How not to get the drawing pad dirty?


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Do you want to avoid dirtying your design? So, if you draw with the right, always try to start at the top left and then move to the bottom left. When you have to go back to the drawing, put a sheet of paper under the palm of your hand, so you will avoid creating annoying graphite halos.

How to clean a drawing pad?

Cleaning this type of drawing eraser is very simple. You can proceed in two ways: by rubbing the rubber on a white sheet to remove the dirty part, or by cleaning the rubber, removing only the layer of dirt, with a slightly damp sponge.

How to erase the pencil on the paper?

All you need is a colored pencil eraser that you can buy at any stationery or home improvement store. If this eraser doesn’t work or you can’t find one, use regular eraser which is often fine too. Don’t apply too much pressure or you may tear the sheet.

How not to have the pencil erased?

Hair spray: it is the most practical, the cheapest and the most popular method. The very common hair spray, available in any supermarket, acts as a fixative preventing the design from smudging or fading.

How to erase pencil marks?

You can use a magic eraser … the kind used for cleaning (eg Mr. Clean). They work very well as a pencil mark eraser.

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How to erase the pencil from the felt?

Dampen a soft, clean cloth with cold water, then use it to blot the stain until it dissolves XSourceOfResearch . Try not to rub or stress the felt. If the stain is stubborn, add a little more soap and tap until it is completely gone.

How to erase the pencil on the wood?

Sand the area with 80-grit sandpaper.

This type of sandpaper is the first you need to use to get rid of most of the ink; however, be aware that you will notice traces of the grinding and scratches on the wood. Remember to respect the direction of the grain of the material.

How to seal the gouache?

Use a colorless resin and then a hardener

Once the resin is dry, pass over the relative hardener. Within 24 hours we will have a glossy and transparent and very resistant effect.

How to protect charcoal drawings?

Charcoals and charcoal pencils must be kept in a closed box, so that they do not break and do not get dirty.

How do you fix a pencil drawing?

How to store pencil drawings?

  1. 1 – FRAMED. To protect the drawings, the ideal is to frame them with a conservative montage under glass. …
  2. 2 – FOLDERS. The alternative to framing is to keep the drawings in boxes or folders made with non-acid materials, created especially for their conservation.

How to erase the red pencil?

For those who have to eliminate traces of ink from their sheet, however, we recommend the double LYRA rubber: the abrasive blue part eliminates the ink while the softer red part erases the pencils. Choose the tire that’s right for you and give up the fear of making a mistake.

How is the sanguine cleared?

To blend the sanguine pencil you can use your fingers, the smudge or pieces of cotton: many designers, for example, blend the sanguine with cotton pads for removing make-up, obtaining rather original effects.

How can I cancel the ticket stamp?

Use acetone.

Most nail polish removers are acetone-based and you can use it to remove ink from paper; apply a small amount on a cotton swab and rub it on the writing you want to remove.

How to whiten the paper?

Pour 120 ml of “white” wine vinegar and 120 ml of water into a bowl. Remember that the vinegar must necessarily be white (transparent), otherwise it will stain the paper further. Mix the solution away from the stained sheet so as not to risk getting it wet and damaging it further.

What to do when the gum becomes sticky?

baking soda (Mix baking soda and water in a small bowl to create a batter. It should be about the consistency of toothpaste, then rub the resulting paste onto the surface of the plastic. The baking soda will act as a mild abrasive and remove or sticky layer)

How to remove yellow stains on paper?

Take the reinforcement glue (which you initially prepared as mentioned in step 1), soak a soft brush well and spread it evenly on the back of the sheet. Now turn the print, place the second net on the sheet and turn everything so as to find the print face up.

How do you erase the charcoal?

It should be used as a tampon, that is, not by rubbing, but only by gently pressing it on the affected part. The gum bread, being composed of a very soft vegetable material, is able to absorb the charcoal dust and eliminate the unwanted stroke or nuance.

What are charcoal pencils used for?

But what is charcoal used for and how is it used? It is a pencil or crayon made in fusage, used mainly for sketching and for creating deep shades. It is used by applying it directly on the paper and blended comfortably with the fingers. Perfect for creating perfect shading.

Which paper to use for the charcoal?

The best product (from our point of view) in the Charcoal Drawing Paper category is the “Honsell Fabriano Mixed Media Artist’s Paper Block, A4 Size, 40 Sheets, 250 g / m2, Suitable for Dry Paint Techniques. and Bagn “by producer Honsell.

How to dilute the gouache?

Being water-based, the paints can be diluted with simple water from our tap, which is also perfect for washing the tools used: brushes, palettes, plates and saucers can in fact be cleaned under running water in no time. , without necessarily having to use …

How to fix the color of the tempera?


The tempera dries in 2 hours; afterwards it is recommended to iron inside out, with a hot iron for at least 5 minutes, so as to definitively fix the colors that will resist washing in the washing machine even up to 60 °.

How to fix the color on the plastic?

A layer of polyurethane sealant will ensure that the color is not scratched and resists better over time: apply it, with a spray product or with a brush, smoothly and evenly.

How to remove pen marks on wood?

To remove marker stains from wood: Rub the stained area with pink alcohol. For more difficult stains: rub the affected area with Marseille soap and rinse with pink alcohol. Even milk can erase these stains, or a mixture of alcohol + milk in the proportion (1: 1).

How to remove heat stains from wood?

Just take an iron and a kitchen towel. We put the iron on medium setting without steam. We gently spread the kitchen cloth over the surface. We put the iron on top and wait a couple of hours for the stain to be removed.

How to remove white stain on wood?

Bicarbonate and toothpaste to remove stains from wood

Both baking soda and toothpaste are excellent allies for removing stains from wood and especially for removing white streaks.


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