Procedures to be completed after a death?


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What to do after death: pension, car, bills and …

  • Return the identity card to the Municipality
  • Return your passport and firearms license to the Police Headquarters.
  • Return the driving license to the Civil Motorization.
  • The health card, on the other hand, can be kept.

Who communicates the death to the Revenue Agency?

The tax return received by the deceased person must be presented to the Prato Revenue Agency by one of the heirs.

Who warns INPS in case of death?

Today, therefore, it is no longer the relatives of the deceased who report the death to INPS; rather, the municipal registry and the necroscope doctor (ie the doctor appointed by the ASL to certify the death of a person) must do this.

What to do in the event of the death of a parent?

The necropsy doctor, we remember, is the ASL doctor who certifies the death of a person within 48 hours of the event. The family members must, in fact, communicate the death within fifteen hours of the event to the doctor who, in turn, must communicate it online directly on the official website of INPS.

How do you close a bank account of a deceased person?

In order to operate on the current account of the deceased, i.e. both to continue the banking relationship and to close it, the heirs must submit the declaration of succession to the Revenue Agency and show the bank the relative receipt.

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What does it take to close a current account jointly held with a deceased person?

If the joint account has a separate signature, for the closure it is sufficient that the request to be presented to the bank is signed by a single joint holder. If, on the other hand, the joint account is jointly signed, the closure of the account can only take place with the consent and signature of all the joint holders.

How much does it cost to close a deceased account?

The practice of closing a bank account does not involve any cost for the account holder; not only are there no additional costs, but the account holder is not required to provide any notice, so he can decide to withdraw from the contract from one day to the next; obviously he is bound to follow …

What to do after the death of a parent in 2021?

After the death certificate, the declaration of succession must be submitted to the competent tax office based on the last address of residence (or tax domicile if different) of the deceased. This fulfillment undoubtedly represents the main one after the death certificate application.

What to do in the event of death of an INPS pensioner?

INPS pension

The event of death must be communicated to the INPS office also through the patronages or trade unions, with a death certificate and the pension book. The request for reversibility will be jointly forwarded to the surviving spouse and for the collection of accrued payments to those entitled to it.

How does it feel to lose a parent?

When the death of a significant figure occurs (a parent, a child, a brother, a particularly dear friend), the physical absence creates an intense feeling of lack and acute psychological and physical suffering, which can be expressed with the psychic closure, accompanied by the desperate desire to …

How is the pension in the event of death blocked?

In the event of the retiree’s death, his heirs, among the various bureaucratic requirements, must notify the INPS (or the institution that provided the pension) of the death of the spouse by means of a self-certification to block the issue of the pension.

When should the death pension be repaid?

More in detail, if it happens to receive the pension after the death of the entitled person because the INPS had issued it before the death, the pension must be repaid. Therefore, generally the sum must be returned if the death occurs before it is credited.

When to notify the bank of the death?

The rules currently in force provide, in fact, that when a person dies within 12 months from the date of death, it is necessary to go to the Revenue Agency and fill in a special form to be delivered to the bank where the dead person held a current account.

How to recover the thirteenth of a deceased person?

To request the thirteenth accruals of the deceased departing person, it is necessary to be in possession of certain documents:

  1. the death certificate of the relative,
  2. a substitutive declaration of the deed of notoriety, certifying the personal data of the heirs and degree of kinship;

How to pay for the funeral with the money of the deceased?

To unlock the current account of the deceased and pay the expenses of the funeral service, the relatives must go to the Municipality and certify that they are the legitimate and only heirs. With this document, together with the death certificate, the bank must unlock the C / C to allow the payment of funeral expenses.

What to do after the death of a parent in 2019?

Among the main obligations that must be carried out after the death of a parent is the need to promptly submit the declaration of succession, in case of possession of real estate, within 12 months from the death.

How is a death communicated to INPS?

Today, therefore, it is no longer the relatives of the deceased who report the death to INPS; rather to do so must be the municipal registry and the necroscope doctor (ie the doctor appointed by the ASL to certify the death of a person).

Is anyone who dies on the 15th of the month entitled to a pension?

The pension for the month of death is paid in full, regardless of the date of death. The monthly payments paid after the month in which the death occurred will be recovered.

How to request arrears INPS heirs?

The quickest way to request the disbursement of these sums is therefore to submit the online application (via internet), from the INPS website by clicking on the “Access the service” button from the main service screen.

When a parent dies, what do the children deserve?

In the presence of 2 or more children each of them will inherit 2/3 of the entire patrimony. This, however, only in the absence of the other spouse because if the father or mother still lives, the children are entitled to a third of the inheritance.

Who reports the death of an account holder to the bank?

It is the family members of the deceased and the heirs who must notify the bank of the death of their customer. It is not for the bank to inquire about the current account holder’s state of health, nor is it notified by the Public Administration or the Municipality.

How much do you pay in succession on current accounts?

What is the inheritance tax on the current account

It is a tax that is paid by law to the State and that starts from a minimum of 4% up to a maximum of 8% of the deceased’s assets, based on his family relationship with the heirs.

How to close a bank account without going to the bank?

The most typical procedure consisted in going directly to the bank to carry out the closure in person, signing all the necessary documents. But, for some time now, the customer has been able to use the “portability” service. This is a quick and simplified procedure to pay off your current account.

What Happens to a Joint Account in the Event of Death?

In the event of the death of one of the co-holders of a current account, the bank can authorize the withdrawal from the deposit. To say it is the ordinance n. 7862/2021 of the Court of Cassation, cited by the online portal

Who can close a joint account?

To close a separate joint current account, the signature of a single owner is enough. … If we prefer to avoid going to the bank, we can send a written closure request, signed by both holders.


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