Italian dictionary what does lapping mean?


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– A continued lapping; the sound of lapping, or a noise like this; gurgling that a liquid makes when it is moved (or when a body is agitated within a liquid): the sc. … – [rumore di liquidi che urtano contro un ostacolo: lo sciabordio delle onde contro gli scogli] ≈ rinsing, splashing.

How does the lapping do?

Lapping is a continuous motion of water or other liquid that occurs near a limit, an obstacle, an edge – which can be the internal one of a container as well as that of a pier, or a ship’s keel. The liquid agitated by shocks or waves flows and hits walls.

What do you say when the waves hit the rocks?

Lapping: Definition and meaning of lapping – Italian Dictionary –

What does Sciaborda mean?

intr. (aux. to have) With reference to water or other liquids, breaking, repeatedly beating against an obstacle, producing a characteristic continuous noise: you could hear the sea sc. between the rocks; the water laps with fresh eloquence against the bulwarks (Savinio).

What is the sound of the sea waves called?

The sound of the waves is called lapping: did you know?

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How to define the sound of the sea?

The sound produced by the waves of the sea is like a melody that is sometimes heard in a powerful way, stops for a very short time and then returns to be heard; I also hear the seagulls and their cry that sounds like a moan, expand.

What direction do the waves make?

The noise of the waves is called lapping: did you know?

What do you want to lounge around?

laze v. … of otium “idleness”](I òzio, etc .; aus. to have). – Being idle, doing nothing, refraining from any occupation or useful activity: spending time lazing around; idlers who laze on the streets from morning to night.

What does the term cadenced mean?

Regulated or modulated according to a certain rhythm or cadence: the step c. soldiers; shots were heard c .; acting well c .; in gymnastics, exercise c., exercise, simple or combined, performed rhythmically, without variations, making a movement for each time, up to the stop order. 2.

What does Stormano mean?

– To move, or even to make something move, producing a light noise, similar to a continuous rustle, referring to leaves and branches shaken by the wind: the wind Odo rustles among these plants (Leopardi); no leaf rustled in the dark (Capuana).

How are the rocks?

The rock is made up of hard and steep rock and its dimensions are variable: it can be the size of a stone carried by a man or a huge boulder. … Due to the action of marine erosion, the rocks can become entirely separated from the coast, like the well-known stacks of Capri.

Like waves that arise and die on visible and invisible rocks?

Like waves that are born and die on visible and invisible rocks. Those who love the sea know the days of sirocco, the round rocks and the waves that let themselves be broken slowly. All the beaches shape it. Nothing is more powerful than the hope that can break on the rocks but, like the sea, it will never die.

What are the rocks?

Artificial cliffs

The aim is to create a sort of dam (and therefore it is also called “cliff dam”) parallel to the coast and close to it so that it is protected both from high tide and from erosion caused by the action of the wave motion.

What does Scrosio mean?

to roar]. – 1. The act, the fact of roaring: there was a sudden s. rain; in particular, the noise produced by waters that fall or descend impetuously, or, in extended uses, of other things that roar: I already heard the eddy from my right hand making a horrible s.

What is a flush?

rinsing sm [der. di sciacquare]. – A continuous rinsing; the sound of rinsing: my awakening always took place at the sc. of the dishes that Giulia washed before midday (Pavese); in particular, the light and rhythmic noise of the waves, of the current; lapping: the sc.

What is the sound of the wind?

hiss: insights in “Synonyms_and_Contrari” – Treccani.

What does it mean to walk at a cadenced pace?

cadenced, the measured step of a marching department, in which the rhythm is marked by the synchronous strike of the foot on the ground; p. street, free, not cadenced, which in the marches of military departments constitutes a pace of rest; p.

What does it mean to jump in a grungy way?

In person, unkempt, clumsy; also, worn out, deformed: a man s .; of behavior, attitude or gesture, coarse and disheveled: to laugh so s. 3 fig. Disconnected, incorrect: speech, reasoning s.

What does the term increase mean?

by incrementum: v. increase](I increase, etc.). – Increase, develop, prosper: i. trade, production.

What is the usher?

(profession) Employee who provides information to visitors and then accompanies them and announces them.

What is meant by Otium?

In Roman antiquity the term indicated a period of time free from public or political affairs (negotia) in which one could devote oneself to an occupation that concerned study (otium litteratum) or the fulfillment of one’s domestic duties or the care of one’s own heritage.

What is the name of the noise that rain makes?

croscio / ‘krɔʃo / sm [voce onomatopeica], lett. – [rumore prodotto dalla pioggia battente, dall’acqua che si rovescia in una cascata e sim.] ≈ crackle, roar.

What are onomatopoeia examples?

Onomatopoeias (also called phonosymbols) are invariable words or groups of words that reproduce or evoke a particular sound, such as the cry of an animal or the noise produced by an object or action. tick tock ▶ ticking / ticking. On the sixth kikiriki she saw Nancy sit up in bed (A.

When the sound of the sea overwhelms your thoughts?

“If the sound of the sea dominates that of thoughts, you are in the right place.” This famous phrase is not by chance also present on a sign inside the Archeolido.

When do you look at the sea?

The sea is your mirror: you contemplate your soul in the infinite turning of the rolling wave. The sea teaches dream sailors that ports murder. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. My wisdom is in the sea because the sea is timeless.


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