Rabies vaccination after dog bite?


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If the animal is suspicious and it is not possible to keep it under observation in the days following the bite, anti-rabies vaccine prophylaxis is indicated which allows, given the long incubation of the disease, the establishment of an effective immune response before the virus attacks the nervous system central.

When to do anti-rabies to humans?

For humans, prevention is based on pre-exposure vaccination and post-exposure anti-rabies treatment to be initiated as soon as possible after the presumed infection, for example in the event of a bite by a suspect animal.

What do you do if a dog bites you?

Whether it’s dog or cat bites, the first thing to do is wash the wound with fresh running water and disinfect it. If you have been bitten by a dog, it is advisable to go to the emergency room: the health care staff will assess whether it is necessary to suture the wound or prescribe antibiotic therapy.

How to dress a dog bite wound?

In these cases, a thorough cleansing, washing and disinfection of the wound is sufficient: wash the wound for a long time and abundantly with warm water and soap, even if this can cause a little burning. If the wound still bleeds after washing, compress it with sterile gauze or a clean handkerchief.

Where is anti-rabies done?

The rabies vaccine is administered intramuscularly in the deltoid region on the first day of treatment and other doses are repeated on days 3,7,14 and 28.

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How to do the rabies vaccine?

The preparation is relatively simple and consists in inoculating a sufficient quantity of fixed virus (ie virus obtained in the laboratory after the transmission of the disease through various animals) into sheep or rabbits, directly into the brain.

How long before should the rabies be taken?

Rabies vaccination should be done on dogs over 12 weeks (3 months) of age. Dogs under 12 weeks of age cannot be taken overseas.

Which antibiotic for dog bite?

Antibiotic prophylaxis with amoxicillin-clavulanic acid should be considered for recent bites at higher risk of infection such as those on the hands or when there is doubt of a bone or joint injury, for cat bites, for punctate wounds. deep, those that interest …

What happens if the dog licks the Betadine?

BETADINE DOG, CAN IT BE TOXIC? Betadine in dogs can be harmful if given by mouth. Although its toxicity is low, iodine is absorbed by the thyroid gland which uses it to make thyroid hormones, and too much of this compound can be dangerous.

What to do if the dog attacks the owner?

For the dog, biting is an absolutely natural behavior (he learns it from the first days of life) and he implements it mainly in 3 cases: to defend himself from subjects that he considers dangerous for his survival, when other members of the lower rank herd they do not agree to submit and to prey on.

What happens if an unvaccinated dog bites you?

Furthermore, the attacked subject is exposed to the risk of contracting tetanus and rabies, of which the animal can be a carrier. Other infectious diseases communicable with dog bite are leptospirosis and herpetic virus infections. Dog bite can also cause deep tissue abscesses and osteomyelitis.

How to report after a dog bite?

Dog Bite Damage Compensation

In the event of a dog bitten by another dog, it is necessary to immediately contact a lawyer who will forward an out-of-court request for compensation after advising the customer to file a formal complaint for dog bite at the nearest police station.

When is a dog bite dangerous?

Anger. The most fearful danger following a dog bite injury is the transmission of ANGER. The virus responsible for this disease is transmitted through saliva, with an incubation period ranging from 20 days to a year (on average from one to three months).

What happens if you get angry?

in humans: headache, low-grade fever, dry throat, anxiety, apprehension and even vomiting; in dogs and cats: change in behavior / habits, photophobia (light annoyance), hallucinations (e.g. biting imaginary insects), fever.

When to get rabies vaccine?

The rabies vaccination must be carried out for at least 20 days (before expatriation or before going where it is mandatory) and for no more than 11 months.

How long does the tetanus vaccination last?

Administration of three doses of tetanus vaccination confers very high protection, with an efficacy of over 95%. The duration of the protection over time is at least 10 years and is further guaranteed by the execution of the warnings.

How to disinfect dog dermatitis?


We recommend the use of povidone iodine, which is often sold under the trade name Betadine. It is an organic iodine that has no side effects and works well against most skin bacteria.

How to cure bedsores in a dog?

How to cure pressure sores? In addition to the management of the dog as indicated in prevention, the treatment of the sores includes the use of ointments that have the task of protecting the part and stimulating tissue healing.

How much does Betadine disinfectant cost?

Betadine price € 7.30.

Which antibiotic for infected wounds?

The treatment of wound infections involves cleaning the wound itself, which can be associated, in the most serious cases, with the intake of antimicrobials (depending on the case: cephalosporins, penicillin, vancomycin, linezolid, daptomycin, telavancin, ceftaroline, fluoroquinolones or metronidazole, sometimes in …

When is a dog killed?

One of the questions that usually arises when a dog bites another dog or a person is whether the animal should be killed. In Italy there is no law that imposes this obligation, not even in cases where the owner is reported or brought to court.

What to do if a dog scratches you with his teeth?

The initial treatment is a compression dressing to limit bleeding: if it is abundant and does not reduce, the compression must be maintained and emergency room assistance. The second step is to wash the wound abundantly with physiological solution and then disinfect it with what is available.

What documents do I need to bring the dog to Croatia?

To travel with a dog in Croatia, especially in summer, a valid European dog passport is required and the rabies vaccination is mandatory to obtain it, carried out at least 21 days before departure or in any case for less than a year.

How do you tell if a dog has rabies?

Clinical signs

  1. Changes in the behavior of the animal (anxiety, loneliness, nervousness, shyness, aggression)
  2. Abnormal behavior.
  3. Fever.
  4. Muscle problems (lack of coordination, paralysis, convulsions)
  5. Change in tone of voice.
  6. Excessive and foamy salivation.
  7. Tendency to bite.

Who makes the rabies vaccine?

The first rabies vaccination was performed in 1885 when Louis Pasteur successfully treated a young boy who had been badly bitten by a rabid dog. He was treated with a series of vaccinations consisting of a spinal cord suspension of increasing virulence derived from rabid rabbits.


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