Regulatory emergency lighting 2020?


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The illumination must not be less than 2 lux at 1m from the floor, at any point of the escape route, and 5 lux at the stairs and doors. lighting provided to avoid the onset of panic in particularly large areas and in those crossed by escape routes.

When is emergency lighting mandatory?

The emergency lamps are useful for all those situations of necessity or emergency precisely, especially at home they are used in moments in which a black out can occur and one remains completely in the dark, unable to move and do anything.

Where are the emergency lights obligatory?

In practice, emergency lights are mandatory in those buildings with a fire height greater than 32 meters. The lighting can be powered by an autonomous, centralized or localized system. And it must last for as long as is necessary for a possible displacement.

How many Lux in the workplace?

Specifically, as indicated in Annex XXXIV of Legislative Decree 81/08, for the work areas of general activities with a medium level of attention (such as office environments and VDT workstations), the lighting of the work area must be not less than 500 lux.

How many lux on the work surface?

The standard requires 500 Lux. This value reflects a well-lit office. However, we have become accustomed to accepting this rule as if it were more of a piece of advice; in reality it is a minimum requirement.


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What does the technical standard UNI EN 12464-1 for the lighting of workplaces foresee?

The UNI EN 12464-1 standard specifies the lighting requirements for internal workplaces with the aim of guaranteeing the comfort and visual performance of people with normal visual abilities. It does not specify the lighting requirements regarding the safety and health of workers.

What are the emergency lights for?

Description and operation

The usefulness of an emergency lamp is to keep an area in which ordinary lighting sources connected to the electricity grid are illuminated in the event of a blackout.

How many emergency exits do you need?

– 6 – 15 meters (travel time 30 seconds) for high risk areas; – 9 – 30 meters (travel time 1 minute) for medium risk areas; – 12 – 45 meters (travel time 3 minutes) for low risk areas.

Where to put the emergency lights in the house?

Safety light: how to place the luminaires

  1. at each exit door intended for emergency use;
  2. near the stairs so that each ramp receives direct light;
  3. close to any level change;
  4. on the safety exits and at the safety signs;
  5. at each change of direction;

Where is the emergency light connected?

Hi Alkcor, the emergency lamp must be connected directly to the phase and neutral of the house line. So if the phase and neutral on the terminal is P and N, surely you will have to connect the current in those two points.

How to choose the emergency lamps?

Consumption: another important factor to take into consideration when choosing the best emergency lamps is that relating to consumption.

  1. Power: 4W
  2. Size: approx 27 x 9.8 x 5.5cm.
  3. Weight: about 420 gr.
  4. The color of the lamp is white.
  5. This product is supplied without instructions.

How many exits must be planned in a school building?

Each school must be equipped with an organized system of exit routes sized according to the maximum presumable crowding according to the flow capacity and be equipped with at least 2 exits to a safe place.

When is the panic door mandatory?

3. Panic door: when is it mandatory? The door with anti-panic system is mandatory in the cases provided for by the Ministerial Decree of 3 November 2004. The legislation, for places not open to the public that have a capacity of less than 9 units, does not provide for any obligation.

How are the escape routes calculated?

distance that each occupant must travel along an exodus route from where they are, to a temporary safe place or a safe place. The exodus length is calculated with the taut wire method without taking into account the movable furnishings.

How long does the emergency lamp battery last?

The duration of the lamps according to the decree must be 90 minutes.

What relationship does the UNI EN 12464 2 provide for the illumination of the task and the illumination of the surrounding areas?

The UNI EN 12464-1 standard defines two minimum uniformity values ​​which must not be lowered; one for the areas of the visual task (at least 0.7) and one for the immediately surrounding areas (at least 0.5).

How do you define correct lighting?

Evaluate the lighting in a room

The average illuminance level should exceed 200 lux in general and rise to 750 in areas where particular concentration is required. The values ​​considered for transit areas and toilets may be lower.

How much is a lux?

One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. Some illuminance data to give an idea of ​​what a lux is worth: the light of the Sun on average varies between 32,000 lx (32 klx) and 100,000 lx (100 klx); under the spotlight of television studios there are about 1,000 lx (1 klx);

Which of these doors can be used in the workplace?

It is stated that in the common parts of the newly built workplaces, doors not less than 120 cm wide and with an opening towards the exit should be built, this is mandatory only for environments that are particularly crowded and with danger of explosion or that deal with dangerous processes.

How much does a panic bar cost?

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What is the panic bar used for?

Panic exit devices are devices that are operated manually by means of a bar placed horizontally on the door, instead of the more classic handle. By pressing on the handle, the door opens outwards allowing a quick escape from any dangers present inside the building.

How is the flow capacity calculated?

By dividing the maximum conceivable crowding (5670 people) by the outflow capacity (250 people / module or 500 people / 2 modules) we obtain the number of modules, and therefore of exits, necessary to create an effective escape route system.

Who are the emergency officers?

These figures are designated by the employer and the manager for the implementation of fire prevention and fire fighting measures, evacuation of workplaces in case of serious and immediate danger, rescue, first aid and, in any case, management. of the emergency.

What is the flow capacity?

∎ OUTLET CAPACITY: Maximum number of people who, in an exit route system, are assumed to be able to escape through a “module one” exit. This datum, established by the standard, takes into account the time required for the orderly evacuation of a compartment.

How much does an emergency lamp cost?

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