How much does deer antler cost?


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The price depends on both their size and weight in kg. Approximately 26-32 euros per kg for singles and about 4/5 euros more for couples.

How do you look for deer antlers?

The males of the roe deer and the red deer lose their horns every year, at the beginning of winter the former, between February and April the latter. The regrowth of the new stages begins a short time later. In these months, the so-called pole seekers set out in search of the antlers that lie on the ground.

How do you recognize the age of a deer?

In the deer the young of about a year or two (fusoni), have antlers without ramifications, also called daggers. After the second year of life and up to the fifth we have young males with at least three ramifications. Therefore, after the fifth year of age the males become adults and, normally, have six branches.

How does deer antler work for dogs?

deer antlers for dogs are totally free of plastic, chemicals, grain fillers, artificial appetizers.

Dogs, by gnawing on deer antlers, can:

  1. strengthen teeth and gums.
  2. benefit from a relaxing effect.
  3. take lots of minerals.

How to clean the deer stage?

Washing them with hot water and dish detergent with a nail brush or laundry brush does not create any problems, if you also want to use disinfectant detergent (such as lisoform) it does not give any problem.

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How are bones cleaned?

Use hydrogen peroxide

The surface of the bone will be full of stains and other debris, so it should be scrubbed with a hard dish sponge using high-volume hydrogen peroxide, such as that used to lighten hair.

How to clean cow horns?

For an accurate sanding and polishing, a wooden disc covered with suede leather with the use of a polishing paste (No. 705266) is used as a proven means. If the horn is heated to a temperature of about 150-200 ° C, it can be folded well.

What to make the puppy gnaw?

Deer antlers, compared to deer and buffalo, are much softer, therefore more suitable for chewing on puppies and the elderly. The deer horns are odorless, but no less appetizing for the dog (while for the owner it can be a great advantage).

What to give the puppy for his teeth?

Chewing and biting is a way to relieve teething pain, it helps keep teeth and gums healthy and, in some cases, helps promote relaxation and even reduce boredom. It is necessary to start immediately to manage the puppy that bites and to distract it from aggressive behavior.

When to replace deer antler?

Replace the Deer Horn when it reaches a size too small for the Dog’s mouth. Monitor your Dog while using Antler Chew, as it can splinter in some cases.

When do fallow deer lose their horns?

Fallow deer stage loss

Even what are improperly defined as fallow deer antlers but which are actually antlers are subject to seasonal loss, to regrow every year. This loss occurs between the end of March and the beginning of June.

How long do deer antlers grow?

The antlers of the deer measure 60-70 cm in an adult male, although some of 115 cm have also been found.

How many spikes can a deer have?

The stage is made up of poles that rest on a permanent extension of the frontal bone, called the stem. While in the adult roe each pole usually branches into three points, in the deer the trophy is instead more imposing and elaborate, recalling in many respects the ramifications of a tree.

Why do deer change their horns?

The two hormones somatotropic and testosterone regulate the change of antlers, which fall at the end of the mating season and are renewed every year.

When do roe deer lose the stage?

In the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), of the cervids, only in the males there is the trophy that is the stage that develops from the frontal bones of the skull and is made up of real bone tissue. Every year, between October and November, roe deer lose their trophy and it is possible to observe them “bald”.

What does the gesture of the horns mean?

The gesture of the horns can be a gesture with the meaning of approval, good luck and complicity with diffusion in central and northern Europe, or vulgar and offensive with diffusion in Mediterranean Europe, whose origins date back to ancient Greece.

How long does a dog’s teething last?

In fact, around the second / third week of life for the little dogs, the eruption of the milk teeth begins and is completed around 55 days. The teeth will remain in place for up to about three months, and then fall out and give way to the definitive ones.

How to tell if your puppy’s teeth hurt?

Signs that something has gone wrong during the transition from baby teeth to final dentition are a puppy’s restless sleep, refusal to eat, or unusually restless behavior.

What to do and what pain reliever to give a dog?

Usually among the most used products we find those that have active ingredients such as carpophen, or drugs such as meloxicam or firocoxib (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory).

How to get him to break the habit of biting a puppy?

You can also reinforce this exercise with rewards: close your hand like a fist and squeeze a treat. The puppy will smell the food and try to access it. Only open your hand when it’s not nibbling or scratching your fist. This will make your puppy understand that you shouldn’t use your mouth with skin.

What to do if the dog gnaws everything?

Immediately offer him an alternative such as a toy or a bone to chew. But be careful not to praise him at the same time with gestures or words. Why shouldn’t he consider them a prize. During puberty, your dog can become overconfident and start touching all kinds of things.

What to give the dog instead of the bone?

How to give bones to the dog.

What bones can we give the dog?

  • chicken wings, necks and carcasses.
  • Crow’s feet.
  • turkey necks.
  • rabbit.
  • quail.
  • lamb bones.

  • bovine tail (beef, veal)
  • ribs.

How is bone worked?

Bone is a material that lends itself well to the creation of a blade: it is strong but relatively fragile, it is harder than wood but workable more easily than stone and its manipulation often requires only an abrasive stone.

How to clean the trophies?

Olive oil, on the other hand, is a precious ally to refurbish bronze trophies: after having heated it, let’s pass it very gently over the entire surface, then rub the surface of the trophy with cotton wool, until all the stains disappear.

How do you clean a stuffed bird?

Gently brush the baking soda into stuffed animals with a soft cleaning brush. Place the stuffed animals in a plastic bag and close the bag. Shake the animals out the following day to get rid of the baking soda and any remaining dust.


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