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Where to buy the Nebula Aerosol online? On Amazon you will find the Nebula Aerosol on offer at really good prices. And even when it’s not on offer, we can assure you that the price is competitive with any physical store in your city.

How does Nebula work?

Nebula spacer is equipped with a particular spacer chamber, with a volume such as to slow down the flow of the nebulized drug, reducing its deposit in the throat and favoring its deposition where it is needed, i.e. at the bronchial level.

How much does the aerosol machine cost?

Compare 318 offers for Aerosol Device In Pharmacy from € 19.00

What can be put in the aerosol?

Aerosol devices on the market usually have the following accessories: Nasal shower and nasal fork, to treat colds and stuffy nose. Mouthpiece, for oropharyngeal inflammation. Mask, to treat both nose and mouth.

How long does adult aerosol last?

The delivery time for 2-3 ml of drug corresponds to about 8-10 minutes: breathe until the nebulizer produces no crackling or no aerosol is produced.

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What does piston aerosol mean?


they consist of a compressor and an ampoule: the air flow generated by the compressor generates a depression inside the ampoule that sucks in small doses of drug or physiological solution. These, hit by the jet of air, are nebulized into very fine particles.

What to put in the aerosol to dissolve the phlegm?

Mucosolvan 7.5 mg / ml Ambroxol Solution for Nebulization.

It is a special solution to be sprayed and used in the aerosol, ideal for both children and adults. Its purpose is to dissolve the phlegm and mucus accumulated in the airways, thus allowing a better elimination and expulsion.

How do you know when the aerosol ends?

when the nebulizer begins to “spit” the solution, always with the ampoule in a vertical position, check that the solution is visibly almost finished (as already seen, a minimum residual volume of solution may remain) and that the “fog” is now rarefied: in this case it will be possible to finish the …

What aerosol to buy for children?

It is difficult to establish which is the best aerosol for children but among the most bought ones we find the Nuvita 5020 much appreciated as it is not very noisy; the Nebula Rinowash that reaches the upper respiratory tract thanks to the nasal shower and the Laica NE2003, a piston device that nebulizes most of the …

How is Rinowash cleaned?

Rinowash is sterilizable: you can immerse the components in cold disinfectant solution or boil them in water for 10 minutes. Dry with a soft cloth.

How do you use the aerosol machine?

Nebulize the drug under vacuum for at least 15 seconds, to saturate the walls of the ampoule and stabilize the suspended particles. Keep the nebulizer upright during administration. The way you breathe has a great influence on the amount of aerosol that reaches the airways.

How many types of aerosols are there?

When we talk about aerosol devices today we can consider three different types: compressor aerosol, ultrasonic, vibrating mesh.

  • Compression aerosol. …

  • Portable AC / DC Compression Aerosol. …

  • Ultrasonic aerosol. …

  • Vibrating mesh aerosol.

What does aerosol Mesh mean?


The main element of the Mesh aerosol device is a micro-perforated membrane that allows a very fine nebulization of the drug through the passage through the micro-holes.

How does ultrasonic aerosol work?

Another commercially available technology is ultrasonic aerosol. It sends a shock wave that breaks up the chosen medicine, nebulising it into particles, which, again through the appropriate equipment, are naturally introduced through breathing into the respiratory cavities.

How many times can you aerosol in a day?

Follow the instructions of the pediatrician

I find that aerosol therapy with hypertonic solution is instead useful (it is important that the dilution is 3%, and no more), because it helps to keep the nose clean, but it should not be done more than twice a day and for a short time.

How many times a day should you aerosol?

Typically 2 inhalations 2 times a day. If deemed more appropriate, the dosage can also be divided into 1 inhalation 4 times a day.

How much physiological water for adult aerosols?

Since the drug will not be completely nebulized, it is advisable to always dilute the drug with 2 ml of physiological solution, unless otherwise indicated by the doctor.

What to put in the adult aerosol?

Sterile saline solution and fumigations

Sterile saline solution helps loosen mucus and moisten the airways. It is also a good practice to take a nasal shower with saline every morning, especially if your cold is of allergic origin.

How to cure sinusitis with aerosols?

Beclometasone (eg. Rinoclenil, Becotide nasale) the drug, widely used in therapy against allergic sinusitis, should be taken by inhalation, at a dosage of 1-2 sprays (42-84 mcg) in each nostril, twice a day (168-336 mg per day).

How to aerosol naturally?

With garlic: in a bowl, crush two or three cloves of garlic and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Pour half a liter of boiling water over it and inhale the vapors. With eucalyptus: in half a liter of boiling water, put a tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves, a tablespoon of thyme and one of pine buds.

How to do aerosol for colds?

To make the aerosol, devices called nebulizers are used, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or parapharmacy. They consist of a part that emits air which then reaches a small container, where the drug or non-medicated solution is located.


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