How to grow lemongrass?


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Place the lemongrass in the sun or in a partially shaded place. It adapts well to all types of terrain and even climates that are not too mild, but it fears the cold. You can repot the lemongrass seedlings when they have reached a height of about 10 centimeters, if you have grown them from seed.

How much does a lemongrass plant grow?

Characteristics of Citronella

Like all plants belonging to the Poaceae family, lemongrass forms thick bushes that can reach up to one meter in height when the plant is grown in the open ground, and in regions with a suitable climate. If grown in pots it can grow up to 70-80cm.

How does the lemongrass plant reproduce?

The multiplication can take place with the division of the rhizomes or by cuttings: just immerse a stem in a large vase with water and a few drops of root. The lemongrass cutting should be rooted in the shade but in a bright place. The roots will form within 10 days.

How to treat the lemongrass plant?


Lemongrass is a plant that prefers humid soils, so it should be watered regularly between March and October, and not much intensity during the hottest months. Check that the water goes deep, but avoid stagnation.

How does lemongrass grow?

Lemongrass grows abundantly in areas where conditions mimic the tropical habitat of its areas of origin. Plants love a lot of heat, light and humidity – provide them with these conditions and lemongrass will grow and multiply quickly.

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How to store lemongrass leaves?

Lemongrass can also be dried: to dry the leaves, tie them and hang them upside down in a dark place until dry. Store in well-sealed jars. Dried lemongrass retains its flavor for up to one year.

Where is the lemongrass plant found?

It is native to the warm and tropical regions of South Asia. In English, lemongrass is known as lemongrass. Its leaves are very long and of an intense green color. They tend to fall outwards.

When to cut lemongrass?

The best time to cut lemongrass is early spring, when the plant is still dormant. If your lemongrass has been left unattended for a while, it has probably accumulated dead material. The first thing to do is get rid of it.

How much to water lemongrass?

How to water lemongrass in containers

You may need to water daily to maintain the humidity level, as evaporation will occur on the sides of the container. Again, using a little mulch on the ground will help retain moisture.

How to reproduce the lemon verbena plant?

It is possible to reproduce the plant by cuttings in July. The cuttings of about 10 centimeters are taken from the stem, planted and rooted in a mixture of peat and sand, buried in May of the following year.

How does the lemon verbena plant reproduce?

Multiplication of lemon verbena

The lemon verbena or limoncina reproduces by seed, by cutting and by layering. Sowing takes place in spring in places sheltered from the cold. The substrate must always be kept humid until the seeds germinate completely, about 20 days.

How to reproduce Luisa grass?

The propagation takes place in July: cuttings of about eight centimeters are taken from the branches and from the stem, which are planted in a mixture of peat and sand in equal parts. The rooted cuttings are planted in the following May.

What can be done with lemongrass leaves?

With lemongrass leaves it is possible to make teas, infusions and herbal teas useful for promoting digestion. Herbal teas and infusions also have relaxing properties so they are recommended for those with insomnia problems. Lemongrass can be used for internal use and for external use.

What are the plants that repel mosquitoes?

Mosquito repellent plants: which are the best?

  • Geranium. Easy to grow, beautiful and colorful, geraniums are perfect as an ornamental plant and also an excellent mosquito repellent. …
  • Monarda. …
  • Catalpa. …
  • Catambra. …
  • Lemongrass. …
  • Lavender. …
  • Calendula. …
  • Incense plant.

How to cut lemongrass?

Once the plant is green, the tops of the stems can be trimmed to make them more manageable. Lemongrass is very forgiving and can be cut down quite drastically. Trim it to a height of just 3 feet (. 9m) and prune regularly to maintain its size if desired.

How to use lemongrass against mosquitoes?

Lemongrass in essence

Lemongrass essential oil can become the best ally to create your favorite mosquito repellent or, why not, more types of repellents. For example, you can add a few drops to the body cream or you can spread the oil in the rooms where you stay.

How to repot lemongrass?

Repotting lemongrass is not difficult at all. Just tilt the pot on its side and take out the root ball. If the plant is particularly rooted, it may need to actually work with it and there is a chance that you will need to break the container.

What is lemongrass candle used for?

Citronella candles are a little invasive and pleasant anti-mosquito remedy to keep these insects away. … The lemongrass, by burning, disorients the mosquitoes that are attracted by the smell that we emit with the production of carbon dioxide.

When is lemon verbena pruned?

Especially if it is grown in pots, this operation must be carried out from May to August. Pruning should only be carried out if there are dry or deteriorated parts.

How to cure lemongrass in winter?

Before the first frost, move the plants to a well-lit area for lemongrass winter care. Continue watering as needed, but cut back on fertilizer during these cold months until it’s time to move the plants in the spring.

How is lemongrass oil used?

Lemongrass essential oil: how to use it

  1. insect repellent spray: just put a few drops in the diffuser and it will act as an insect repellent.
  2. anti-mosquito cream, in 100 ml of neutral cream put 20 drops of oil and mix well.

How do you use lemongrass in cooking?

Lemongrass in the kitchen

Its citrus and balsamic flavor goes perfectly with garlic, ginger, coriander and chilli and is excellent for flavoring sauces and sour-spicy soups. It is also ideal for adding a touch of flavor to vegetables, salads, pickles or marinades.

How is Lemon Grass used?

It is possible to use both the bulb and the stem of the lemongrass: the first must be chopped or crushed, while the second can be cut into slices and used for the preparation of curry or to make marinades. The bulb is particularly aromatic, and should therefore be added to recipes in small quantities.

How to make lemongrass essential oil?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place some dried lemongrass leaves in a small jar and fill it with alcohol;
  2. Cover the jar and leave the leaves to infuse for three days;
  3. With the help of a colander pour the contents of the jar into a new and definitive container. You will have your lemongrass oil ready to use!

How is lemongrass harvested?

As each plant grows it will develop numerous stems, similar to elongated bulbs, stuck together. Generally, those thicker than one centimeter are collected, separating them from the others that will continue to grow undisturbed. If any other stems come off, you can simply replant them as a new head.


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