Potted nasturtium plant?


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Sowing in pots or in the field? The cultivation of nasturtium can also begin inside your home: just plant the seed in a pot with peat, and then place it in an area of ​​the house exposed to the sun but not directly. The ideal pot planting period for nasturtium is early spring.

When does dwarf nasturtium bloom?

Flowering. The nasturtium generally blooms in spring-summer, the blossoming varies according to the species in the period between June and October.

Where to put the nasturtium?

When and where to sow nasturtium

The plant prefers areas in full sun, but an area in semi-shade can also do well, although it can compromise the flowering capacity of the same.

How is nasturtium treated?

Like many flowering plants, the Nasturtium requires very humid soil and frequent watering to grow during the flowering period, which will then be suspended once the fall of the first leaves and the first corollas has begun.

What are the nasturtiums like?

The nasturtium is an edible flower entirely, it eats the whole plant, from the leaves to the petals, including the seeds. This flower has an aromatic flavor, reminiscent of watercress and can be eaten in salads or used to flavor various dishes.

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How is the nasturtium plant made?

How and when to plant nasturtium

To plant the nasturtium it is necessary to make a hole large enough to contain the roots of this plant. At the bottom of the pot it is necessary to place a layer of gravel that allows good drainage, a thin layer of mature manure and then the soil.

When are nasturtiums sown?

It is the ideal flower for those who do not give up in the face of difficulties. It prefers a placement in full sun. It can be sown from March to May outside (on the ground or in pots) or in February in a protected environment (warm bed or seedbed like this or this).

How to make the nasturtium climb?

Once the bottom of the hole or pot has been prepared, place the plant without making the bread crumble and pour the soil until the pot or hole is filled. The operation ends with a thin watering, after having lightly pressed the soil around the root mass.

Why doesn’t nasturtium bloom?

It doesn’t get enough sun

Nasturtiums need a few hours of sunshine each day for well-developed and long-lasting flowers. If your plants are growing in full shade, there may be no flowers. Normally, if you grow nasturtium in a shady area you will be able to have short-lived or underdeveloped flowers.

Why do nasturtium leaves turn yellow?

Diseases of the Nasturtium

It is possible that the leaves are invaded by very small whitish insects. If this happens it means that you are in the presence of head lice. It is advisable to intervene immediately on the plant to prevent the situation from worsening and the Nasturtium becoming irreparably ill.

How to store nasturtium seeds?

Once the seed has dried, you can transfer them to an airtight container – a pot is well suited for the purpose. While nasturtium seeds are quite distinctive, it’s a good idea to label the jar so you don’t forget the contents.

What are edible flowers?

The flowers of: yarrow, wild garlic, orange, basil, borage, calendula, chamomile, honeysuckle, carrot, centaurea, chrysanthemum, dandelion, dahlia, chives, cornflower, carnation, jasmine, geranium, sunflower, iris, are edible, lavender, lilac, magnolia, mallow, daisy, mint, myrtle, nasturtium, …

How to prune the nasturtium?

Collect the flowers and leaves during the growing season. Both the flowers and the leaves of the nasturtium are edible. Use a pair of scissors to cut the one you need, being careful not to strip the plant.

What do you eat of nasturtium?

You eat everything about nasturtium: leaves and flowers, with a spicy flavor more than rocket, are eaten raw in salads. the fruits are put in vinegar and replace the capers: in salads, on pizza, in sauces, in the homemade giardiniera or on stuffed eggs.

How to make nasturtium cutting?

Propagating nasturtium cuttings is very simple. Just cut as many healthy shoots as you would like to have new plants during the growing season. Then put potting soil or other non-nutritive substrate in small bowls or pots and place the cuttings in each bowl.

When to plant climbing nasturtium?

The ideal pot planting period for nasturtium is early spring. Once the nasturtium has taken root, it can be moved to the field. During this step, be sure to plant the nasturtium in full sun while still protecting it from excessive heat.

What is dwarf nasturtium?

The dwarf nasturtium is actually a small plant that gives flowers with very bright colors such as yellow, orange and even red. Its flowers are delicately scented with a smell reminiscent of honey and often causes bees to perch on them.

How to plant marigold seeds in pots?


  1. Bury the seeds by placing them first on the ground and then burying them with the help of a flat wooden object;
  2. then proceed to wet the soil by spraying water to keep it moist;
  3. cover the seedbed or the pot with plastic or a glass plate;

What is nasturtium used for?

Nasturtium officinale is a medicinal plant rich in folic acid, omega-3 and vitamin K, very useful as a diuretic and digestive. It is also an excellent source of natural isothiocyanates, precious allies in the prevention of cancer.

When is marigold sown?

Sow calendula officinalis

This flower is usually sown in seedbeds in March, it must be taken into account that the seeds germinate with temperatures of at least 15 degrees, in late spring you can transplant the calendula in the garden. If we want to sow directly at home, we can do it starting from April.

Where is watercress found?

Watercress is native to Europe and common throughout Italy. It grows spontaneously in water even at 2500 meters above sea level, as long as the waters are clear and clean, even still.

How to cure dipladenia?

The ideal is to place a saucer with wet gravel and steam the leaves with water at sunset. At the end of summer and throughout the winter, watering can be reduced and dipladenia can be watered sporadically.

How to eat the flowers?

In cooking, flowers can be used fresh, dried, in the form of essential oils or syrup. – the violet, an adorable and delicious flower with a delicate mint flavor, ideal in salads, pasta, fruit dishes and drinks.

How are flowers eaten?

The petals, if fresh, can be used to prepare risotto, flavor fish, enrich creams and sauces, if dried to make herbal teas. Thanks to their lively color and the shape of the flower they can be used to decorate spectacular cakes such as naked cakes.

How to make flowers edible?

The edible part of the flowers are the petals: you must therefore remember to carefully remove the pistils and stems. If for the sake of composition you want to keep the flower stems, perhaps to decorate a cake, it is recommended to cover them with aluminum foil.


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