Price list for metric calculation?


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The price list for the building industry: the basis of the estimated metric calculation. The price list basically consists of a catalog showing the items relating to all the services and procedures that contribute to the construction of a building work.

Which price list of PER superbonus?

THE PRICES OF THE ARE 6 and each one (section) is dedicated to a specific type of work (Technological Systems, New Constructions, Renovation Renovation Maintenance, Urbanization Infrastructure Environment, Electrical Systems, Interior Design Architecture). Each section is updated every 6 months.

Where to download free price list?

From today on INGENIO – WEB you will find an extra service: the free consultation of all the price lists in Italy. Created by STR – TeamSystem Group, the site makes available online free price lists in XML format published by national, regional, provincial or chambers of commerce.

What does a metric calculation cost?

A bill of quantities costs 2-3% of the value of the works estimated therein, with a minimum of € 500 + VAT. For a complete renovation of an apartment it costs approximately € 750 + VAT.

How to do superbonus price analysis?

General expenses and business profit

For “Overheads” we refer to all those costs incurred indirectly by the company that carries out the works eligible for the Superbonus 110%.

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How to perform a Primus price analysis?

Just insert a new item in the Price List, “build” your specific cost item by importing its constituent elements from the archive with Drag & Drop and indicate quantity and price.

When to use superbonus attachment?

Many of these interventions are quantified per square meter and give the possibility of adding accessory and / or installation costs. Annex I is to be taken into consideration for interventions that fall under the 50% Ecobonus and which are subject to a declaration by the supplier or installer.

How is the metric calculation done?

A bill of quantities looks like a table made up of rows and columns. Each row corresponds to a machining item, while the information necessary to compute it is entered in the columns. In fact, each process is assigned a code, which expresses the classification of the process.

Who does a metric calculation?

The bill of quantities is drawn up by the designer on the basis of a project and is used both by the client of the works and by the companies responsible for carrying out the works.

How much does it cost to make a contract for works?

The price of a specification commissioned to a technician (surveyor, engineer or architect) varies according to the extent of the work. For the renovation of a small apartment (80-10 sqm) the indicative cost ranges from 400 to 700 euros.

How to download the 2021 price list?

The DEI 2021 Price List for Recovery Renovation Maintenance, Building Information Price series, has been released in digital edition on the website of the DEI publishing house – Tipografia del Genio Civile.

How to get the price list?

is there a procedure to use these price lists in Primus? The requested price lists are made and distributed in various formats exclusively by the DEI Tipografia del Genio Civile company. Therefore, to buy the price list, even in the ‘. dcf ‘of PriMus, you must contact the DEI company directly.

How to download the price list?

1) from the Home of the PriMus program click on Open … 7) Select the folder referring to the price list of interest … 10) Click on Save to save the document on your computer.

How to export price list entries?

To export multiple items from different chapters, in a single file, you need to know the relative DEI codes (visible in the printed or ebook price list and in the DEI Viewer in the short column between square brackets) and write them in the search field as follows:% code% % code2%% code3% etc.

How does the price list work?

The price list contains the costs of supplies and completed works, expressed in Euros, alongside the value relating to the incidence of labor expressed as a percentage of the price shown in the list.

When is the metric calculation done?

1) the estimated metric calculation, which is compiled before the execution of the works, establishing a cost forecast; 2) the final metric calculation, which is drawn up once the works are completed, taking into consideration the real quantities used for construction.

When is the metric calculation mandatory?

Drawing up the bill of quantities is mandatory in the case of public works, as provided for in the final project by the Procurement Code, while in the private sector it assumes an equally decisive role in regulating the relationships between the parties involved.

How much does a tender document cost?

As for the total renovation of a house of about 80-120 square meters, the average cost for the development of a tender can vary from 400.00 to 700.00 Euros, depending on the interventions and the complexity of the work to be carried out, estimate of the works to be carried out excluded.

What is Annex I for?

Annex I.

It defines the specific cost ceilings for the interventions submitted to the supplier’s or installer’s declaration.

When to do price analysis?

When is it necessary to resort to price analysis? If one of the processes to be included in a calculation is not present in the reference price list, it becomes necessary to calculate the price.

How much does PriMus Power Pack cost?

The integration from light to full software in the latest version has a cost equal to the difference between the full price and the light price (PriMus € 699.00 – PriMus-P € 299.00 = € 400.00).


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