How much poinsettias to wet them?


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It gets wet every two or three days, testing the degree of humidity of the soil with your fingers but, better still, also the weight of the pot because, especially for medium and large plants, there is no adequate proportion between leaf mass and earth. available, and plants with little soil dry quickly and have …

How much water to give the poinsettia?

The ideal is to pour, in moderation, a small sip of water at room temperature every two or three days. Never give the plant more water than the soil can absorb and remove excess water in the pot or saucer no more than 15 minutes after watering.

How to water a poinsettia?

Poinsettia should only be watered moderately. It is very sensitive to standing water around its roots, and its leaves will fall off. It is best to water only when the soil is dry. However, make sure it doesn’t dry out completely.

How not to let the poinsettia die?

To ensure that the plant survives into the next year, you will need to prune the poinsettia in April, to about 10cm, and keep it at a temperature of 13 ° C. Then repot in May and grow in a cool, bright place during the season. summer, ideally at a temperature between 15-18 ° C.

How to water poinsettia?

Poinsettia: how and when to water

The soil must always be slightly humid, never completely dry or soaked for a long time: after 15 minutes from watering, remove the still stagnant water in the saucer to prevent the earth from remaining too wet.

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What to do if the leaves of the poinsettia fall?

When the plant loses its tone and the leaves are limp, it means that the plant is cold or has been exposed to cold currents. By moving it to a warmer room, it will recover even if it will partially strip away, losing the largest leaves.

How many hours does the poinsettia have to stay in the dark?

In fact, if we don’t give the plant at least 12 hours of darkness a day, we can say goodbye to colored leaves and flowers. Our advice, therefore, is to move the plant to a dark place (closet, wardrobe or bedroom) from about 17.00 in the afternoon until the following morning.

How to keep the poinsettia all year round?

To treat the poinsettia at home you need a bright environment, temperatures no higher than 18 ° C and a location away from radiators and protected from drafts. Humidity is important and to keep it constant for a long time it is useful to keep the pot on a saucer containing expanded clay always wet.

How to cure poinsettia in summer?

In early summer, if possible, the plant should be moved outdoors when fertilizing with a fertilizer for flowering plants rich in potassium and phosphorus. In mid-summer, repot it in a larger container with a well-drained, peat-rich substrate, without ever pressing the soil too much.

When can the poinsettia be transplanted?

When winter gives way to spring, therefore already from the first days of April, the poinsettia will be ready to be transplanted in a more suitable place.

Where are poinsettias kept?

In spring and summer place it in a bright place, avoiding exposure to full sun, and start watering it constantly, ensuring the correct fertilizations. In autumn, the poinsettia should be placed indoors, in a warm environment where temperatures are always above 15 ° C.

When does the Christmas plant bloom?

The poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, also called Poinsettia, is a short-day photoperiod plant, that is, it develops and blooms when the hours of darkness exceed those of light. Properly cared for, it also blooms in spring sometimes as late as May and will show a new bloom next Christmas.

What are the roots of the poinsettia like?

The poinsettia fears rot and water stagnation, which can cause root decay and the death of the plant itself. Healthy roots must not be too thin, they must be white in color and quite numerous.

Why does the poinsettia lose my leaves?

A fall of the leaves in the period following flowering is most often attributable to a sudden cold. While a slight defoliation is normal and physiological, an excessive defoliation is almost always due to a shock of the plant caused by sudden low temperatures.

Why are the leaves of the Christmas star crumpled?

During the holidays, the Poinsettia is a happy guest in every home. Healthy and lush, she brings all the Christmas spirit with her, but the effect is the opposite if the leaves are crumpled and withered. … The low humidity in the environment is the cause of the shriveled leaves of the Poinsettia.

Why do the leaves of the poinsettia turn yellow and fall?

The yellow leaves on your poinsettia could be caused by a mineral deficiency – a lack of magnesium or molybdenum could turn the leaves yellow. Likewise, over-fertilization can burn the leaves and / or turn them yellow. Root rot could also be the cause.

How to change the poinsettia vase?

The repotting of the poinsettia should be done in spring, at the vegetative restart of the plant by using a pot slightly higher than the previous one. In any case, the final dimensions of the pot must not exceed 20 cm as otherwise, it would tend to develop the stems more to the detriment of the leaves.

How to tell if the poinsettia is dead?

The poinsettia does not die easily

After pruning, towards the end of winter, our poinsettia may appear dry and have lost all its leaves.

How to grow poinsettia after flowering?

The best soil in which to plant the poinsettia is a light type, perhaps with a little sand. The ideal temperature ranges from 14 to 23 ° C. As for watering, in winter it is good to water it at least once a week, while in summer even 2-3 times.

How are poinsettias transplanted?

In early spring, in March or April, cut the poinsettia to about 20 cm. This will encourage her to start a new growth cycle and prepare for the transplant. She water it regularly and fertilizes about once a month until early summer, when it’s time for transplanting.

In what month to prune the poinsettia?

Once the winter has passed, it is necessary to prune, transfer and fertilize the poinsettia. The ideal period for these operations is between the beginning of spring and at most the month of August, but not beyond because in September the plant begins to prepare for flowering.

How to collect Poinsettias?

For poinsettias, 8 or 9 cm long cuttings can be taken directly from the branches, keeping one or two leaves on them. Once cut, these must be immersed, paying attention to cover the cut, in a jar filled with pulverized charcoal.

What does the poinsettia need?

Treat the poinsettia from May to September

From the buds, on the bare branches, new soft green leaves will sprout: soon, your plant will have a splendid crown. To wet it, adjust to the climate, plus, twice a month, remember to add a fertilizer for green plants to the liquid.

How to prune the Christmas tree?

For this reason, at the end of winter, we tend to prune the low plant, shortening all the branches; in this way the development of dense and compact shrubs is stimulated, with healthy and dark leaves. So, you did perfectly well pruning your milkweed in February-March.

How and when to decant a poinsettia?

Poinsettia: repotting and soil

The best period for repotting the poinsettia is April, when its blooms disappear and the temperature is stable around 10-12 ° C. For repotting, prefer a soil for acidophilic plants mixed with sand.


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