How much does a psychotherapist take?


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By way of example, for an individual clinical psychological interview the fee, according to the tariff, can vary from 35 euros to 115 euros, however it is difficult for a psychologist / psychotherapist to set minimum or maximum rates; in fact, the fee tends to be between 50 and 90 euros per session.

How much does a psychotherapist take per hour?

Psychotherapist: What is the average salary? The average salary for a Psychotherapist in Italy is € 37,800 per year or € 19.38 per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 37,800 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 37,800 per year.

How much does a psychotherapist earn on average?

As for the salary, a psychotherapist earns around € 40,000 gross a year. The freelancer charges rates ranging from € 40 to € 100 per session (50 minutes or an hour), depending on the area in which he works and various factors.

How much does a session with a psychoanalyst cost?

Defining the cost of the psychoanalyst’s service is already part of the job; it is agreed in the first session on a range that for individual sessions, varies from 50 to 80 euros.

Which psychologist earns the most?

A psychologist earns more in the North than in the Center and in the South. Not only the AdEPP data: to understand how much a psychologist earns, it is also good to consider the data provided by ENPAP itself on the salary differences between a professional who works in the North compared to a colleague of the Center and the South.

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Where do psychologists work the most?

For this reason, the main professional positions are currently in the private sector but also in the third sector, in particular in the clinical and educational field (cooperatives, communities, nursing homes, etc.): “The professional model of the psychologist has changed significantly in recent decades: compared to …

How much does a public psychologist cost?

The cost of a psychologist depends on many factors. Like all professionals, the psychologist places himself on a market and it is the latter who makes the price. The average cost per session is 50 euros, with variations ranging from 30 euros to 120 euros.

When is it time to go to a psychologist?

Summarizing, the circumstances to turn to a psychologist can be: a psychic suffering that affects the spheres of our life and cannot continue to be ignored or the desire to improve, personal growth with the aim of achieving a superior psychophysical well-being.

When should I go to a sexologist?

It is advisable to contact the sexologist whenever we experience a condition of discomfort or discomfort associated with sexual activity or we suffer from a symptom that prevents, makes the erotic experience unpleasant or painful.

How much does a prison psychologist earn?

Finally, the role that the psychologist in prison has in the reintroduction of the prisoner into society once the sentence has been served is also important. But how much do you earn? The average salary of a professional is € 1,650 net per month.

How does the psychotherapy school work?

The specialization school in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy lasts 4 years and has a program that is divided into: 500 hours of work-oriented training. 80 hours of clinical supervision, of which a significant part personally conducted by Prof. Edmond Gilliéron.

How do you become a psychotherapist?

How to become a psychotherapist

  1. Degree in psychology (old system degree or specialist degree, new system)
  2. State examination for the qualification to the profession of psychologist.
  3. Registration in the professional register of psychologists.
  4. Four-year private school of specialization in psychotherapy.

How many sessions can a psychologist do?

Therefore the necessary sessions can vary from a number of 12 to a number of 24 and the overall duration will be approximately 6 months. These are, for example, those consultations requested by those who suffer from panic attacks, by those with sexual disorders of various kinds, or by those who find themselves in mourning despite themselves.

How much does a session with a child psychologist cost?

The average price of a consultation in child psychology in Italy is around 50 euros. The price may vary depending on the type of therapy (in the office, at home or remotely), the number of sessions, the city in which the service is requested and the reputation of the professional.

How to go to a psychologist for free?

When you are looking for free psychological help it is therefore possible to contact the ASL of your municipality to request a psychological visit, free of charge, carried out by professionals in the sector.

What is it like to go to a psychologist?

The psychologist faces inner difficulties, defines the problem or goal and decides how to work on it. Some professionals can also use tests but the “bulk” of the process takes place through interviews and the right questions asked at the right time.

How do you know if you need a psychologist?

7 signs you should contact a psychologist-psychotherapist

  1. Your symptoms interfere with your work and / or your normal daily activities. …
  2. Your mood is “off” …
  3. Your sleep habits have changed. …
  4. Your psychological health affects your physical health.

What to expect from a psychologist?

The psychologist welcomes us with the aim of getting to know each other and understanding how it is possible to work together. His behaviors are aimed at creating a positive relationship and will always be directed towards our well-being and interest.

How much does an online psychologist cost?

Usually a psychotherapy in Northern Italy costs about 70 – 80 € per meeting, Online 50 – 60 € per meeting. The patient is usually asked to come to the office once a week.

How much does the counseling psychologist cost?

IN THE PUBLIC In the ASL the first consultation with the psychologist is free. Currently it is possible to book up to a maximum of eight sessions at a time, spending a total of about 36 euros. This is a considerable saving considering that a single session with a private individual can cost between 40 and 100 euros.

How does a psychologist work in a hospital?

Therefore, in order to work in public health, the psychologist must, in addition to having initially obtained the title of Doctor of Psychology (with the achievement of the degree), have passed the State Exam and become eligible for qualification to carry out the profession.

What to do after qualification in psychology?

In the panorama of possible activities with reimbursement, it is possible to apply for extracurricular internships, daytime assignments or the National Civil Service and that abroad. THE EXTRACURRICULAR INTERNSHIPS are experiences carried out in public or private bodies under the guidance of a tutor.

What can be done with the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

  • Work as a social worker. The Social Operator is a “generic” figure whose profile can adapt to different tasks in the social sphere. …
  • Working as an Educator. …
  • Work as a support teacher. …
  • Working as a Recruiter. …
  • Working as an HR manager. …
  • Work as a Marketing and Communications Officer.


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