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In the robotic gearbox the clutch connects and disconnects the engine during the change, with the gears on the 2 parallel shafts that couple and move away thanks to the movement of the sleeves and silencers. The gear is then automatically engaged thanks to the work of the electrical control unit.

What is robotic gearbox?

The robotic gearbox is a transmission in which the change from one ratio to another, instead of being done manually by the driver, takes place automatically.

What is the difference between robotic gearbox and automatic gearbox?

Both systems assist us in driving by automatically (or robotically) triggering gear changes without having to squeeze any clutch. The difference lies in the operating mechanism, mechanical / robotic or with a more complex circuit in the case of the automatic gearbox.

How is robotic gearbox used?

With the pedal on the brake you start the car. When you want to change gear, it is essential to keep your foot on the brake otherwise the correct gear will not be engaged. To go forward or backward you have to move the lever in the desired direction: the letter D stands for “drive” so drive forward.

What does double clutch robotic gearbox mean?

OPERATION – The Dual Clutch Transmission, also known by the acronym “DCT”, is a transmission system which – as the name suggests – uses the presence of two separate clutches to connect the engine to the shafts on which the gears of the various gear ratios.

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How long does an automatic transmission last?

The Automatic Transmission needs more maintenance. REAL. Yes, it is true that the most advanced automatic transmissions last as long as the car, that they are designed not to have revisions and that they can travel over 500,000 km but as long as regular maintenance is performed every 60,000 km.

How is a dual clutch gearbox made?

Double Clutch Transmission means an automatic or semi-automatic transmission that uses two separate clutches for odd and even gears. There are two input shafts each of which connected to a clutch.

What are the most reliable automatic transmissions?

By far the best automatic transmission is undoubtedly the double clutch one. Even the other types, however, can adequately meet the needs of any motorist who decides to abandon the manual gearbox without distrust.

How is the Fiat Dualogic gearbox going?

In detail, the Dualogic gearbox, through an electro-hydraulic interlocking, automates the clutch and gear lever controls, maintaining all the advantages of the dry clutch and the mechanical gearbox (weight, sturdiness and reliability, low energy consumption).

How do you start with the automatic transmission?

To leave, you have to keep your foot on the brake pedal and put the gearshift in position D, then gradually letting go of the pedal to put the car in motion. After that you can simply adjust the speed with the accelerator pedal, without having to change gear.

What does S tronic gearbox mean?

The fully automatic mode, with which the computer carries out the gear changes autonomously, provides the driving programs D (Drive) and S (Sport). The seven-speed S tronic is structured in two blocks, in which two multi-plate clutches operate different gears.

What happens if you scratch the clutch?

Damaged or worn clutch

The clutch can send out unmistakable signals and one of these is the scratch when shifting gear. Generally, the hard pedal is an indication and symptom of clutch wear, in this case it is necessary to contact a professional who will replace it.

How many types of automatic transmissions are there?

Currently there are four different types of automatic transmissions.

  • Automatic gearbox with torque converter. …

  • Robotic gearbox. …

  • Continuously variable gearbox. …

  • Double clutch gearbox. …

  • Pedal and gear lever. …
  • The ignition and use of the car.

How does the AMT Kia gearbox work?

The AMT is based on a five-speed manual gearbox with clutch actuators and gear shifts in order to make operation automatic. The gearbox uses a single dry clutch.

When do the gears in the car not engage?

Hard car shifting

You must exert considerable pressure on the clutch pedal 2/3 times, restart the engine and try to engage the gears smoothly. In case you are unable to start and see that the gears are still hard, you should consult a mechanic.

What does M mt change mean?

Multi-Mode Transmission (MMT) is a type of sequential manual gearbox marketed by Toyota. Instead of a traditional automatic transmission, based on a hydraulic circuit, the MMT gearbox is equipped with a traditional clutch and an electronically controlled mechanical gear selector.

How is the Selespeed gearbox used?

The Selespeed, in fact, can work in two ways: semi-automatic and automatic. In the first case, the driver changes gear manually using the lever on the tunnel or the buttons on the steering wheel and the system automatically operates the clutch, selects and engages the gears and drives the engine while shifting.

How can I tell if an automatic transmission is faulty?

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to understand if there are problems with the automatic gearbox, just pay attention to the first symptoms: if the car jumps when you engage the “D” (Drive) or reverse gear, if it consumes more fuel than usual or does a lot of effort uphill, or if at the gear change the number of revolutions of the …

What kind of automatic transmission does BMW have?

The dual-clutch automatic transmission is part of the BMW M Performance sports family.

What is the DSG gearbox?

The Direct-Shift Gearbox, in German Direkt-schalt getriebe, abbreviation DSG, is an electronically controlled automatic double clutch gearbox, usable in automatic or semi-automatic mode, developed by the American company BorgWarner and initially licensed to the Volkswagen Group.

How does the automatic clutch work?

It is a device that effectively eliminates the use of the pedal to control the clutch. It is not removed, but instead a sensor located on the gear lever is used, which when activated disengages the clutch allowing you to engage the gear you want.

What not to do with the automatic transmission?


  1. 1 – The automatic gearbox does not like frequent shifting of the gear lever. …
  2. 2 – Do not put the back when the machine is not yet stopped. …
  3. 4 – Make good use of the P parking position. …
  4. 5 – Don’t use your left foot.

How many km does a DSG change?

Searching the web it would appear that the 6-speed DSG should not exceed 200,000 km. No comment from anyone who has reached that figure; only misfortunes just over 100-150000.


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