.

How to get rid of typos?

3-Relying on correctors: when working with your PC, you can use the automatic corrector to eliminate the most obvious typos. But be careful! The corrector often does not report the most hidden typos, so it is always good to combine the use of the corrector with one or more rereadings of the text.

How to become a text editor?

To access the profession of TEXT REVISER it is preferable to have a degree in humanities, in particular in Literature. However, in the case of correction of specialized texts, a thorough knowledge of the subject is required.

What to do to become a book translator?

Attending a training course on literary translation, whether face-to-face or online, is an excellent professional training ground, as long as the course is held by professional translators, includes an adequate number of hours of practical exercises and meetings with editorial representatives who illustrate the dynamics of the …

Where to study publishing?

  • Luigi Bocconi Commercial University.
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Milan, Piacenza, Cremona, Brescia campuses)
  • IULM University.
  • Bicocca-Milan University.
  • University of Milan.
  • The University of Pavia.
  • University of Turin.
  • Cà Foscari University of Venice.

How much does an editor make in Italy?

The average salary per editor in Italy is € 35,000 per year or € 17.95 per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 22,500 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 51,000 per year.

How much does an editor make?

The average salary for the editor position in the selected location (Italy) is € 722 per month.


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