How will the entries in the role 2021 take place?


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Recruitments in the role have legal effect from 1 September 2021 and economic effect from the date of effective taking of service. The recruitment takes place on a temporary basis, the definitive seat will be assigned in 2022/23 in the province of entry into the role.

When will there be nominations for the role?

The appointments of the professors will probably be carried out by 31 August 2021. To confirm the exact timing, it is necessary to wait for the publication of the MIUR decree for admissions to the role 2021-2022.

How does it work?

Entry into the role of teachers: how it happens

The procedure takes place through a specific function of the online Instances platform, on which each candidate can identify the rounds of call for which he is ranked in a useful position, based on what is decreed by the relevant USR.

How will the appointments from GPS take place?

The FSOs publish on their institutional website the availability of places in their area, then convene the teachers included first in the GAE and then in the first-tier GPS.

How many teachers will be hired?

The Council of Ministers approved the authorization to the Ministry of Education to hire, for an indefinite period, 112,473 teachers on the posts actually vacant and available for the school year 2021/2022.

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How do you get summoned by GPS 2021?

Schools convene applicants via the SIDI platform, using the specific functions in the Recruitment area, by clicking on Convocations from school rankings of teaching staff.

When will the 2021 ordinary competition take place?

Ordinary childhood and primary competition, from the tests to the merit ranking: the novelties of the Sostegni-bis Decree. The Ministry will have to issue a decree with the changes. Undersecretary Floridia anticipated that the tests are scheduled to take place by December 2021.

How do the calls for substitutes take place?

For the convocations, both of the teachers and of the ATA, the legislation provides that the aspirant (s) identified through the information system be sent an e-mail message with acknowledgment of receipt, to the address indicated in the application (certified mail or e-mail traditional) …

How do the summons take place?

The convocations take place from the rankings of:

  • first bracket (permanent provincial rankings by qualifications as per art.554 of Legislative Decree 297/94)
  • second bracket (lists and provincial rankings prepared pursuant to Ministerial Decree 04/19/2001, n. …
  • third bracket (school rankings 2021/24).

How do you get summoned by the provincial rankings?

The same are summoned through an e-mail message with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the certified email address or traditional e-mail address indicated in the application for inclusion in the ranking.

How many offices can be chosen for entry into the role?

NB: the user can enter all the schools he prefers. There is no limit. At this point, the user can express his or her preference order by ordering the locations using the arrows on the right (above the “Add School” button. They can also delete one or more locations with the bin icon.

What happens if you refuse to be admitted to the role?

If I don’t accept the role, what happens to me? A. It will be immediately canceled from the relative and specific ranking for the place / class of the competition which has been renounced, as stated in Annex A “Operating instructions for appointments in the role as 2021/22”, attached to Ministerial Decree no.

What happens if I give up the 2021 role?

In case of renunciation, the aspiring teacher can still participate in the assignment of the substitutes but must submit the application for renunciation within the established deadlines; If an aspiring teacher renounces the role, the remaking of the operations is precluded also for another class of competition or type of place.

What are school quotas?

They are the provincial rankings to exhaustion: – the contingent refers to the places that will be assigned by the GEs of last year; – the II quota refers to the posts that will be absent from the GEs this year.

When will phase 2 be entered into the role?

Phase 2 of the entries into the role for the 2021/22 school year begins: applicants in a useful position have been assigned the province in which they will be hired.

How to accept a replacement?

The convocation emails will contain at the bottom of the page an indication of a link through which you can give or not your availability for the replacement. By clicking on the link you can access the page dedicated to the convocation present on On Line Instances (after entering the access credentials).

How does the ranking of teachers work?

Teachers with teaching qualifications are enrolled in the rankings. The rankings are structured on a provincial basis, are updated every three years as regards the qualifications and positions of the members but are closed to the inclusion of new names.

How do the calls for the 2020 substitutes take place?

Procedures for convening alternates

Candidate teachers included in the club and school rankings will be summoned as a substitute by e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt (sent to the address on Instanze Online and in the application to be included in the rankings).

How do you respond to a meeting email?

In case of acceptance, you will respond by proxy if you want to delegate the headmaster, indicating the appointment. In the event of a multiple call, the order in which the proposals are to be accepted must be specified. Not replying to the email means not accepting the proposal.

How to accept substitutes on online Instances?

By clicking on the link, you access Online Instances and access the page dedicated to the call, from which to accept or reject the proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, the notice of participation in the call arrives.

When will the next school competition take place?

The school competition will take place in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. The Ministry of Education, University and Research is planning to place 100,000 teachers within the next school years, both in classic seats than in support ones.

When will the ordinary competition take place?

An ordinary competition for childhood and primary school and an ordinary competition for lower and upper secondary school were announced in April 2020. … Therefore, those who have submitted an application by 31 July 2020 for the April 2020 calls should shortly apply the evidence.

When will the ordinary school competition take place?

When will the ordinary competition for the secondary school of I and II degree take place, announced with DD n. 499 of 21 April 2020? As indicated by the Ministry, the written test of the competition should take place by next December (2021). The tests could be carried out according to scheduled stages.

When do the 2021 GPS calls start?

When the appointments for the school year 2021/22

In this way, by 13 August, the availability for appointments in the role of GPS and substitutes for 31 August and 30 June will be published.


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