Pointer what breed is it?


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It is an extremely powerful hound, with an extraordinary nose, the result of a skilful cross between Bloodhound, Foxhound, Greyhound, Bull terrier and Bulldog. The English Pointer is, in essence, a creation of the mastery of English breeders.

What breed is the Pointer dog?

The Pointer is a medium-sized dog, whose trunk stands in the square. The Pointer is a strong and powerful hunting dog, but also a faithful companion dog, with very few health problems. The Pointer Dog has a balanced temperament and full of love and fidelity for its owner. The price of the Pointer is around 500 €.

What does the pointer hunt?

Suitable for searching and stopping the prey, compared to the first subjects, today pointers (especially thanks to some English breeders and trainers) also demonstrate good ability to carry game. The pointer needs a lot of movement even when it is at rest from hunting.

How much does a hunting dog cost?

The price of an English Setter puppy can vary on average from 400 to 600 euros.

How to choose a Pointer puppy?

If we are about to choose a Pointer puppy to start hunting training it would be good to give preference to those that do not have excessive characters even if already typified, for example evident stop, well placed eye, sober ear, round lip not excessively pendulous, etc; the risk is …

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How to choose a hunting puppy in a litter?

Generally it is preferable to opt for a puppy in order to train and educate him right away for the work he will have to do. Here the choice must be aimed at puppies that have a lively look and that are active and reactive and that, moreover, already demonstrate a good bearing.

How to choose a puppy dog ​​in a litter?

Focus on someone who is not too energetic but not too shy. Even if you have a certain personality in mind, more often than not it’s best to get a puppy that isn’t too bossy or too submissive; look for a specimen that has a good disposition, a well-balanced character and that does not bark or bite.

How much does a trained hunting dog cost?

The price for the purchase of a Breton hunting dog varies between 300 and 500 euros.

How to cure a Breton?

The care of Épagneul Breton is really easy: you just need to brush it every now and then, several times a week. Despite the moulting twice a year, this breed does not shed as much hair. If you feel it necessary, during these times, brush it every day.

What should a pointer eat?

As with all dogs, proper nutrition must take into account age and lifestyle. The adult English pointer eats on average 450 – 500 grams of food per day when not participating in hunting parties.

How much does a pedigreed beagle puppy cost?

The price of a Beagle puppy, tested and pedigreed, is between 800 and 1,000 euros. In any case, it is always essential to buy the puppy from a serious and conscientious breeder who tests his own breeders for genetic pathologies.

How much does a border collie puppy cost?

There are many possible colors, the most common type is black and white. How much does a border collie puppy cost on average? The cost of a tested and pedigreed Border Collie puppy ranges between 1,000 and 1,200 euros. This type of medium-sized dog does not require very high expenses.

How big does a Breton get?

Epagneul breton characteristics and physical appearance

The Breton is a medium-sized dog, one of the smallest of the pointing dogs. The weight ranges from 11 to 25 kg, with a height at the withers of 50 cm.

When does a Breton become an adult?

Physical growth ends when the puppy reaches the height of an adult dog, which obviously depends on the breed. In general, small breeds reach the size of an adult dog at 12 months, while large breeds can continue to grow for up to two years.

How to behave with a Breton dog?

In the apartment the Breton fits very well and is very patient and playful even with children. He can be trained easily but is not territorial and this means that he cannot be considered a guard dog at all. On the contrary, he is very sociable with strangers.

How much does an English Setter cost?

The price of a puppy starts from 400 euros, but there are many factors to take into consideration: the English setter can be destined for a dog show, hunting or simply as a companion dog.

How much does a Kurzhaar puppy cost?

The price of a Kurzhaar puppy varies between € 500 and € 800.

How much does an Italian bracco cost?

The cost of an Italian Bracco puppy falls within a medium-high price range. It starts from 350 euros but you can even spend double it. It should be noted that no more than 700 births are registered in the Herd Book in one year.

How do you tell if a puppy is healthy?

Observe the leg conformation and the way the puppy or kitten walks and runs. Any obvious deformity and / or lameness should be noted. In male dogs, check the descent of the testicles. Both testicles should be present at birth.

When to choose a puppy dog?

ATTENTION: if you intend to take a puppy, make sure that at least 60 days have passed since birth, the first months are an important time that the puppy, to avoid behavioral problems in the future, must spend with his mother and siblings.

What to buy for the arrival of a puppy dog?

10 things to buy for the arrival of a puppy dog

  • Kennel and blankets.
  • Bowl for food and one for water.
  • Toys.
  • Identification tag.
  • Collar or harness and leash.
  • Hygiene accessories.
  • Dog carriers.
  • Educating a puppy dog.

How many puppies are the male dog owner entitled to?

The most common custom in the past is where one could start to discuss: the owners of the male are entitled to 1 puppy out of 3 (understood as 1 puppy up to 5 (born / alive), 2 up to 7 (born / alive), 3 up to 9 (born / alive), over 9 (born / alive) always have 3 puppies.

How to choose a Breton puppy?

On the ground, both open and impervious, it demonstrates marked hunting skills. Spontaneous in him he looks for her, stops her and brings her back. He willingly accepts the training. His gait is very lively, powerful and regular.


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