Passing off as another person is a crime?


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From a subjective point of view, the crime of substitution of person can be integrated only if the perpetrator has acted with willful misconduct, that is with the precise and conscious intention of pretending to be another person: if the substitution were to be the result of causality or a misunderstanding , there would be no details of the crime.

What crime is pretending to be another person?

Article 494 of the Criminal Code punishes anyone who, in order to procure an advantage for oneself or others or to cause harm to others, misleads someone, illegitimately substituting their own person for that of another or attributing to themselves or others others a false name, or a false status, or a quality to which the …

Who signs in place of another offender?

Well YES to falsify a signature, if this is intended for a public deed IT IS CRIME. From school justifications to signing checks, from accepting a registered letter to signing a contract, if you sign in place of another person this is considered a crime.

Whoever illegitimately substitutes his own person by attributing a false name to himself or to others is liable for the crime of?

494 of the criminal code; the crime of substitution of person, in fact, punishes whoever, in order to cause damage to others, induces someone into error, illegitimately substituting their own for another person.

Who pretends to be a public official?

Pretending to be a policeman is therefore a crime, and you risk up to 10 months and 20 days in prison, as happened to a man convicted by the judges for using a fake police badge posing as an agent.

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What are the risks of those who pretend to be a lawyer?

by Lucia Izzo – The practicing lawyer who presents himself to the client as the professional in charge of dealing with the case, collects down payments, signs receipts and maintains contacts with the counterpart, risks a conviction for abusive practice of the profession.

What happens if you declare that you have a degree and you are not?

Specifically, it is a false declaration of personal qualities or, if committed in the context of public employment, of ideological falsehood. Both conducts are foreseen by the Civil Code and foresee the penalty of imprisonment in prison.

What is the risk of making a fake profile?

Anyone who creates a fake profile using the name and photo of an existing person commits the crime of substituting the person we have just seen and also violates the privacy legislation [2] for having improperly used the personal data of others: the further offense of unlawful processing of …

When is a fake profile a crime?

The falsity of a social profile, today, is a relevant fact in the life of each of us, in most cases, a real photo is associated with the fake, usually accompanied by a degrading description. What not everyone knows, however, is that such behavior constitutes a crime, subject to criminal conviction.

What are the risks with a fake signature?

Therefore no imprisonment and criminal conviction for those who place a false signature on a private document, which will in any case be subject to a sanction. This is established by the judge based on the gravity of the fact and the repetition of the behavior up to a maximum of 16 thousand euros.

How do you prove a fake signature?

Some characteristics that distinguish a fake signature are:

  1. slowness of handwriting, usually generated by psychophysical impediments;
  2. unnatural handwriting without life and with frequent arches;
  3. frequent retouching;
  4. absence of originality;
  5. frequent pen show;
  6. omission of essential strokes of letters in slow handwriting.

Who recognizes the signatures?

The graphologist expert is in fact the competent professional when it is necessary to verify whether the signatures, initials, autographs, wills are true or false, if there are cases of imitation or dissimulation.

How do you sign by proxy?

The proxy can be written by hand or on a computer, but the signature of the delegator must always be affixed by hand.

When is the use of someone else’s image not a punishable offense pursuant to Article 494 of the Criminal Code *?

When the agent, despite the use of the fraudulent means indicated in article 494 of the criminal code, fails to mislead someone, the attempt is configured. The crime of substituting a person is subsidiary to any other crime against public faith.

What is the crime of false ideology?

The false ideology is a behavior consisting in certifying, in a document that has not been materially falsified, a content that does not correspond to reality.

What is the risk of making a fake profile on Facebook?

Creating and then using a fake Facebook profile integrates the crime of substitution of person envisaged and governed by art. 494 of the Criminal Code It does not reveal that a caricature of the offended person was used in the profile.

What happens when you create a personal account on social media?

However, the Supreme Court has warned: those who use the fake social profile risk big risks even when there are no particularly serious crimes such as those for terrorist purposes. … The offense, in all these cases, is always the same: the replacement of a person whom the penal code punishes with imprisonment of up to one year.

How do you discover a fake Facebook profile?

To understand if a Facebook or Instagram profile is fake or not we can check:

  1. if the account is verified (if there is, next to the profile name, the blue check that represents the certification of authenticity of the social network);
  2. the authenticity of the photos by doing some research with Google;

What does it mean to create a fake profile?

Fake translation (from English for “fake”, “false”, “counterfeit”, “altered”) the fake profile is a user of a group, a forum platform, a chat, etc., who falsifies his identity by lying on their condition, on their professional skills, on their political or religious ideas; …

What are fake profiles for?

What are fake profiles? Fake profiles are nothing but fake accounts. They can be created by real users for specific purposes (such as promoting products and directing discussions). Or, fakes can be the work of bots, programmed to perform actions similar to those of a human being.

How to report a fake Facebook profile?

To report / block / report a fake account on facebook you need to perform small and simple steps:

  1. enter / visit the “fake” profile;
  2. click on the button in the shape of a cogwheel / gear located next to the “message” item;
  3. a window opens in which you will select the item “Report / Block”;

How much does a fake diploma cost?

Generally, we turn to forgers who deal with the ad hoc creation of documents of any kind, manufacturing them privately in their residences. The cost of fake diplomas or a fake degree can range from 1000-1500 euros, up to 10,000 euros.

What are the false statements?

False statements consist of untruthful statements, unrelated to the truth, which are made by a person to a public official regarding their identity, status or other qualities of their own or someone else’s; moreover, the private individual can make false declarations in a public act.

When is the crime of forgery in public deed prescribed?

The crime of false ideology is prescribed: after 6 years, in the case of partial compromise of an official document by a public official; after 10 years, in the event that the document or deed has been entirely falsified.

What are the consequences of abusive practice of the profession?

“Art. 348 (Abusive exercise of a profession). – Anyone who illegally exercises a profession for which a special state qualification is required is punished with imprisonment from six months to three years and with a fine of between € 10,000 and € 50,000.


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