How to counter on pes 2020?


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Controls in Defense of eFootball PES 2020

Moving on to the controls related to the defensive phase, it is possible to Pressing by pressing X / A, performing a Tackle by pressing X / A twice, performing a Slide Tackle with Circle / B to counter the opponent in possession of the ball.

How to trigger PES player?

PRESSING. Press to press the player in possession of the ball. By pressing and at the same time, you can trigger the player as he approaches the opponent. When you press, the players will try to block shots and passes by stretching their legs.

How to fake shooting on PES?

After pressing or, if you press while viewing the power bar, you will be able to perform a Feint Shot. The higher the bar value, the stronger the shot will be in the direction you are aiming with.

How does he defend himself in 1v1?

The defender will have to position the legs so that one is more advanced than the other, the frontal torso not flat but almost perpendicular and the body to cover the dominant part of the opponent’s foot. The second exercise involves a diagonal conduction of the attacker.

How to protect PES ball?

Usually it does it automatically but you do not have to press any button / directional, but you can help yourself by holding down the R2 button which in practice increases the resistance to pressing made by the opponent by a few seconds.

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How do you protect the ball on PES 2021?

For Close Ball Control you can press R2 / RT + Left Stick. To block the ball, on the other hand, you can make a quick stop by releasing the left stick + R1 / RB, or perform a quick stop and turn towards the opponent’s goal by releasing the left stick + R2 / RT.

How to defend the ball well?

Using your body as a shield and placing it between the ball and the opponent is certainly a fundamental to develop. Back defense: The attacker rests his back against the defender’s chest and in the meantime controls the ball, which is handled alternately with the right and left foot.

How do you mark a striker?

But in which direction will the defender have to force the attacker? It will be the fundamental objective of the defenders to make the attackers move by always directing them towards the outside of the field, away from the goal. To know more: The game strategy as a collective mind.

How do you become a good defender?

Always try to catch the ball and not hit your opponents, otherwise you risk fouls and cards. Never be afraid to use your aggression! Use your head. It is very important for defenders: using your head means avoiding mistakes that can allow the opposing team to score.

What should a defender have?

Improve your sense of position on the pitch.

When you play defender, you are the last line of defense before the goalkeeper. You must always be aware of what is happening on the pitch, including: The position of the opposing attackers.

How do you brand yourself in football?

Man marking means taking over a player from the opposing team. The closer the opponent gets to our goal (or the ball), the tighter the marking will have to be. If, on the other hand, the opponent is far from the ball, the marking will be wider, therefore less nagging.

How to dribble on PES 2020?

A tip, to have more control over the player, use the RB (Xbox / PC) or R1 (PlayStation 4) race button. To perform Precision Dribbling more effectively, you should turn to the side, in gameplay just push the right stick down or up while looking at the door.


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