Master’s thesis how many pages?


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It is also recommended to keep in mind the following length limits: from 10 to 25 pages for the theses of the three-year degree courses; • from 80 to 150 pages for the theses of the master’s degree courses.

How long should the master’s degree thesis be?

Specialized degree thesis (or Master’s).

Thesis length: from 80 to 150 pages.

How many chapters must a master’s degree thesis have?

The number of chapters of a thesis is not fixed, but it is usually a good habit to divide the thesis into three chapters. Each chapter, in turn, is divided into paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Each chapter, paragraph and any sub-paragraph must have its own explanatory title.

How many pages is a dissertation?


There are no pre-established indications on the total number of pages, but for a three-year thesis it is advisable to stay between 30 and 50 pages, while for a specialist or master’s thesis between 100 and 150.

How many books for a master’s thesis?

40 pages (excluding bibliography) for the three-year thesis; at least 100 for the master’s thesis.

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How many pages of masterful wisdom thesis?

The average of the theses for a three-year degree in our disciplines ranges from 40 to 60 pages; for the master’s degree the dimensions range from 100 pages onwards.

What should a master’s thesis be like?

The master’s degree thesis normally consists of a Frontispiece, an Index, an Introduction, a central part that constitutes the body of the thesis, a Conclusion and a Bibliography.

How many pages must a chapter of a thesis have?

The initial chapter, entitled “Introduction”, is usually about 5-10 pages long and contains: a brief introduction to the sector in which the thesis is located; a brief description of the objectives of the thesis; a brief description of the structure of the thesis (ie, for each of the following chapters, what appears in it).

How long should the bibliography of a thesis be?

In conclusion, a bibliography can include about forty titles, or it can include hundreds of them. My master’s thesis in law – 110-120 pages long, if you are interested in length, I didn’t care at all… – had over 150 books, monographs, articles and entries in the bibliography.

How many pages must a three-year degree thesis be?

from 10 to 25 pages for the theses of the three-year degree courses; • from 80 to 150 pages for the theses of the master’s degree courses.

How should a degree thesis be done?

A degree thesis is made up of eight parts:

Body of the thesis. Footnotes. Conclusions. Bibliography and Sitography.

What should a three-year thesis be like?

A three-year thesis is generally divided into 2-3 chapters, each of which in turn is structured in paragraphs and sub-paragraphs to make the contents clearer and more readable.

How long should a three-year thesis be?

The length of the three-year degree thesis can vary approximately from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 50 pages. The theses should preferably be printed double-sided.

How many words a thesis?

The average number of words to be used throughout the thesis is 10,000. The font to use is the Palatino Linotype (if not available, Times new roman can be used) 12 pt. for text and 10 pt for captions of figures or tables or notes.

How long does it take to write a master’s thesis?

We can therefore state that, on average, it takes about six months to write a master’s thesis, more or less a week.

Where to put sources in the thesis?

For each volume of the bibliography you must write: the author, the date of writing, the title, the place of publication and the publisher. All in that order. If the title has been changed and the volume has been released in different versions, also enter the original title and publication date.

How to make the bibliography for the thesis?

As a book is cited in the bibliography

  1. Surname of the author followed by the initial of the name (s)
  2. Title of the work (may be written in italics) followed by a period.
  3. Edition (if it’s not the first)
  4. City of publication.
  5. Publishing house.
  6. Year of publication.

How to choose the bibliography for the thesis?

How to choose and find the sources for the thesis: a summary

  1. Search the sources in the main source, and therefore identify the books useful for your speech in the text suggested by your supervisor;
  2. Consult Google Books and the tools made available by the Web, before going to the library;

How long to write a thesis chapter?

One month for each chapter, plus one month for introduction and conclusion. Constant review (at each chapter conclusion)

How many pages should the bibliography be?

Thesis bibliography

At the end of the work, the bibliography must be inserted: here all the texts used to approach the subject, the newspaper articles and even the website must be reported. The length varies from two to three pages, depending on how the bulleted list is organized.

How to write a thesis in a short time?

What you need to know to write your thesis in no time

  1. 1 – Plan each stage of writing. …
  2. 2 – Analyze the bibliography well in advance. …
  3. 3 – Set goals. …
  4. 4 – Always write down your working methods. …
  5. 5 – Choose a perfect place to work.

Where to find already completed degree theses? is one of the best sites dedicated to downloading theses online in pdf format. There are many theses, just search for the topic you are interested in from the home page of the site and you will be returned a page full of results.

How is an experimental thesis done?

How to write the Experimental Thesis in 6 steps:

  1. Choose the thesis topic.
  2. Start the bibliographic search of existing material.
  3. Establish your hypothesis.
  4. The investigation begins.
  5. Write a draft index.
  6. Start writing the thesis (hypothesis, existing studies, new studies and results.

How to write La Sapienza thesis?

The characters to be used for the inside of the thesis are preferably Arial for the titles and Palatino Lynotipe for the texts. Regarding font size and text margins, the options are variable based on the overall length of the thesis, the presence of tables or images, etc.

How to do Sapienza thesis index?

Page numbers are traditionally found on the right. Remember that the numbering of the pages must not be preceded by the initials “p”. The index is placed at the beginning of the thesis. The pages of the index must have a different numbering from the rest of the thesis, in Roman numerals.


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