How much does a wheelchair cost?


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Generally speaking, we can say that they occupy a very wide price range, ranging from € 100 to € 4,000. We know the cost can be daunting, but be aware that wheelchairs for the disabled, disabled and elderly are considered medical aids and are therefore subject to deductions and benefits.

How to choose a wheelchair?

In general, he should sit down and if he needs to be able to wear a coat. People selected slim seat width from 38 to 40 cm. Seat width 43cm is one of the most common sizes as it will be set in most cases.

How many types of wheelchair are there?

  • Lightweight wheelchairs:
  • Super light wheelchairs:
  • Electric wheelchairs:
  • Sports wheelchairs:
  • Beach wheelchairs:

When was the wheelchair born?

Some sources also report Chinese depictions, dated around 525 AD. The first self-propelled wheelchair (ie that does not need to be pushed by third parties) was designed in 1655 by the German Stephan Farffler.

When do you need a wheelchair?

Prams or wheelchairs are indispensable aids for the disabled, the elderly or people with walking difficulties that facilitate movement and travel.

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How to choose the right wheelchair?

The dimensions of the carrycot must be adequate to ensure comfort and protection for the child. The structure must allow for proper ventilation. The covers must be padded, removable and machine washable. The handle must be sturdy and firmly fixed to the carrycot structure.

How to put the wheelchair in the car?

In the cockpit. Alternatively, it is possible to place the wheelchair inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle, as long as space allows it. The wheelchair can be loaded on or behind the front passenger seat, or on the rear seat.

How to open and close a wheelchair?


Slowly push the seat down. The sides and wheels of the wheelchair must move away from each other. Push all the way in until the seat is fully open. The wheelchair is now ready for use.

How big is a wheelchair?

This is very important because there are many sizes ranging from 38cm to 60cm. The most common are 40cm, 45cm, 50cm. To choose your size, examine the spaces where you will need to use it.

How do wheelchair wheels inflate?

Wheelchair tires – just like bicycle tires – are supplied non-inflated to 100% so you can adjust them to your needs with the help of a pump. After inflating the tires well, make sure there are no leaks in the inner tube.

How to raise the chair?

If your hands are higher than your elbows, then the chair is too low. Stand up and press the lever, in order to raise the seat. Once you have reached the perfect height, release the lever to lock it. If the chair is too high, stay seated, push the lever and let go once you reach the perfect height.

How to push a wheelchair?

How? The advice is to start pushing the wheelchair by moving the arm slightly behind as in the photo. Then let it go and perform the movement from the starting point again. Do not push short and continuous, because they force you to use more force and therefore more effort.

How to transport a disabled person by car?

To get on and off, whether on the passenger side or the driver’s side, there are different loading and unloading solutions, which leverage on a low floor or folding ramp. In all cases, ascent and descent are possible both with manual wheelchairs and with small, medium and large electric wheelchairs.

How to lift an elderly person from the chair?

Keep your back straight and bend your knees. After placing the bed horizontally, put an arm around the patient’s shoulders and lift him while rotating his legs outside the bed to help him assume a sitting position.

How to get out of the car?

How to get out of the car: general preparation

An important rule to remember is to go out with your legs first and then the rest of your body, making sure you keep them tight and tight. Remember to put the first foot out and then the second not too far from each other.

How wide is a wheelchair for the disabled?

The width usually depends on the width of the seat but also on the camber of the rear wheels. You can find wheelchairs with a width not exceeding 75 cm or special chairs for narrow passages that do not exceed 50 cm.

What does transit wheelchair mean?

The transit folding wheelchair is a folding wheelchair useful for transporting a disabled person or an elderly person.

How to choose the best trio?

Among the characteristics of the best possible Trio, the folding system must not be overlooked, which must be practical (even better if it can be operated with one hand) and which must allow the stroller to remain standing when closed, and the wheels, which must be solid but, at the same time, agile to …

How to go down the stairs with the wheelchair?

A first way to get a person in a wheelchair down the stairs is to place the wheelchair on the opposite side of the ramp. You will therefore have to go down the stairs backwards, taking care, here too, to remain firmly in your posture.

How to climb stairs in a wheelchair?

Go upstairs:

Pull the chair back until the rear wheels touch the first step. Tilt it slightly backwards so that it rests on the rear wheels only. Then slowly pull the chair until you pass the step.

How to climb stairs for a disabled person?

They are stairlifts (or stairlifts). These systems represent a great aid for the daily life of the disabled and the elderly with poor mobility because they help to overcome, in a very simple way, the obstacle represented by the presence of stairs.

How to raise chair legs?

Wood blocks specifically designed for lifting furniture can be an inexpensive way to increase the height of a dining chair. Place a block of wood under all of the chair legs and paint or dye the wood blocks to help them match the color of the chair.

How to adjust lumbar support?

The height adjustment is made by placing the hands at the base of the backrest and making an upward movement. In this way it is possible to place the lumbar support precisely in correspondence with the lumbar curve of your back.

How to tilt Ikea chair?

Second thing: the sitting inclination. The angle formed by the trunk and legs should be approximately 90 degrees, and is obtained by tilting the seat, as recommended, by about 5 degrees. This inclination supports the body, provides more stability and thus increases comfort.


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