How often does the work level rise?


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In most cases, the first steps rise faster while later, to reach the highest positions with a parallel increase in salary, more time is needed. Generally speaking, level crossings are triggered every 2 or 3 years.

When do I pass the level of work?

It follows that, after six months of continuous performance of higher duties, the worker has the right to obtain the level change.

How do the job levels work?

In general, four levels of work can be identified, namely the manager, the manager, the employee and the worker. These are the figures contemplated in practically all national contracts, each with its own duties and with the treatment reserved for each category.

When do you increase your engineering level?

The former level 1 metalworkers, therefore, passes to level D1 metalworkers from 1 June 2021, and will be entitled to the following salary increases: increase of € 20.18 gross monthly from June 2022 (second tranche of increase); increase of € 21.79 gross per month from June 2023 (third installment of the increase);

When do the seniority shots end?

The amount will be added to the other elements of the remuneration starting from the pay period following that of completion of the three-year period. In our case, therefore, in the pay slip of October 2024.

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How many seniority shots are there?

The seniority increments in the metalworking industry contract are determined at a fixed rate based on the level of employment. Workers are entitled to 5 biennial installments for length of service accrued in the same company or company group.

What does next click on the paycheck mean?

In the slip there is the item “Next step” in month-year format (MM-YYYY), which indicates – in fact – the date of the next step, that is the month in which the next salary increase for seniority step will be recognized.

How to level up a metalworker?

In detail, workers have the right to move to the higher category if they perform higher duties for a period of: 30 continuous days; 75 non-continuous days over a year; 6 months not continued over three years.

What does level C3 mean?

Level C3. Chief worker, chief cook / o, home and tutelary services assistant, worker / hours of social assistance involved in basic assistance or otherwise defined / or coordinator / hours.

How much does a level 6 metalworker earn?

Salary of € 2,092.45 per month for employees hired in the 6th category (level 6 metalworkers; Salary of € 1,950.39 per month for employees hired in the 5th S category (level 5S metalworkers); Salary of € 1,819.64 per month for employees hired in the 5th category (level 5 metalworkers);

What does level 6 worker mean?

Sixth level: “To this level belong the workers who carry out jobs that require the possession of simple practical knowledge”.

What does level 1 worker mean?

First level (1st level) – Category 4th category employees first job and common workers – Parameter 100.

What are the contractual levels?

The contractual levels of company employees are therefore these:

  • Senior executives;
  • Paintings;
  • Employees;
  • Workers.

How to write a level advancement letter?

Dear Sirs, I am writing to bring to your attention the need for an adjustment of my salary, commensurate with the role and duties I perform. In this regard, I remind you that I have been in the company since [anno] and that my last salary increase was in [mese anno].

When to ask for a level increase?

Particularly suitable moments, on the other hand, could be a morning when you see him in a more good mood than usual, or after the publication of positive financial statements or an important acquisition, or even following your brilliant result that you have been recognized as responsible …

What does level D2 mean?

Level D2. Concept employee with specific responsibilities in the administrative area, educator / professional hours, social worker, nurse, head cook / or dietician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychomotor therapist, speech therapist, researcher / hours of information and guidance services.

What is the contractual level for?

The level of contractual classification indicates the position of the worker within a ranking of the various production sectors, by means of the description of the professional profiles. The job category is generated from the set of qualifications.

What does level F mean?

Level F (entry level) Workers who perform duties included in level D for the first 12 months of service actually performed. For the fiduciary services sector, the duration of the trial period is, in days of actual service, 60 days for levels A and B and 30 days for the other levels.

How many levels are there in the metalworker?

The national metalworking industry contracts used for workers of the metalworking industries and plant installations has 8 levels, the degree of responsibility, specialization and remuneration of which increases in ascending order.

What does metalworking level D2 mean?

1 (eliminated) and 2 – new level D1: Employees of order, common workers. ex 3 (third) engineering level – new level D2: Employees of order, skilled workers.

How do you calculate the net from the gross?

Calculate your net salary now!

So summarizing, to calculate the net salary:

  1. It starts from the gross salary (RAL)
  2. Social security and welfare contributions are subtracted.
  3. You subtract the IRPEF calculated on the remaining amount.
  4. Any deductions are added up (which cannot, however, exceed the personal income tax)

How much notice for metalworker resignation?

resignation without notice: metalworkers national collective labor agreement.

two months’ notice of resignation for the sixth and seventh professional category, one month and 15 days for the fourth and fifth category, 10 days for the second and third category, seven days for the first category.

How much does the salary increase with the seniority step?

Seniority step amount related to a higher level: €. 21.95. Division of the two values: 21.95: 21.95 = 1. Click to which the worker is entitled = 1.

Who can check my paycheck?

The CGIL can make the verification calculations both on the payslips in the event of wage differences or in the event of an incorrect counting of the severance indemnity.

How are vacation days calculated on the pay slip?

It is sufficient to take the number of days or hours of vacation accrued annually and divide it by the 12 months of the year. In our case, the worker takes 2.33 days of vacation per month.


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