Jersey numbers roles?


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Each number (almost always) corresponded to a specific role. Generally it was like this: 1 goalkeeper; 2 right back; 3 left back; 4 median; 5 stopper, 6 free; 7 right wing; 8 half right wing; 9 center forward; 10 left half wing; 11 left wing; 12 second goalkeeper.

How are player numbers assigned?

5. The attribution of the numbers to the players can be done freely, from number 1 to number 99. 6. The Clubs are required to deposit in the League, before the Championship begins, the complete list of the numbering of their staff, with the obligation to communicate changes whenever they occur.

How do you choose the jersey numbers?

From the mid-1990s, at the highest professional levels, each player wears a fixed number on his shirt for the whole season as well as his surname (sometimes name or nickname) above the number; in some leagues, the team name is also above or below the number (as in the case of the Bundesliga).

What jersey number do the forwards have?

Midfielders: 18 Barella, 16 Cristante, 8 Jorginho, 5 Locatelli, 7 Pellegrini, 12 Pessina, 6 Verratti. Forwards: 9 Belotti, 11 Berardi, 20 Bernardeschi, 14 Chiesa, 17 Immobile, 10 Insigne, 22 Raspadori.

Who has the number 11 in football?

Bale and Neymar. As a sort of temporal trait d’union between canon 11 and the evolution of this specific number in football 2.0 we are talking about two splendid contemporary interpreters like Bale and Neymar.

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What role does number 11 play?

In esotericism and magic in general, it is considered the “first master number”, being the first number of a new numerical decade (10 + 1). In general it means a strong change in the face of a great strength and in the tarot the major arcane number 11 corresponds in fact to the “Force”.

Who is number 10 in football?

Taking a step back and referring to the meaning of the term, this player with the number 10 was placed by the coaches on the opponent’s backcourt in the space between midfielders and defenders precisely to create dangerous situations in the offensive phase.

What number does Bernardeschi have?

From the next Serie A season the forward will play with the number 20 and no longer with the 33. A few hours ago with a post on Instagram he explained to his fans the reason for this gesture (go to the post): “The number # 20 was sweat, sacrifice, friendship, passion, redemption, joy in #azzurro!

What happens to the footballers’ uniforms?

At the end of the game, players can dispose of their jersey as they wish: swap it with that of an opposing player, throw it to their fans or simply bring it back to the locker room, from where the shirt ends up in the laundry to be reused the next time.

When did shin guards become mandatory?

From 1874 (the year of the invention of the shin guards for footballers) to the present day almost a century and a half have passed and today the shin guards are mandatory. Fracture injuries of the tibia, fibula or addiructure of both bones normally occur due to direct trauma from strong contact between two footballers.

How many shoes do footballers use?

Most of the footballers in the Italian league wear Nike shoes, as much as 60.9% (288) of those whose models are known (472 in total).

Who has the number 15 in football?

Here are the numbers of the 26 jersey: Goalkeepers: 21 Gianluigi Donnarumma, 26 Alex Meret, 1 Salvatore Sirigu. Defenders: 15 Francesco Acerbi, 23 Alessandro Bastoni, 19 Leonardo Bonucci, 3 Giorgio Chiellini, 2 Giovanni Di Lorenzo, 13 Emerson Palmieri, 24 Alessandro Florenzi, 4 Leonardo Spinazzola, 25 Rafael Toloi.

Who has the number 7 in football?

winger: lateral attacker, acts to the right or to the left. His goal is to supply the attackers with a cross in the penalty area. He traditionally wears the number 7 (right) or 11 (left).

Who is number 9 in football?

Radamel Falcao, ‘El Tigre’, the 9th par excellence. If today you think of the strongest number 9 in the world you think of Robert Lewandowski. The numbers say it, the titles say it, everyone says it. If, on the other hand, you make a list of the best, you put Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema, Harry Kane and inevitably Erling Haaland in it.

How many roles are there in football?

There are 4 main roles in football: the goalkeeper, the defender, the midfielder and the attacker. The rules only state that one of the players should be designated as the goalkeeper, while the other roles are not mentioned.


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