How much physiotherapy after humerus fracture?


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The treatment period requires no less than 3-4 months of therapies for the recovery of the range of motion and functionality. The prognosis is about 3 months of therapies for the full recovery of the range of motion and 4 months for the return to sport in sports patients.

When to start physiotherapy after humerus fracture?

In any case, after initial immobilization (usually 30 days), physiotherapy must be started immediately to recover after the humerus fracture. A great help can be obtained with hydrokinesitherapy, but also from instrumental therapies for pain control.

How long does it take to heal from a humerus fracture?

Fracture of the Humerus: Time for Final Healing

Definitive healing from a humerus fracture can take between 4 and 10 months.

How many months of physiotherapy does it take after a humeral trochitis fracture?

Normally, in a healthy, non-smoker person, an immobilization period of at least 3-4 weeks may be required, and about a month for complete rehabilitation.

When do you start physiotherapy and rehabilitation for a fracture?

It is possible to begin rehabilitation as soon as the cast is removed, which usually immobilizes the arm for 6-8 weeks. In the case of immobilization with a brace, the recovery time is reduced and after an immobilization period of about 4-5 weeks, physiotherapy treatment can be started.

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How to deflate the wrist after removing the cast?


  1. Treating the swelling of the wrist with centripetal massage.
  2. Magnetotherapy to stimulate tissue regeneration.
  3. Active assisted and active mobilization against resistance of the wrist and hand.
  4. Active flexion-extension movements of the wrist and hand.

How Much Physiotherapy After Shoulder Fracture?

In the case of a compound fracture of the humerus, a conservative treatment is used with immobilization of the shoulder using a brace or plaster for at least 4 weeks associated with a rehabilitation cycle, which can begin after 1 week with mobilization exercises that will gradually become …

How to sleep with humeral trochitis fracture?

Subsequently, except for specific prescriptions, it is possible to rest lying down, but resting on the back, in order not to weigh or – obviously – on the injured limb, or risk causing further problems by turning around in sleep on it.

How is a humerus fracture treated?

Most humerus fractures are able to heal without surgery, using a brace that immobilizes the joint for 3 to 4 weeks. With immobilization the fracture will undergo spontaneous healing.

How is a humeral trochitis fracture treated?

Displaced fracture of the humeral trochitis

Surgery, in fact, is the only treatment that allows bone consolidation and that allows the repair of a possible injury to the rotator cuff or the restoration of a possible dislocation of the shoulder.

What does a humerus fracture involve?

Fractures of the proximal humerus can be very painful and can make it difficult even to simply move the arm. Other symptoms include: Sagging shoulder (down and forward). Inability to lift the arm due to pain.

How is a displaced humerus fracture performed?

A 2,3 or 4 fragment displaced humerus fracture, the treatment is surgical and consists in trying to reassemble the fragments and block them (OSTEOSYNTHESIS) in the correct position, using plates and screws or nails. Some humeral trochitis fractures can be operated under arthroscopy.

When to remove the means of synthesis?

REMOVAL OF THE MEANS OF SYNTHESIS The removal of the means of synthesis takes place approximately 12/18 months after the previous osteosynthesis operation. This type of surgery involves a surgical incision on the previous wound and the subsequent removal of plates, screws, intramedullary nails, wires.

What happens when the cast is removed?

After removing the cast, the foot may be swollen, weak and painful as we have seen. It is therefore necessary to dedicate oneself at first to the resolution of swelling and pain, but a very important part in this phase is the recovery of the functionality of the foot.

How to sleep with a broken shoulder?

The best position is the reclined position: in this way you do not press on the joint or on the muscles. On the other hand, avoid the supine one which unbalances and crushes the whole limb in question. Use the shoulder strap even when lying down, so that the limb remains stable while you sleep.

Where is the Homer positioned?

The humerus is the even bone of the human body that makes up the skeleton of each arm. Located between the scapula (main shoulder bone) and forearm bones (radius and ulna), it participates in the formation of two important joints of the upper limb: the shoulder joint and the elbow joint.

What does a multi-fragmentary fracture mean?

Simple, multi-fragmentary or comminuted fractures: based on the number of bone fragments produced. If the fracture originates two distinct bone fragments, it is defined as simple. If, on the other hand, it originates numerous fragments, it is called a multi-fragmental or comminuted fracture (presence of several fracture lines).

How to heal a fracture?

An intramedullary nail (which inserts into the bone marrow of long bones).

  1. First aid.
  2. What to avoid in order to heal a fracture first?
  3. Displacement fracture surgery.
  4. Physical therapy and physiotherapy.
  5. Ultrasound.
  6. Shock waves.
  7. Magnetotherapy.
  8. Displacement fracture prognosis.

How to wash with the shoulder brace?

It is advisable to remove the brace, always keeping the arm pointing downwards, supporting it with the unaffected arm. To wash your face, always place your operated arm on the edge of the sink.

When to remove the shoulder brace?

After a traumatic dislocation, the shoulder brace is meant to keep the joint at rest and make you feel less pain. The brace therefore has analgesic purposes but is not curative, so it should be kept for about a week and then it can be removed.

How to sleep with an elbow fracture?

Keep your injured limb elevated

Regardless of the type of bones you broke, they all have one thing in common: they require elevation. Keeping the broken bone raised above the heart prevents blood from pooling and causing swelling around the cast, so sleeping with the limb elevated is a good practice.

What is meant by compound fracture?

In the compound fracture, the two parts of bone remain in their anatomical location; in the event of a displaced fracture, the bone segments lose their alignment and are displaced with respect to their natural position; the exposed fracture, on the other hand, involves an outflow of the bone from the skin, with a laceration of the same.

How long does the swelling last after the cast?

Swelling caused by the wound can generate pressure in the cast during the first 48-72 hours. In this case you may feel that the cast is tight. If you have a brace, your doctor will show you how to adjust it to best manage the swelling. It is very important that the swelling clears up.

How long does it take for a broken wrist to heal?

A fracture generally heals in 5 weeks, but with adequate intervention it is possible to resume basic hand function even much sooner.


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