Misbehavior of the bank who to contact?


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Exposed Bank. The submission of a complaint allows you to report any misconduct in the relationship between the bank (or other intermediary) and the customer or the presence of any inaccurate information in the archives of the Interbank Alarm Center (CAI) or the Central Credit Register (CR).

How to report bank misconduct?

Remember that if you have a problem with a bank or a financial intermediary, you can lodge a complaint directly with the intermediary, resort to an out-of-court dispute resolution system, such as the Financial Banking Arbitrator, or contact the ordinary judge.

Who defends you from the banks?

The Banking and Financial Arbitrator (ABF) is a body that can be contacted when arguing with the bank. Compared to an appeal in court, the times are shorter, the costs are lower and the appeal is done online.

What to do if the bank does not respond?

If the bank does not respond or does not accept the complaint, or in any case the customer is not satisfied with the response, he can appeal to the ABF. The appeal must be filed within 12 months of filing the complaint and must be completed according to the format made available on the ABF website.

How to make a bank of Italy report?

How to send a report to the Bank of Italy

  1. with the “Online Services” platform, by selecting the “Send a report” box;
  2. by ordinary mail, by sending the “Company Report” form to the Bank of Italy, via Nazionale, n. 91 – 00184 Rome.

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How long does the reporting of distress last?

The bad debt in the Central Risks of the Bank of Italy lasts until the debt is extinguished or prescribed. Banks’ loans expire within 10 years. The term starts from the termination of the relationship with the customer.

How can I report the bank?

Remember that if you have a problem with a bank or a financial intermediary, you can lodge a complaint directly with the intermediary, resort to an out-of-court dispute resolution system, such as the Financial Banking Arbitrator, or contact the ordinary judge.

How to contact the Banking Arbitrator?

In addition to the support request that you can submit through the Portal, for general information on ABF you can call the toll-free number 800 196 969 – Option 1.

How to contact the financial banking arbitrator?

Sending the appeal

  1. by bank transfer to the current account in the name of “Bank of Italy – Technical Secretariat of the Financial Banking Arbitrator” – IBAN IT71M0100003205000000000904.
  2. with payment to postal current account n. …
  3. in cash at all branches of the Bank of Italy open to the public.

How long does the Bank have to respond to a complaint?

Each intermediary is required to have a Complaints Office which must respond to the customer within 60 days of receiving the complaint relating to banking operations and services. The deadline is reduced to 15 working days for the response to complaints concerning payment services.

What is the value competence of the ABF?

With the use of the ABF you can ask the intermediary for a sum equal to or less than 200,000 euros. For higher sums, the ABF cannot examine the appeal as it exceeds the value limit of the jurisdiction of the extrajudicial system.

How much does it cost to sue the bank?

Suing the bank for compound interest has fixed costs: a unified contribution which, in the first level of judgment, varies from 43 euros to 1,686 euros, depending on the value of the case (but the amounts are periodically updated); the 27 euro stamp duty; the costs of notification of the summons (a few tens of euros);

When to report the bank?

The customer who believes that he has suffered extortion from the bank or the application of usury rates following a bank loan can report the fact to the law enforcement agencies by filing a complaint or lawsuit.

Who appoints the members of the ABF Coordination Board?

the President and two members are chosen by the Bank of Italy; one member is designated by the associations of intermediaries; one member is designated by the associations representing customers (businesses and consumers).

How to contact the ABI?

Complaint to the bank: the complaint to the Bank of Italy

  1. identify the person presenting the complaint (by attaching a copy of the identity document, with an electronic signature or by sending the form via Pec);
  2. indicate the bank involved;
  3. reconstruct the reason for the appeal in a synthetic and clear way.

Who appoints the members of the coordination panel?

The Coordination Board is made up of the presidents of the three Colleges which make up the deciding body, as well as a member designated by the intermediaries’ associations and a member designated by the associations representing the customers (1) belonging to the individual Colleges.

How many days does the customer have to contact ABF?

You can appeal to the ABF within 12 months of filing your complaint with the intermediary. If 12 months have passed, you must file a new complaint.

How does bank arbitration work?

Financial Banking Arbitration (ABF) is supported, for its activity, by the Bank of Italy and is an independent and impartial body. His decisions are not binding on the parties, he is not a judge, but the breach is made public, thus generating a bad image of the defaulting Institute.

What is the bank arbitrator for?

The Financial Banking Arbitrator (ABF) is an alternative dispute resolution system (ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution) that may arise between customers and banks and other intermediaries in the field of banking and financial operations and services; represents an opportunity for more protection …

How to use ABF?

Use the ABF Portal to submit your appeal: for more information, you can consult the Guide to using the Portal. The Portal is a simple and interactive tool that assists users in sending the appeal through a specific wizard and allows you to manage all the phases of the procedure.

How to defend yourself from the banks and sue them?

To combat this, the banks put into practice a quick stratagem: the code “72H”: it is a reserve of money, available at all branches (from 500 to 10 thousand euros approximately), to be offered immediately to the customer (but it would be better to call it “restitution”) at the first dispute, in such a way …

What is the total cost of credit?

In fact, the cost of credit for the customer (called the financed party) is made up of all the costs and expenses that the customer must incur to access consumer credit. …

How to get out of a bad bankruptcy?

Bank bad debt: how to get out of it

The subject can get out of the bank bad debt only with the payment of the total amount requested by the bank. In some cases it is also possible to proceed with a proposal for a balance and write-off, but the bank must be willing to accept it.

How long does the bank of Italy report last?

To what period do the reports that can be consulted by intermediaries refer to? Intermediaries can consult the information of the CR for a maximum of the last 36 months available.

What does bad loans mean that have passed to a loss?

What is the transfer of a bad loan “to loss”

These are already reported “non-performing” loans that the intermediary believes are no longer recoverable. The reporting of a “loss-making” credit represents, in practice, the “death” of the credit relationship between the user and the banking system.


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