Misbehavior between lawyers?


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The incorrect lawyer risks being banned from the Register. If the lawyer to whom one is approached for a lawsuit has an incorrect behavior therefore negligent or, in the worst cases, unlawful, the client can lodge a complaint with the Council of the Bar Association, describing the fact in a complaint.

How to report misconduct by a lawyer?

Incorrect behavior on the part of a lawyer who does not respect the duties contained in the Code of Ethics forensics can be reported to the Council of the Bar Association, through the presentation of a complaint.

When does the lawyer have to compensate the client?

As already confirmed in the past by the Court of Cassation, compensation for damage is admissible only when the lawyer’s behavior has caused actual damage to the client.

What does censorship entail for a lawyer?

The complaint consists of formal reprimand and applies when the gravity of the infringement, the degree of responsibility, the background of the accused and his post-fact behavior lead to the belief that he will not incur another infringement.

When does the lawyer fail to do his duty?

The criminal code punishes the lawyer or technical consultant with imprisonment from one to three years and a fine of not less than 516 euros, who, by making himself unfaithful to his professional duties, damages the interests of the party defended, assisted or represented by him. before the judicial authority.

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What is the risk of the lawyer who does not invoice immediately?

tax: not issuing the invoice corresponds to a real form of evasion and, therefore, one can also incur criminal proceedings for a tax offense; … This can happen even when he has not issued an invoice for the simple advance received from the customer and, therefore, not for the entire amount.

When is the lawyer not paid?

The injunction or the cause

If the customer does not pay even after the reminders, the lawyer will sue in civil law. This action can be taken with a request for an injunction or with a special urgent procedure.

What does a disciplinary offense entail?

Disciplinary offense is, in general, the violation of a rule specific to a specific professional or working category. For example, an employee who violates the collective bargaining agreement or a doctor who does not respect the code of ethics commits a disciplinary offense.

What happens after the Bar Association is exposed?

After being filed with the Bar Association, the documents are immediately transmitted to the competent District Disciplinary Council (Cdd), an institution that deals with the disciplinary control of lawyers enrolled in the Register. Only the Cdd can establish whether the complaint presented by the client is valid or not.

What does the violation of the code of ethics entail?

The violation of the code of ethics, with a behavior whose gravity must be assessed by means of an ex ante judgment referred to the moment of the fact and not subsequently based on the seriousness of the event produced, certainly falls within the category of the hypotheses listed.

What are the prerequisites for talking about professional responsibility?

  • When we talk about the professional liability of the lawyer? …
  • The reference discipline. …
  • The relationship between lawyer and client. …
  • Obligations of means and obligations of result. …
  • The diligence of the average professional. …
  • The lawyer’s duty to inform. …
  • The obligation of professional insurance. …
  • The burden of proof.

What happens if a lawyer gets it wrong?

This non-fulfillment has the peaceful consequence, for the client, of obtaining compensation for the damage and, at the same time, the return of the professional fees already paid: the lawyer who makes a mistake does not therefore have the right to pay his fee.

What happens if a lawyer misses a deed?

Summarizing what has been said so far, the lawyer who gets the case wrong is required to compensate the damage to his client only if the latter can prove that, without the mistake, he would have won the judgment. Otherwise, even if the error is unforgivable, the client is not entitled to compensation.

How does a complaint against a lawyer appear?

To report the lawyer of the counterpart, but also your lawyer or a colleague, it is sufficient to present a complaint on plain paper to the competent Council of the Bar Association, describing in detail the “incriminated” facts.

When can a lawyer be disbarred?

The removal from the professional register can be ordered when the member reports, with an irrevocable sentence, a sentence to imprisonment for a non-culpable crime, or when his conduct has seriously compromised his own reputation and professional dignity.

What percentage does a lawyer take?

General expenses, also indicated with the term lump sum expenses, are established at a fixed rate of 15% on the fee due to the lawyer, even if the fee has been agreed with the client (Article 2).

How long do I have to report a lawyer?

There is no time limit for filing a Complaint. On the other hand, for the lawsuit, yes, it has time limits, and they are 3 months from the day on which it is known that it constitutes the crime.

How do you make a complaint?

The complaint can be drawn up in writing or presented in person in oral form – in this case the requested authority will have to draw up a report – by going to one of the offices of the Police Forces, such as the police stations, the police stations and the commandos of the Carabinieri.

What is a verbal warning?

verbal reprimand: this is a warning given orally by the employer to the employee; … dismissal for just cause [4]: in this case the fact committed by the worker is so serious that it does not allow the continuation, not even temporarily, of the employment relationship.

How many disciplinary measures before dismissal?

This means that disciplinary dismissal does not occur after three written warnings, but after the fifth sanction or the third suspension occurred in the course of a year.

Who is competent to apply disciplinary sanctions?

For all remaining infringements, punished with sanctions other than mere verbal reprimand, the competence lies with the office for disciplinary proceedings, which each administration must identify according to its own legal system and attribute to it the ownership and responsibility of the matter.

What can the worker do when he is subject to a disciplinary measure?

In the disciplinary dispute letter, the employer must guarantee the worker’s right to be heard in defense within a period of not less than 5 days. The employee is free to exercise his defense in the form he deems most appropriate, orally or in writing.

How do you get a free lawyer?

To benefit from free legal aid in civil matters, it is necessary to present the so-called application for admission to the Council of the Bar Association of the place where the trial takes place, personally (by the applicant or by his lawyer) or by registered letter with return receipt.

What if you can’t pay a lawyer?

Everyone has the right to have from the lawyer an estimate of the legal fees that he will have to pay. If you don’t have the money to pay, you can try applying for legal aid!

When is the lawyer fee paid?

The client’s obligation to pay the attorney’s fee arises at the end of the professional service. The delicate relationship between client and lawyer, at the time of payment of the fee, often experiences moments of rupture.


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