How to write thesis discussion?


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Guidelines for introducing the discussion of the thesis

  1. 1 – Prepare the slides. …
  2. 2 – Follow the structure. …
  3. 3 – Prepare a ‘synthetic’ summary of the thesis. …
  4. 4 – Pay attention to the first few bars. …
  5. 5 – Respect the deadlines.

How to write the speech for the discussion of the thesis?

Be brief.

  1. PREPARE WELL for your thesis speech. He will seem obvious, but he is not. …
  2. BREAK THE ICE. A very difficult undertaking, especially for the most timid and anxious. …
  3. INVOLVE YOUR SPEAKER during your thesis speech. …
  5. BE SHORT.

How to discuss the thesis in 10 minutes?

Time yourself to make sure your speech is timely. And if you have 10 minutes, prepare a speech that lasts 9, to allow time for unexpected events or questions. If you are going to use the slides try to slide them and simulate the speech you will make.

How to write the objectives of the thesis?

Making the reader of your thesis immediately understand the meaning of your research and your future expectations is fundamental. The formula could be this: “The objective of this degree thesis, therefore, is to provide an accurate analysis of this topic, highlighting its peculiarities”.

How does the degree exam take place?

The three-year degree is generally achieved through the discussion of the thesis, which must be written by the student in collaboration with a professor. The final exam ends with the proclamation of the grade out of 110, with a passing grade of 66.

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How many exams do you have to miss to apply for a degree?

You can start applying for the thesis when you are missing 3 or 4 subjects. In this way, if you have problems with the procedures, or your professor is not available at the moment, you can confidently attempt the next graduation session.

How do the theses work?

The degree thesis consists of an original work conducted by the student under the guidance of the teacher in charge of the subject (supervisor) and his collaborators. To support the thesis on a subject it is necessary to have passed the exam.

How to write the experimental chapter of the thesis?

How to write the Experimental Thesis in 6 steps:

  1. Choose the thesis topic.
  2. Start the bibliographic search of existing material.
  3. Establish your hypothesis.
  4. The investigation begins.
  5. Write a draft index.
  6. Start writing the thesis (hypothesis, existing studies, new studies and results.

What to write in the introduction and conclusion of the thesis?

In the introduction it is good to give greater emphasis to the strong points, the reasons that prompted the drafting of the thesis and, in the conclusions, it is desirable to take up these points and explain how they were addressed and what was understood or demonstrated.

How to write the introduction of the thesis?

A clear introduction often consists of the following parts:

  1. Presentation of the subject of the thesis.
  2. Motivation.
  3. Objectives of the work.
  4. Research methodology.
  5. Brief description of the structure of the paper.
  6. Hints to the conclusions.

How many slides per degree thesis?

How many slides? Consider an average of one minute for each actual slide, therefore excluding the one with the title of the thesis and the final one with thanks. So if you have 10 minutes, start preparing 10-12 slides. Then there will always be time to add.

How many words are in a 10 minute speech?

So, if you have 10 minutes, write no more than 1,300-1,400 words (count them with your computer’s writing program); for 30 minutes, multiply by three. Suppose they give you 20 minutes for a speech: you have to write a text of 2,600-2,800 words.

How to structure the conclusions of a thesis?

The conclusion must be clear and concise.

In particular, it is necessary to recall the method of reasoning followed in the work, reporting the most important results that have emerged. Furthermore, possible future research developments should be mentioned and any regulatory indications provided.

How long should the conclusion of a thesis be?

The recommended length for the conclusion of the thesis is between 200 and 400 words.

How to write the conclusion of the compilation thesis?

In the case of a descriptive or “compiling” thesis, in which theoretical concepts must therefore be exposed, it will be necessary to include a schematic summary in the thesis conclusion. Highlight the important points, food for thought and any problems that have emerged.

How is the abstract of the degree thesis done?


  1. Clear indication of the topic and references to the sources / methodologies used.
  2. Presentation of the structure and articulation of the work.
  3. Summary of the content and any conclusions / results achieved (i.e., presentation of the thesis)

Where to find already completed degree theses? is one of the best sites dedicated to downloading theses online in pdf format. There are many theses, just search for the topic you are interested in from the home page of the site and you will be returned a page full of results.

What does an experimental thesis mean?

Experimental thesis: what it is and differences with the compilation thesis. What does experimental thesis mean? It is essentially a research thesis, that is, the graduate student must demonstrate and articulate an innovative idea or bring new results on a specific topic, thus carrying out a real research job.

How does the three-year thesis work?

A three-year thesis is generally divided into 2-3 chapters, each of which in turn is structured in paragraphs and sub-paragraphs to make the contents clearer and more readable.

When is the thesis done?

No. When do I have to submit the thesis? If you are a student of four-year, specialist or master’s degree courses, within 15 days before the start of the degree session. If you are a bachelor’s degree student, within 7 days before the start of the graduation session.

How soon to contact the supervisor for the thesis?

Indicatively, it is advisable to contact the supervisor 3-6 months before graduation for Cim and a year before for Cpm (obviously not excluding carrying out the thesis with a teacher who teaches the course in the last semester of Cim or in the second year of Cpm : in this case, however, by contacting the teacher in advance).

How many graduation sessions are there?

To take the graduation exam, at least four sessions per year are generally scheduled, spread over three sessions: first session: from May to July. second session: from September to December. third session: from February to April.

How many hours a day to write the thesis?

if it is compiled you have to read books and argue the thesis that the prof gives you, so between reading and writing they do not go more than a couple of months (if you take 4-5 hours a day) …

How do you make the conclusions of a relationship?

Part 1 of 5: Outline the Conclusions

  1. Stay – Reiterate: Describe the task by reaffirming the laboratory experiment.
  2. Explain – Explain: Explain the purpose of the experience. …
  3. Results – Results: Explain the results you found. …
  4. Uncertainties – Uncertainties: take into account the margins of error and uncertainties.

How to draw the conclusions of an eighth grade thesis?

Do not leave anything behind, and write your conclusions by briefly reviewing everything you have dealt with in the central part, enriching it with your personal considerations. In short, reaffirm where you started from and where you arrived, highlighting and underlining the results of your research.


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