How to do weight lifting at home?


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For this exercise, you need to keep your legs slightly apart and your torso bent forward. From this position, with your elbows bent at 90 ° and with the dumbbells in your hand, you will first have to extend your arms and then bring the weights towards your hips and repeat the movement.

How do you do arm weights?

While standing, keep your abs and arms tight at your sides but not “soft”. Lift the weights up to chest height while keeping your elbows out. Then flex your arms down until you return to the starting position and never fully extend your elbows. Repeat 12 times for 3 sets.

What to use to do weights at home?

If toning is your goal, the alternative to dumbbells, barbells, and weights are water bottles, which can turn into DIY weights. Just fill them, depending on the weight we want to obtain, with water, sand or stones.

How to train alone at home?

Training at home: 3 simple exercises

  1. Jumping Jack. Free body exercise excellent for preparing all the muscles for the next effort. …
  2. Squat. Exercise consisting of push-ups on the legs to tone the muscles of the thighs and lower leg. …
  3. Push-ups.

How to start training after a long time?

A workout that can favor a recovery in a short time is also the brisk walk to accustom the body to support the workouts. It is advisable to start with at least 20 minutes at a time, until you reach an hour of walking.

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How to train at home and have results?

6 tips to train at home and really get results

  1. 6 tricks to train at home without losing motivation (and desire)
  2. Find your routine.
  3. Devote a space of the house to training.
  4. Quality is better than quantity
  5. Train in company.
  6. Focus on the workouts you really enjoy.

How to do weights with water bottles?

Standing with a water bottle in each hand, start by lunging forward, then bring the water bottles to your shoulders and stretch your arms upward, before returning to the starting position and doing the same with the other leg. Do 4 sets of 8 reps per leg.

What to buy for home gym?

The best accessories for training at home

  1. Non-slip mat.
  2. Weight Kit.
  3. Bench for training.
  4. Pull-up bar.
  5. Elastic bands.
  6. Wristbands and anklets.
  7. Exercise bike.
  8. Electrostimulator.

How to do weights for weight loss?

  1. Stretches and push-ups of the arms. To define biceps, shoulders and triceps. Standing, arms at your sides, hold 2 weights of 3 kg. …
  2. Plank. To firm the core (the abdominal belt) …
  3. Step up. To sculpt the buttocks. …
  4. Push up. To train the upper part. …
  5. Squat. To reshape from the waist down …
  6. Tractions.

How to understand which weights to use?

Dumbbells from 1 to 5 kg are the ideal choice for beginner women, not very trained therefore. For men, on the other hand, it is recommended to start training with dumbbells from 5 to 10 kg.

How to do weights at home without weights?

Lie flat on the ground belly up; Stiffen the whole body by contracting very strongly abdominals and buttocks; Lift your shoulders off the ground, lift your feet off the ground and keep your lower back pressed to the ground; Hold the position for 30/40 seconds and repeat for 3-4 sets.

How many minutes do you need to train per day?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults get at least 150-300 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity per week. To meet WHO guidelines, you should therefore simply train for 40 minutes every day.

How many times to train at home?

Training at home: how many times a week? If you don’t use high overloads, 4-5 times can give you the best results. For just staying fit, even just 2 or 3 sessions per week can improve your body composition, but don’t expect miracles.

How much to train per day at home?

If you train at home and have enough time, train as often as you can: 2 to 6 times a week. Even if you like to work out, always take a day off to allow your muscles to fully recover.

How to resume training after a period of inactivity?

If your stop was only for one week you can resume at the usual pace, if instead you have suffered a stop of 10-12 days, you can run 70% of your training volume and if you have not been for 30 days, you can instead predict 60%.

How to resume physical activity after months?

It is highly recommended to spend the first few weeks doing brisk walking or muscle awakening activities such as stretching, postural gymnastics, pilates or yoga (at beginner levels).

How to regain fitness?

The video proposes 10 exercises that involve all the muscles of the body, useful for improving the physical appearance and toning the whole body.


How much weight for the squat?

A 50kg athlete can squat (equipped) even 5 times his own weight, unthinkable for a 150kg athlete, who instead reaches 400 and passes kg of squat, unattainable for a lightweight, it is therefore sensible for a lightweight to have the bar higher than a maximum, because it’s easier for him …


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