How to open a chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory?


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The necessary requirements to open an analysis laboratory

Enrollment in the professional register, on the other hand, is mandatory. As for the other collaborators, they must have degrees in medicine, chemistry and / or biology and figures such as laboratory technicians and administrative employees are required.

How to open a microbiological analysis laboratory?

In order to proceed with the opening, it is necessary to have a basic staff, common to all structures of this kind. It takes a medical director or a biologist regularly enrolled in the relevant professional register and be in possession of a specialization in the subjects treated by the laboratory.

How much do you earn in an analysis laboratory?

The average salary of a Laboratory Technician is € 1,550 net per month (approximately € 28,500 gross per year), in line with the average monthly salary in Italy.

How do you work in an analysis laboratory?

An analysis laboratory is a particular chemical laboratory where measurements are carried out on materials and substances, in order to produce a report that certifies the characteristics of the object of the analysis.

What does the laboratory technician do?

The Biomedical Laboratory Technician is the material performer of the analyzes in a biological sample (blood, surgical piece, urine, sputum, effusions, etc.) or of the experiment in a scientific research, and is also responsible for the relative technical validation of the analysis, as well as the result produced.

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What do you study to become a laboratory technician?

To become a laboratory technician it is necessary to obtain a three-year degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques. To carry out this profession in the best possible way, precision, analytical skills and the ability to work in a team are also required.

What University to do to become a laboratory technician?

To become a Laboratory Technician it is necessary to obtain a three-year degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (class L / SNT3) (equivalent to the university degree of Biomedical Laboratory Health Technician according to the old system).

What kind of analyzes are done?

List of all clinical analyzes

  • VES.
  • ALT (GPT)
  • AST (GOT)

How are blood tests analyzed?

Most laboratory tests are performed on serum or plasma. The plasma represents the liquid fraction of the blood and is separated from the corpuscular fraction by collecting the blood in tubes containing anticoagulants and centrifuging it at high revolutions for a few minutes.

What types of analyzes are there?

What are the most requested blood tests?

  • Complete blood count and leukocyte formula.
  • Hemoglobin.
  • Lipid profile (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • Liver function tests (bilirubin, transaminases)
  • Tests for thyroid function (tsh in particular)

How do you open an analysis laboratory?

To open an analysis laboratory, not only qualified collaborators are enough (both from a professional and psychological point of view), but it is necessary to be in compliance with the necessary bureaucratic practices: from the opening of the VAT number at the Revenue Agency, registration in the Register of …

How much does a lab manager make?

The average salary per laboratory manager in Italy is € 38 750 per year or € 19.87 per hour. Entry level positions earn a salary of € 35,000 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 43,950 per year.

How much is the salary of a university professor?

In general, the average salary of a university professor ranges from 27,000 euros gross a year to 80,000 euros gross. The average is 55,000 euros gross, therefore 2,600 euros net per month.

Which business is worth opening today in Italy?

Which business to open today? 8 businesses that know no crisis

  1. Selling marketing services. …
  2. Open an online store. …

  3. Selling courses online. …
  4. Working as an Influencer. …
  5. Offer design services. …
  6. Create websites. …
  7. Work as a Virtual Assistant. …
  8. Start a Print on Demand business.

What to open in 2021?

Which business to open in 2021

  • Green. The attention of the world and of the great nations is focused on the environment. …
  • Analysis and sampling centers. …
  • Online activity. …
  • Funeral parlors for people and animals. …
  • Tax assistance centers. …
  • Micro Electric Mobility. …
  • Feeding for Animals. …
  • Training for children.

How much does it cost to open a polydiagnostic center?

Finally, opening a franchised prenatal emotional ultrasound center will require a minimum investment starting from around 20,000 / 30,000 euros for a turnkey format.

How much does the blood test ticket cost?

Non-prescription blood counts generally cost between € 5 and € 10. It is not a paradox and not even rumors and I am sure you have heard about it too: blood tests are cheaper to pay than in hospital. About 95% of outpatient benefits are under 50 euros.

How long does it take to do the blood tests?

Delivery times for pap test reports, swabs, blood tests, laboratory tests, ultrascreen vary according to performance; in principle, 7 to 15 working days.

What is meant by clinical analyzes?

Clinical tests, or laboratory tests, are tests carried out for the purpose of obtaining information on the content of the blood and which can provide an indication of health in general.

What tests get high in case of tumors?

Even cancers, particularly those of the blood, can be detected through a simple test such as a blood count.

What are the full blood tests called?

Complete blood count, to evaluate everything related to hemoglobin, red blood cells and white blood cells. Blood sugar, which allows you to monitor the metabolism of carbohydrates and the concentration of sugars in the blood. Creatininemia, uricaemia and azotemia as well as albumin to keep kidney function under control.

How much does it cost to take a full blood test?

Complete blood count – € 4.00. Glycosylated hemoglobin HBA1C – € 11.00. Ferritin – € 10.00. Fibrinogen – € 3.00.

How do you become a biomedical laboratory health technician?

To undertake the profession of BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY HEALTH TECHNICIAN it is necessary to obtain a first level degree in Biomedical laboratory techniques, with an enabling function, and to enroll in the register of biomedical laboratory health technicians (Ministerial Decree 13 March 2018).

What degree does it take to be an analyst?

Almost all first-level jobs for analysts require at least a three-year degree. To become an analyst, you must major in mathematics, statistics, economics, marketing, finance, or computer science. Decide whether to pursue a master’s degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate.

How do you become a health technician?

The path to become a health technician of medical radiology begins with the relative degree in Techniques of medical radiology, a course activated at various Italian universities. This is a three-year degree course, at the end of which the discussion of a thesis is expected.


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