Linguistics for international relations?


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The inter-faculty degree course in Linguistic Sciences for International Relations, which belongs to the Faculties of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literature and Political and Social Sciences, aims to deepen a tradition of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies in the …

What to do after linguistic sciences for international relations?

Professional Outlets

The high linguistic skills, applied to the world of international and diplomatic relations, will allow the student to place himself: within international institutions as a press officer, management assistant, expert in intercultural communication.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations?

Degree in International Relations: job opportunities

  • Head of foreign commercial office. …
  • International relations officer. …
  • International cooperation designer. …
  • Marketing Specialist for international relations. …
  • Official of international and European organizations. …
  • HR Specialist.

How much does the Catholic University of Milan cost?

How much does the Cattolica cost

In short, from a minimum of 2,800 to a maximum of 7,300 euros. The vulgate has it that for the Cattolica, in principle, between 4 and 5 thousand euros are spent per year.

How much is the Bocconi tuition fee?

Bocconi: with a tuition fee of around 13,000 Euros per year, Bocconi is the most expensive university in Italy; 2. IULM: The Free University of Languages ​​and Communication is a little distant with a tuition fee of 9,300 euros; 3.

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How much does the Cattolica di Piacenza cost?

The annual amounts are as follows: Three-year and single-cycle master’s degree courses: € 8,190. Master’s degree courses: € 8,690.

How much does an international relations graduate earn?

Graduates in International Relations, 5 years after their qualification, earn on average € 1,387 net per month; the salary for those who continued with Political Sciences is slightly higher, reaching 1,417 euros net per month.

What to do after the Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations?

Working with the Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations

  • Work in the Public Administration.
  • Work as an Investigative Expert.
  • Work as a Human Resource Manager.
  • Work as an Interviewer, professional detector or information acquisition technician.

Why study international relations?

Why study international relations

Why it is important to be able to communicate in the right way between nations. … Who knows perfectly the dynamics of world relations between the various states but also perfectly knows the methods and times of communication.

What to do after linguistic sciences?

Jobs with languages: the best career opportunities

  • Working with languages: Interpreter. …
  • Working with languages: Translator. …
  • Working with students: language teacher. …
  • Working in communication with languages: journalist. …
  • You work with languages ​​in the commercial sector: sales and import / export companies.

What to do after a degree in Linguistic Mediation?

3 Professional opportunities offered by linguistic mediation.

  • 3.1 Public Administration.
  • 3.2 Private companies.
  • 3.3 International, diplomatic and humanitarian organizations.
  • 3.4 Publishing and communication sector.
  • 3.5 Investigative and forensic sector.
  • 3.6 Tourism.
  • 3.7 Freelance interpreters and translators.

What to do after graduating in foreign languages ​​and literature?

Which master to do after languages?

  • Interpreting and translation. Becoming an interpreter or translator is one of the most classic and coveted paths after graduating in languages. …
  • Tourism. In the world of tourism it is essential to know and know languages. …
  • Teaching. …
  • International relations. …
  • Communication and publishing.

What is International Relations?

International relations is an academic discipline considered independent or as a branch of political science, concerning the study of international politics both in its theoretical dimension and in that of the concrete relations of States with each other and with other actors (international organizations, …

Which master’s degree after political science?

Master’s Degrees in International Relations

Let’s start with the most popular course for students who decide to continue their studies after Political Science.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science?

The main professions for a graduate of political science

  • The politician.
  • The parliamentary assistant.
  • Journalist, media and communication.
  • International organizations.
  • Ambassador and consul.
  • Teaching.

What master’s degree to do after international sciences?

After graduation

  • The masterful REL. If you want to deepen your studies in the field of international relations you can enroll in the master’s degree in International Relations – REL (LM-52) …
  • Other master’s degrees. …
  • Attend a postgraduate course.

What are the highest paid degrees?

Highest paid degrees in Italy

  • Engineering 1807 €
  • Scientific 1729 €
  • Chemical-pharmaceutical € 1668
  • Economic-statistical 1634 €
  • Doctor / prof. sanitary € 1510
  • Agriculture and veterinary 1434 €
  • Geo-biological 1429 €
  • Architecture 1421 €

What are the most requested degrees?

When the degree becomes fundamental

The first position belongs to “the economic-statistical area, with an annual average demand of between 36 thousand and 40 thousand units”. In second position we find the juridical and political-social area, for which “a request of over 39 thousand units per year is expected”.

How much do you pay at the Bio-medico Campus in Rome?

In the current period, the single contribution has a cost of € 5,000 to € 12,500, depending on the degree course chosen and can be paid in two ways: It can be paid in a lump sum, at the time of enrollment, together with the regional tax, which has a cost of 140 euros.

How much does the test cost at Cattolica?

The participation fee for the test is € 160.00, non-refundable for any reason. The timetable of the exam sessions with the location of the candidates in each pavilion will be announced through the notices published from 1 April 2021 on the institutional portal.

How much does the University of Pavia cost?

In Pavia they range from 493.97 euros paid by students with an income of up to 10 thousand euros for students enrolled in both a scientific and humanistic faculty, to 923.97 or 981.97 for those who report an income of 20 thousand to get to 1.375 , 97 (1496.97 for scientific faculties) if the income is 30 thousand and 3.385.97 (3.780.97 …

How old are international relations?

They take an average of 2.8 years (compared to the 2 years provided for by the system) to obtain the two-year master’s degree, with an average degree grade of 108.1 out of 110.

How to access international relations?

To access the master’s degree course in International Relations and Development Cooperation, it is required to have a three-year university degree or diploma or other qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable.


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