Perpetually synonymous with always?


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done my duty]≈ continuously, constantly, (fam.) from morning to evening, incessantly, continuously, without rest. ↔ never.

How every time synonymous?

whenever / oɲikwal’vɔlta / (or whenever) cong. [grafia unita di ogni qual volta], lett. – [tutte le volte che: o. m’incontra, mi ricorda il mio impegno] ≈ when, when.

What is the synonym for simple?

Other synonyms: modest, rough, smooth, obvious, mere, familiar, rustic, modest, domestic, good-natured, approachable, naked, inexperienced, unadorned, decent, shabby, wooded, wooded. Contribute to the dictionary: suggest synonyms for simple!

When do you always do the same thing?

The insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. [Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.] The quote is often wrongly attributed to Einstein and sometimes even to Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain.

What is the synonym for Sometimes?

[per indicare il ripetersi saltuario di un evento: t. l’occhio inganna] ≈ at (or at or some) times, from time to time, from time to time, occasionally, from time to time, occasionally, sometimes.

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What is the synonym for So?

it’s up to you to apologize to him]≈ consequently, therefore, therefore, (fam.) for which, therefore, reason why, so. then lawyer and cong.

What is the synonym for Unfortunately?

– [per esprimere dispiacere, rammarico, rimpianto, amarezza e sim. … – Malauguratamente, sfortunatamente; esprime dispiacere, rammarico, rimpianto, amarezza e sim.

Chi ha detto follia e fare sempre la stessa cosa e aspettarsi risultati diversi?

Adesiviamo® “Follia è Fare Sempre la Stessa Cosa aspettandosi Risultati Diversi. Albert Einstein.

Come si chiama la persona che ripete sempre le stesse cose?

Nel disturbo ossessivo compulsivo di ripetizione e conteggio, la persona si sente costretto a ripetere delle azioni precise, allo scopo di evitare che un pensiero ossessivo che lo spaventa si avveri.

Qual è il sinonimo di bollente?

bollente [molto caldo] ≈ hot, burning, [di ambiente, clima e sim.] torrid. ↔ ice cream, frozen.

What is the synonym for tasty?

[di cibo, che ha molto sapore, che ha un sapore accentuato: una minestra s.] ≈ tasty, (lit.) savory, (pop., Tuscan)

What is the synonym for fearful?

Other synonyms: fearful, appalled, fearful.

Like any synonym?

whatever it is, anyway. ‖ The same, (pop.) The same, equally; in (oa) any way [con tutto ciò: mi ha fatto soffrire, in o. modo la rivedrei volentieri] ≈ nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless; in (or for) every where is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

What whenever?

everyqualvòlta (or ógni qualvòlta) locuz. cong., letter. – Whenever: o. meets me, reminds me of my commitment.

What are the mental fixations like?

In psychology, by fixation we mean the stalemate of a drive that has no outlet. The subject finds himself at the mercy of a fixed thought or an unavoidable habit that undermines, even deeply, his social relationships and personal satisfaction.

When are the same words repeated?

Echolalia is a psychiatric symptom that consists in the mechanical and stereotyped repetition of words or phrases spoken by other people or by the subject himself (autoecholalia). … Echolalia can also be found in cases of dementia, catatonia, epilepsy, closed head trauma and cerebral infarction (stroke).

Why does my child always repeat the same things?

It may be that something has bothered them or that they simply want to get the attention of mom and dad. There is a widespread tendency to believe that the tantrum occurs around the age of two, when children realize they are something else from their parents and try to assert their individuality.

Who always does the same things will you always get the same results?

“If you always do the same things you will always get the same results” is one of the most famous quotes attributed to Einstein. Whether it is him or not does not matter, the point is that it is just like that.

What is the meaning of madness?

In modern usage insanity is more commonly used as an informal term denoting mental instability, or in the more restricted legal context of mental instability. In the medical profession the term is now shunned, in favor of more specific diagnoses of mental illness.

What is the synonym for Ma?

to. [come cong. coordinativa avversativa, per esprimere contrapposizione a quel che precede, per lo più espresso con negazione: incredibile, ma vero] ≈ yet, nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless.

What is unfortunately in grammar analysis?

Unfortunately it is an adverb whose meaning is: unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately. Furthermore, unfortunately, it derives from the contraction of the words “pure” and “too much”: unfortunately it happened → even if too much has happened → even if too much has happened (the same).

What is the opposite of arrogant?

arrogance, presumption, (lit.) arrogance, arrogance, pride, arrogance, hubris. ↑ insolence, arrogance, impudence, impudence. ↔ modesty, reserve, restraint, simplicity, humility.

So what does it mean in grammar analysis?

[quìn-di] lawyer, cong. 1 With deductive-conclusive value, therefore, consequently, for this reason, therefore: I was rather nervous, q. I preferred to avoid discussions; the weather is bad, we have to q.

What is the synonym for while?

meanwhile that, (not com.) (in) while that, in the moment in which, in the time in which, when.

How to replace then?

conclusive, therefore, therefore, consequently, and thus: the wrong is yours, q.


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