How to cure ficus lyrata?


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Ficus lyrata prefers well-ventilated soil which retains water but drains quickly. Leaf care. Clean the leaves every two weeks with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt and keep them beautiful and shiny.

Why does Ficus lyrata lose its leaves?

The ficus lirata is a plant that in nature reaches a height of 12 meters, but in pots it is much smaller. The leaves are very large and long. It is a very beautiful and elegant plant compared to the other ficus. Difficult to maintain, because it loses its leaves if the ideal environment is not maintained.

How does Ficus lyrata reproduce?

The multiplication of Ficus lyrata can be done by stem cutting or by leaf cutting. Propagation by cuttings can be done in spring: the apical portions with 3-4 leaves are taken, alternatively it is also possible to take cuttings of branches with at least two leaves.

Where to place Ficus lyrata?

The right place is behind a south-facing window, screened by a light curtain, capable of letting the light through but filtering the rays. The ideal temperature for the cultivation of Ficus lyrata is that typical of our apartments, from 18 ° to 25 ° C.

How can Ficus be pruned?

Cut just before a growth node so that new shoots grow there and cover the stump. Another trick is to remove a branch and put it back in another branch of the same size. This will avoid unsightly stems and restore the size and appearance of the ficus.

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How can you prune the Robusta ficus?

The removal of dead branches must take place frequently during the year, while the topping operation of the younger branches should be carried out during the first part of the spring season, in order to limit the height of the plant, but still be able to count on a rather thick hair.

How to prune a robusta ficus?

Pruning of Ficus elastica

limit the size of the plant, which has a considerable development. The topping also serves to have a thick hair. remove any ecche parts or damaged branches in order to guarantee strength and vigor to the plant.

How much does Ficus lyrata grow?

With huge wavy green leaves, Ficus lyrata create an atmosphere similar to a tropical jungle in any room they are placed. In the regions of origin this tree easily reaches over 12 meters in height.

How many types of Ficus are there?

The genus Ficus includes about 800-1000 species of plants, with variable bearing and dimensions: in fact we find both plants of modest size and plants which, in their places of origin, become large trees; or evergreen or deciduous plants.

How to cure the pet?

Ficus Benjamin: tips, how to care and where to place it

  1. Place your Ficus Benjamin in a bright place but do not expose it to direct sunlight.
  2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  3. Remember to wet it, but don’t overdo it.
  4. It must be safeguarded, remember that the Ficus also “drinks” from the leaves.

How to clean Ficus Lyrata leaves?

Make the plant leaves shine with beer, milk, or vinegar

  1. Dampen the cloth with beer, squeeze it well and wipe it over the leaves of your ficus or any other houseplant.
  2. If you prefer to use vinegar, add a drop of water and moisten the cloth with the mixture.

How to reproduce the Zanzibar gem?

Cutting of Leaves in Water

Once the cut has been made, we will place them in a container, with about two fingers of water and we will change the latter once a week. (When you see the roots and bulb sprout, you can bury your little Zanzibar Gem.)

How to cut the dry leaves of a plant?

One last tip: if a large leaf (for example of a philodendron) is partially dried, don’t cut it all off. By cutting it with scissors we leave a small dry margin or the plant will react to the cut by producing a dry edge like scar.

How much does a Ficus plant cost?

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How to make a robust Ficus cutting?


  1. Disinfect the scissors and cut the trunk of the ficus.
  2. Wash the various parts that you will use to reproduce the plant well.
  3. Pour some water into a jar and add the charcoal.
  4. Dip the cuttings and let them sit until the first roots appear.
  5. Then plant the cuttings in new pots.

What does the Ficus symbolize?

Its meaning is closely related to the sacred use that has always been made of its leaves and branches: a symbol of complete truth and life, the ficus has always expressed a language of hope. Connected to Priapus, in classical Greece, the ficus also expressed a meaning of fertility.

How is ficus elastica treated?

How to grow the rubber fig

The Ficus Elastica multiplies by cutting, usually made during the hottest periods. The branch taken must have a good quantity of leaves and be at least 20 cm long. It should be placed in a pot with sand and peat until the new roots are born.

When can Ficus be pruned?

Generally, the best time to prune the plant is in late winter, that is, in early spring, when the Ficus reduces the emission of latex and is better resistant to cuts. The removal of the diseased, dry or broken parts can however take place in any season.

How to thicken ficus elastica?

On the other hand, the topping of herbaceous shoots on adult plants will not give us particularly thick Ficus: it will rather be necessary to cut lignified branches to induce branching and therefore thicken the vegetation.

How often to water ficus robusta?

The soil must always be slightly damp; generally it is watered every 4-5 days in summer, every 8-10 days in winter. Before watering, it is best to feel the soil with your fingers to check the humidity level. Half an hour after watering, empty the saucer if there is still water.

How to store ficus?

In the summer, however, it will be enough to place the ficus outside, in a place sheltered from direct solar radiation, such as a veranda or pergola, or even in the shade of a larger plant. It is necessary to protect the ficus from both drafts and heat sources.

How to cut the leaves of a plant?

Remove dead leaves and branches at a 45 degree angle.

They can also be limp or dry. Cut them with the shears just below the brown or dead area, at a 45 degree angle. This will allow you to keep a large amount of leaves healthy. Do not cut leaves and branches that are still green and healthy.

How to cut dry kenzia leaves?

When the leaves dry out for more than half, it is better to cut them off at the base with shears or a saw; if only the tips are dry or blackened, with a pair of scissors cut them where they remain green.

What can be done with dry leaves?

How to reuse fallen leaves in the fall

  1. You can use the leaves, whole or chopped, to create a dry path in your garden. …
  2. Dried leaves are perfect for creating a mulch, which will help keep weed growth at bay (keep in mind that there are some edible ones!)

How to cure the Zanzibar gem?

the sturdy stems at the base of the Zamioculcas, in fact, allow the plant to store and retain a good reserve of water, which the shrub will use in case of need. In summer it is recommended to water the plant every week, while in winter it will be enough twice a month.


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