Mortgage pre-resolution which banks?


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In addition to Unicredit, among the large banking groups that offer the mortgage pre-resolution in 2020 we also find Bnl and Intesa Sanpaolo.

What is the mortgage pre-resolution?

Also called a mortgage voucher, the mortgage pre-resolution consists of a promise to grant the loan with which the credit institution undertakes to provide the loan even before the applicant has identified the property.

What does pre-resolution mean?

The pre-resolution of the loan is a sort of commitment by the bank to grant a loan to a future customer who has not yet identified the property to be purchased but already has sufficient guarantees to take out a loan.

How long for the resolution of the loan?

Once we have submitted the documentation, 20 days will have to pass to know the “verdict” and to know if the request for funding has been accepted. Having obtained the green light from the bank, it will take about another 30 days for the loan to be disbursed.

Who approves the loan in the bank?

In local banks, the mortgage practice is usually approved alternatively by the head office or by the branch manager based on the customer’s rating and disbursed (value and% incidence on purchase).

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What to do if the bank refuses the loan?

In case of refusal it is advisable to ask the bank to cancel the request due to renunciation by the customer and not due to refusal by the bank. By means of a written release request it is possible to show externally that it is the customer who has renounced the loan.

How to know if they give you the mortgage?

The bank verifies the applicant’s ‘credit capacity’ (by checking for any past insolvencies) and also the ‘income capacity’ (sufficient income to guarantee the payment of the loan installments). Through its own expert, the bank verifies the value of the real estate on which the mortgage will be registered.

How long does the pre-resolution last?

Once it has been established that the applicant is in possession of all the appropriate conditions, the bank issues a positive mortgage pre-resolution with a maximum duration of six months.

When does the bank give the resolution?

After the appraisal with a positive result, the bank will give a definitive resolution on the loan within ten days. Once the loan has been approved, the buyer will instruct the notary to proceed with the stipulation of the final deed of sale and will notify the notary of the bank with which he will go to make the loan deed.

What is the income resolution?

The income resolution is a real mortgage resolution, but in the absence of the property to be purchased. The reliability of this instrument is due to the fact that, before issuing it, the reference bank carried out all the personal, income and creditworthiness checks on the applicants.

What is a banking resolution?

D. Banking resolution: decision by which a bank grants or denies a loan requested by a customer. It is taken at the end of an investigation on the creditworthiness of the customer.

How long does the resolution of the Intesa San Paolo loan last?

The times to obtain the loan, starting from the presentation of the documentation until the actual disbursement of the sum on your account, usually varies from 30 to 60 days.

What does it mean to practice in deliberation?

The mortgage resolution is an official act that precedes the moment in which the bank goes to disburse the agreed sum to the customer. … In practice, if the bank considers the person not in possession of the necessary requirements to be able to obtain a certain amount, it will inform him.

How long does it take from appraisal to deed?

In total, we can estimate the period of time that elapses between the assignment of the appraisal and the notarial deed from 10 to 15 days.

How does the bank report work?

In these cases, the procedure provides for the appointment of an expert, a trusted professional of the credit institution, who is entrusted with the task of viewing the property and determining the value on the basis of precise parameters.

How long does it take for the income resolution?

The average times for issuing the resolution are around 2/3 weeks for the income one and around another 2 weeks for the definitive one.

How do I know how much I can take out of the mortgage?

In general, the maximum amount that can be financed is equal to 80% of the market value of the real estate subject to the mortgage. Put simply, this means that it will not be possible to obtain a loan that is neither equal to nor higher than the price of the house you intend to buy.

How to get an unsecured mortgage?

If you are self-employed or a freelancer and do not have any property, the way to obtain a mortgage without a guarantor is to present the Single Model that certifies your financial situation to the credit institution.

How do you get a 100% mortgage?

To grant a 100% mortgage, the bank could request the granting of a surety covering 20% ​​of the mortgage value exceeding 80%, or request a guarantee from the State through the Consap Fund.

What to do when the mortgage is denied?

Among the main reasons why a mortgage is not granted, as we said, is the lack of income and capital capacity of the applicant: an absent, precarious job or that does not guarantee a salary such as to face the payment of the installments until the end of the loan .

What checks do the banks carry out for the granting of the loan?

Usually the main areas envisaged by each credit institution or financial company are: the bank evaluates risk policies; the bank assesses the applicant’s profitable situation; the bank assesses the creditworthiness of the customer.

What does it mean is in deliberation?

to indicate the decision of a collegial body (the d. of the municipal council, of the board of directors) or an award in a public auction.

What does it mean in deliberation?

Term used to indicate the decision taken by a collegial body (eg assembly). It expresses the will of the entity.

What happens if the mortgage resolution expires?

Often the resolution expires after about three months, after which it becomes necessary to reprocess the file from scratch. If in the meantime the bank has restricted the valuation fees or changes of an income nature have occurred in the life of the interested parties, you could find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

How to pay off an Intesa San Paolo loan?

The customer can pay off the loan in whole or in part in advance by repaying the remaining capital to the Bank as resulting, after each repayment installment, from the amortization plan attached to the contract and of which it forms an integral part, as well as the interest and charges accrued up to moment of …


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