How to eradicate reeds what means?


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Generally, those who think of an effective herbicide immediately refer to glyphosate. This substance is the most widespread herbicide in the world and the one with the greatest applications. If you want to use it to remove a reed bed, you can use this product by brushing it on each individual cane.

How to make a herbicide at home?

For your natural herbicide you will need: 5 liters of water, about 1 kg of salt and a liter and a half of vinegar. First of all, bring the water to a boil. Add the salt and mix everything well. Then add the vinegar and stir until you have obtained a homogeneous mixture.

How to dry Canneto?

Position the rods vertically (if there is enough space) or spread them out horizontally, resting on the ground, sheltered from the elements. All you need is a canopy that protects the canes from the rain, open on the sides, in order to allow the continuous exchange of air, preventing the formation of stagnation of humidity.

How to block the bamboo canes?

Alternatively, you can put metal and concrete barriers which are just as effective.

  1. You can dig a trench to act as a barrier if you prefer not to use non-porous material in the garden.
  2. You can also create a pond or stream to effectively block bamboo roots.

How to use river reeds?

The hard stems have always been widely used as a support for climbing plants, vines and tomatoes. The material that makes up the shell, due to its flexibility and resistance, has been used for the packaging of reeds and wind musical instruments, such as oboe, clarinet and saxophone.

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What can be done with rods?

Bamboo is used to make casings, floors – we already think of the wide use in Italy for parquet – and also ceilings. In a modern house in our country, the cane, duly worked, could be used for pillars, beams, floors and much more.

What to do with the rods?

12 DIY crafts to create awesome decorations with …

  1. Natural looking candle holders. …
  2. Nice kitchen utensil holders. …
  3. The rings perhaps discarded from other works can become excellent napkin holders. …
  4. A few thinner reeds intertwined become an adorable soap dish.

How to delimit the bamboo?

The BAMBUSTOP sheath, correctly assembled, is the specific barrier that allows to carry out the containment function of the bamboo rhizomes with low costs and easy assembly.

How to fix the bamboo?

The bamboo screen is held close to the tooth and stapled along the fence slats. A distance of 30-50 centimeters between the brackets usually ensures sufficient stability. A disadvantage of this variant is that the attachment leaves holes in the wood.

What to do if the bamboo turns yellow?

Problem yellowing bamboo leaves can be due to low soil nutrients, swampy soil or excessive hydration, lack of water, or stressful growing situations. If you want help with yellow bamboo leaves, check the soil regularly. Bamboo needs good drainage.

How to make the neighbor’s plants die?

Herbicides can kill trees and, if applied correctly, be safe for the environment. More environmentally friendly options involve applying herbicide to a specific area of ​​the tree. In some cases, however, the only viable option is to use herbicide spray.

How to burn the reeds?

There is nothing worse than sitting down to smoke and finding that the joint burns in seconds.



When should reeds be cut?

It is now known, from the news handed down to us by our masters, that the reeds must be cut in a very specific period of the year: between January and March. In fact, it is good to proceed with cutting when the reeds are in vegetative rest.

How to dry weeds quickly?

In the same style as vinegar, the use of a vodka-based mix is ​​also used to eliminate weeds easily and naturally. Just sprinkle the latter with a mixture of water, vodka and a few drops of dish soap to dry them in a very short time.

How to make herbicide with vinegar and salt?

Do-it-yourself natural herbicide: the recipe to follow

  1. Just dissolve in a bucket filled with 5 liters of water – even hot – 1 kg of salt.
  2. Mix well and then add the vinegar, mixing everything.

How to get rid of grass in a natural way?

Vinegar also kills weeds so you can try it to get rid of weeds. Pour it in a 20% solution directly on the visible part of the grass. Be careful that vinegar, like herbicides, does not select and acts on all herbs, even the good ones.

How to fix an Arella?

After laying the arelle on the floor and side by side, we take the nylon thread and insert it in the first one making it come out from the opposite side, and from this point, we enter the hole of the arella that is next to it and bring it back from the side where the wire entered.

How to replace the rope of the bamboo curtain?

At the bottom of the slats, slightly stretch the rods, for example with a screwdriver (Figure 12), so that it is easier to pull the string between the rods (Figure 13). As you can see in the pictures below, you need to pull the ends of the cable on both sides from behind, as close to the mechanics as possible.

What can be done with bamboo poles?

In the architectural field, bamboo is used as a support element: column / beam or in the production of panels for doors, partitions, laminated panels, prefabricated bamboo panels and concrete for flooring.

How deep are the roots of the bamboo?

It should be noted that these rhizomes can protrude up to three meters deep. If the removal of the bamboo shows that the roots are very deep, it could be polygon.

How to control the growth of bamboo?

This plant spreads by spreading the rhizomes outwards, close to the surface and those that come out of the hole can be easily spotted. Check for these rhizomes once or twice a year and cut them back whenever you see them.

How to recognize edible bamboo?

The sprout has a delicate flavor very similar to that of asparagus and artichokes, but without that bitter taste that characterizes the latter. It has a particular texture that makes it unique, in fact it always remains crunchy even after cooking.

How to cure bamboo in water?

Fortune bamboo can grow for years in a vase with about 2.5 cm of chlorine-free water at the base and together with pebbles that make the plant more stable. Change the water once a week and remove the fallen leaves, otherwise they will rot and infect the plant.

How much does a giant bamboo plant cost?

As for earnings, on the market today the sprouts have a value of 2 euros per kg while the reeds (called culms) are paid 12 euros per kg.

When should bamboo canes be cut?

Reeds typically survive about 10 years; once they reach the end of their life cycle, you should remove them to allow the new ones to grow. You need to prune them after the third or fifth season of development. It is best to proceed when no buds are forming.


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