How to set the thermomix ear speed tm31?


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To activate the dough mode, just click on the “Spiga” icon on the display of your appliance. Then turn the knob to start it. For the preparation of the dough always follow the doses indicated in the recipes.

What does the Spiga speed correspond to?

With the spike speed you perform an alternate working (5 times clockwise and 1 time anti-clockwise). It is an imitation of the special kneading procedure used in industry. The ear mode can only be activated if the mug is cold or after its temperature has dropped below 60 °.

How to set ear speed on the Thermomix?

For professional results, use the Thermomix ® ear mode or set the speed between 2 and 4. To knead, touch the third icon at the bottom of the display – a square with an ear inside – then select the icon with an ear drawn.

Why does the Thermomix not knead?

So if the Thermomix does not knead, do not despair: in most cases the reason is a too full-bodied and dense dough. Then try adding a little water and you will see the blades spin again. … The advice therefore is to check that the dough is not too hard to mix.

How do you regulate the temperature of the Thermomix?

Timer button: before setting the temperature, select the cooking time using the timer buttons. Press the “+” key to increase and the “-” key to decrease.

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What does error 52 mean in the Thermomix?

Error 52 Thermomix, what does it mean? The Thermomix interrupts operations giving error 52 when the lid is not properly fixed, rotates or moves. Error 52 can also occur shortly after starting the blades with leaking from the mixing bowl and / or because the contacts under the mixing bowl are wet.

How long does the Thermomix take to reach 100 degrees?

Gradual regulation of the number of revolutions from 100 to 10200 per minute (Gentle stirring function: 40 revolutions / minute). Special speed for kneading (intermittent operation). Overload protection by motor protector.

How much is the Thermomix TM31 worth?

In order not to fall into the trap of some impostor, it is good to know that the price for the used Thermomix TM21 is 250 euros, the next model TM31 is available for 450 euros, while the TM5 can be found at 700 euros.

How many Thermomix models are there?


  • 1.1 Thermomix VM2000.
  • 1.2 Thermomix VM2200.
  • 1.3 Thermomix TM3300.
  • 1.4 Thermomix TM21.
  • 1.5 Thermomix TM31.
  • 1.6 Thermomix TM5.
  • 1.7 Thermomix TM6.

How to put the Spiga function in the Thermomix?

To activate the dough mode, just click on the “Spiga” icon on the display of your appliance. Then turn the knob to start it. For the preparation of the dough always follow the doses indicated in the recipes.

How much flour can you mix with the Thermomix?

The Thermomix TM5 (2014) has a mug with a capacity of 2.2 liters for liquids, enough to knead up to 750 gr. made with flour. The Thermomix TM31 (2007) has a mug with a capacity of 2.0 liters for liquids, enough to knead up to 650 gr. made with flour.

When is the butterfly used with the Thermomix?

The Thermomix butterfly is used to assemble the ingredients in the jug. It allows you to whip cream and egg whites (or eggs in general). It should be used when preparing mousses or when flavoring butter.

What is the varoma speed?

Remember that when steaming Varoma®, 250 ml of water or water-based liquids evaporate within 15 minutes. The maximum speed that can be set with Varoma® steam cooking is level 6. The heating function is automatically deactivated at level 6.5.

What is the soft speed of the Thermomix?

The Thermomix counterclockwise soft speed is very simple to put: you have to turn the knob to the spoon symbol (that of the spoon which represents the soft speed) and push the button to the right of this knob to start the counter-clockwise function.

How to put counterclockwise TM6?

For “new generation” Thermomixes such as Tm5 and Tm6 you can do everything easily from the display and always in a short time. Simply go to the speed dial and press the selector icon to reverse the direction of the knives counterclockwise.

When does the new Thermomix model come out?

We will obviously talk to you about the new Thermomix model, released on 8 March 2019, the TM6 which replaces the revolutionary TM5 (product codes: TM5-1 or TM5-2, see the bottom of the article) which, in turn, in September 2014 after more than 10 years from the release of the previous one, it replaced the best-selling TM31 which in turn …

When does the new Thermomix 2020 come out?

The COOKIT should be available from February 2020. The price will be 1,299 euros. We will update this post as soon as there is new information. What do you think: will the device keep what it promises or the Thermomix® will never achieve the same results?

What to buy instead of the Thermomix?

Among the cooking machines, one of the best known and most popular models is the Thermomix, the true progenitor of the Vorwerk product.

Best Cooking Machine, alternatives to the Thermomix

  • Imetec Cukò
  • Moulinex Companion and iCompanion.
  • Kenwood Cooking Chef.
  • Kenwood kcook Multi.
  • Chicco – De ‘Longhi Baby Meal.
  • Thermomix – Vorwerk.

How much does the Thermomix cost in Switzerland?

The original and most famous is undoubtedly the Thermomix, also called Thermomix. This helper, however, does not arrive for free in our homes, to have it you have to shell out the beauty of 1450 francs, but are we sure it’s worth it?

What can you do with the Thermomix?

We are talking about the Thermomix®, the food processor that in addition to mincing, blending and kneading, turns risottos, prepares creams, cooks main courses and vegetables.

What can you do with the Thermomix Tm6?


  • Chop: The food processor can chop everything from vegetables to meat and even ice.
  • Kneading: to prepare focaccia, biscuits and more, the Thermomix kneads pizza, bread, sweets and shortcrust pastry for you, obtaining a well-blended dough.

What does Thermomix high temperature mean?

The high temperature is a new function of the Thermomix®, which allows you to caramelize and brown foods, thus experimenting with new delicious recipes.

What does error 52 mean?

“Error 52: Wrong file name or number.” This error occurs when starting an FRx installation that points to a network SysData directory. Other workstations may not receive the error, and the error is typically not received after changing to a local SysData directory.

What does error 31 mean in the Thermomix?

Mainly this error refers to the mixing bowl and the speed control knob. In particular, it is a check that the Thermomix performs to understand if there are problems with electronics or problems in the coupling of spare parts. For this reason, the error is also influenced by the health of the mug.


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