Low back pain who to turn to?


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In the first instance, you can also contact the general practitioner, who will decide whether to refer the patient to a specialist (physiatrist, orthopedist or neurosurgeon). The specialist will then decide, in case of suspicious signs, which tests to carry out.

Who is the spine specialist?

The vertebral surgeon is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in surgical interventions conducted on the bone and / or cartilage structures that make up the back. The spinal surgeon’s goal is to cure or improve the prognosis of pathologies affecting this part of the body.

What to do for low back pain?

Treatment of low back pain involves exercise, physiotherapy, drug therapies, weight loss, increased focus on movement, and so on.

What tests to do for low back pain?

Tests such as X-rays, magnetic resonance or CT of the spine are useful in the diagnosis of acute low back pain due to: vertebral tumors, scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, disc herniation, spondylitis, discitis, spondylodiscitis, spinal stenosis, arthritis, etc.

How to relieve low back pain?

How to relieve lower back pain

  1. Rest, even if not total, so as not to weaken the muscles;
  2. Avoid lifting weights or making unnecessary efforts;
  3. In the acute phase, the application of cold packs can be given relief by the application of cold packs to be replaced later with bands or warming creams, to relieve muscle tension;

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Is it good to walk when you have back pain?

Scientific research recommends walking as soon as possible when we have back pain. The doctor often prescribes it, the physiotherapist recommends it, the personal trainer suggests it… Walking is so good for our back because: Our back starts moving again.

How to relieve the lumbar muscles?

Anti-inflammatories for back pain such as NSAIDs (eg ibuprofen) or paracetamol allow to mitigate the pain. However, sometimes it is necessary to resort to more powerful drugs such as cortisone. Dosages must be prescribed by the doctor and it is a good idea to avoid doing it yourself.

How to tell if back pain is caused by a tumor?

– Cancer. A tumor in or around the spine can cause localized pain, which over time tends to involve the entire back. The discomfort tends to worsen when one maintains the same position for a long time or engages in physical activity, even mild ones.

When to worry about back pain?

Back pain should be investigated immediately when bladder and bowel incontinence occurs, numbness in the lower limbs or lower back. If you’ve had an accident of any kind, these symptoms could indicate a spinal cord injury or compression.

What is the name of the doctor who treats your back?

The Orthopedist is a doctor. The university course of study is: Degree in Medicine and Surgery (6 years) plus a specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology (5 years).

How to sleep with low back pain?

Tips for sleeping well with back pain

  1. Sleeping on your back with knee support. …

  2. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. …

  3. Fetal position. …
  4. Sleep on the front with the pillow under your stomach. …

  5. Sleep on your front with your head facing down.

How to relieve back pain?

To relieve low back pain caused by taking incorrect positions, it is generally sufficient to apply creams, ointments or compresses formulated with active ingredients with rubefacient action on the back. For this purpose, we recommend: Chilli (Capsicum frutescens) → rubefacient, antibacterial, analgesic properties.

How long does it take to heal from low back pain?

Acute low back pain is characterized by a type of pain, caused by a muscle, ligament, joint and disc injury, which is accompanied by inflammatory phenomena. Inflammation and pain are part of the healing process and therefore cease after healing is complete in a maximum of 30 days.

Where to operate on the spine?

Ranking of vertebral surgery departments in Italy

  • Vertebral Surgery CTO of Turin. …
  • Spinal Surgery Polyclinic Bari. …
  • Spine Surgery San Carlo Hospital in Nancy. …
  • Careggi spine surgery. …
  • Spine Surgery Pietra Ligure Hospital. …
  • Vertebral surgery Policlinico Gemelli.

Who is the best neurosurgeon in the world?

Professor Alessandro Olivi is a world-renowned neurosurgeon. To him, an Italian luminary who has distinguished himself in the United States, we owe an ambitious program that will make the Department of Neurosurgery the spearhead of the Gemelli Polyclinic.

What is the best neurosurgery center in Italy?

Ranking of the departments of Neurosurgery in Italy

  • Lecco Hospital Neurosurgery. …

  • Gaslini Neurosurgery. …

  • Children’s neurosurgery Policlinico Gemelli. …

  • Cardinal Panic Hospital Neurosurgery. …

  • Neurosurgery San Gerardo Monza. …

  • Frosinone Hospital Neurosurgery. …

  • Neurosurgery Cuneo Hospital.

Why does my lower left back hurt?

A very common and sometimes disabling symptom, lower back pain has various causes; in most cases, an injury to the muscles or ligaments belonging to the back is due; more rarely, it is the result of a vertebral fracture, a vertebral tumor, herniated disc, vertebral stenosis, …

What can cause back pain?

What are the causes of back pain? Back pain often doesn’t have a well-defined cause. However, there are conditions more frequently associated with its occurrence, such as muscle or tendon tears, hernias, arthritis, spinal problems and osteoporosis.

What’s on the lower back?

The intervertebral disc is a cushion placed between two vertebrae which from an anatomical point of view is made up of a fibrous ring (annulus) and a pulpy nucleus (gel) contained by the ring.

What are the symptoms of a tumor?

Warning signs of a possible tumor include:

  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Fatigue.
  • Night sweats.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Persistent new onset pain.
  • Recurrent nausea or vomiting.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • Blood in the stool (visible or detectable by specific tests)

How do blood tests detect a tumor?

Proteins and “circulating cancer cells” are two of the most commonly measured markers in a blood test. The former are protein substances generally produced by the tumor itself, while the latter are neoplastic cells that “detach” from the tumor and travel in the blood.

How do you know if you have cancer?

Localized signals

  1. Lumps or swellings.
  2. In the. As for the appearance of nodules, the appearance of one’s skin must also be well known and kept under control. …
  3. Blisters or ulcers.
  4. Cough and / or hoarse voice. …
  5. Difficulty swallowing.
  6. Difficulty urinating.
  7. Difficulty in breathing. …
  8. Bleeding.

How to unblock the lumbar area?

Bend your legs towards your head by pressing your back to the floor and squeeze your abs. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 5-10 times. Lie down, as illustrated, force yourself on your knees, slowly lifting your pelvis and lower back. Stay up for 5 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.

How to relieve back pain naturally?

Ginger. If back pain is due to the presence of an inflammatory state, ginger root is among the natural remedies recommended due to the anti-inflammatory properties it presents, like a real natural antibiotic.

What not to do with back pain?

The 7 tips to avoid back pain

  1. Avoid overweight. …
  2. Lift weights by bending at the knees. …
  3. Avoid unnatural and heavy loads. …
  4. Strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. …
  5. Sleeping on an anatomic mattress. …
  6. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. …
  7. Avoid “harmful” sports


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