How soon do the votes appear on classeviva?


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Oral question marks should be inserted immediately after the interrogation or within the day, while written test marks should be written after they have been delivered to the pupils.

When do the votes on the electronic register come out?

4) The marks relating to the oral assessments must be entered on the electronic register in general throughout the day and in any case within 2 days of the event; the marks relating to the written and practical tests, or to the questionnaires valid for the oral tests, must be entered in the electronic register within 12 days …

How not to show the votes on ClasseViva?

How to modify / delete grades published in the tutor / student area

  1. From the main menu on the left click on Electronic register → blocks.
  2. Go to item 9 “Prevent the modification of grades already published in the Tutor Area or Student Area”, click the orange button.

How does the electronic register for teachers work?


Access to the electronic register is allowed only through data that are provided directly by the school and consist of a username and a password. Through the credentials, the teacher accesses only the data concerning his classes and subjects.

How is the electronic register completed?

All teachers of the Institute are required to enter absences, class topics, grades, normal annotations, disciplinary notes and, in general, all communications that were usually placed in the paper class register in the electronic register.

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How to unlock the votes on Argo?

To make the daily votes visible to families, click on the first red button, in this way the red button becomes green and the “Visible Daily Votes to Families” function is activated.

What does s mean in vows?

SUFFICIENT = Y = grade 6

Superficial and fragmentary knowledge. The pupil possesses the essential knowledge even with some lexical errors; he expresses himself in a way that is not always acceptable. Participation, commitment and interest are discontinuous, with interventions that are sometimes inappropriate.

How to put the blue votes on Spaggiari?

e) It is possible to insert a vote that will not compete with the general average (the so-called “blue votes”). Just enter the grade in the usual way and click on the “Retrieve grade – Non media” button.

How do you see the votes on the cloud?

The icon or item in the VOTES menu opens a screen from which it is possible to make two choices: GENERAL SITUATION and VOTES BY SUBJECT. The GENERAL SITUATION icon allows you to have an overall view of the marks assigned in the various subjects and, in the last column, to view the Global Average by subject.

What does a mean on the electronic register?

The student’s status is then identified by an abbreviation: ✓ The abbreviation P indicates that the student is present. ✓ The initials A indicates that the student is absent. ✓ The abbreviation RB indicates that the student is present but entered late after a few minutes from the beginning of the first hour.

How do you see your grades online?

Access the school website ▪ Click on the Online Report banner to access the Axios platform directly in our school area. On the page that opens, click on the word RE. On the page that opens after, enter your user code, password and click on the LOGIN button.

What grade is G?

9 To assign marks to students, click VOTES (above). In addition to the classic numbering (from 1 to 10) there are the signs + and – and the letter g (justification).

What does the grade 70 100 correspond to?

Exactly half of the candidates obtain an average rating (71 to 90). Those who pass the state exam with a low score (60-70 percent) are 35 percent.

What does VOTE A mean?

A = Advanced: The pupil performs tasks and solves complex problems, showing mastery in the use of knowledge and skills; proposes and supports its opinions and takes responsible decisions in a responsible manner. … D = Initial: The pupil, if properly guided, carries out simple tasks in known situations.

Where are the votes on Argo?

1. The parent must access the Argo portal, reachable from the link on the first page of the school website: 2. in the left menu, click on the “Student Services” button then on “Scrutinio votes”, indicated by the arrow.

How can I see the ratings on Argo?

Access the ARGO ScuolaNext electronic register with your credentials. In the “School Structure” column, select the class. On the right, all the assignments that have been returned by the pupils of the class will be displayed. In particular, the name of the pupil is displayed in the Sender column.

How to place a vote on Argo?

To enter the assessments in the “green register” you have to choose the classes, select the student with a double click and then use the “Insert test” icons to indicate the assessment on one or more skills / knowledge chosen by the user.

How do you fill in the teacher’s paper register?

The framework of the BEHAVIORAL DETECTIONS must be completed and kept updated by each teacher. Newspaper, Class Register and Form Agenda must always be filled in with a ballpoint pen, preferably black, and never in pencil. In the event of an error, cross with a line and initial. Do not use concealer.

Where is the class register located?

During the course of the teaching activity, the teacher must always have the register with him, compiled in all its parts and updated to the last lesson held. At the end of the service hours, the register is deposited in the teacher’s personal drawer. This drawer is accessible only to the teacher and the DS


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